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my holidays class12-05-2019graded0
Compassionate gamer how i believe in success.10-31-2017MLGAJ270
my game tags on xbox live09-05-2015graded0
Fresh meat .. 03-18-2015androtech0070
360-HQ is BACK!04-28-2014forahobby0
Xbox One Battlefield Gameplay in Full HD 1080p02-17-2014forahobby0
Battlefield 4 Xbox 360 Gameplay incoming...10-31-2013forahobby0
theres always that one gamer10-01-2013MKBillie0
need a new clan for halo409-30-2013MKBillie0
Getting Xbox ONE? Head on over to XBOXONE-HQ.COM09-04-2013forahobby0
Did anyone miss my Black Ops 2 YouTube Gameplay?08-15-2013forahobby0
-->> Battlefield 4 on Xbox ONE <<--08-05-2013forahobby0
Building my own Media Center05-24-2013X_Splinter0
CHECK OUT THE MOB CLAN05-08-2013thelox20130
I'm looking for a Challenge05-07-2013thelox20130
MOB CLAN BANNER05-05-2013thelox20130
Finaly Unlocked BF3 Scout Helicopter Service Star 10005-05-2013forahobby0
Battlefield 4 - Hell Yeh!03-23-2013forahobby0
Sega Master System The Complete Collection03-17-2013kennethk0
Sega Genesis Hand Held from AtGames02-19-2013tweaked0
Taking advantage of stores policies 02-15-2013kennethk0
Whos getting the Xbox 720?02-14-2013ozzy0
New Design for 360-HQ underway!01-18-2013forahobby0
LIKE 360-HQ on FACEBOOK!12-16-2012forahobby0
Something people never think about when they buy new gadget12-12-2012kennethk0
cant wait for the holidays!12-04-2012forahobby0
Some adapters I've found useful12-04-2012kennethk0
Great mods11-18-2012xbox360Admin0
anyone need help11-18-2012xbox360Admin0
new 210-03-2012ExT1nCtION0
The Roads Cross09-22-2012darthshanka0
Battlefield 3 AU server this weekend!06-21-2012forahobby0
My Personal blog04-16-2012ade2004wally0
You guys should see my BF3 Tank blind shot.03-29-2012X_Splinter0
Battlefield 3 "Rent-A-Server" for consoles confirmed!03-22-2012forahobby0
Back after a long absence....02-17-2012darthshanka0
Lots on gamestop dumpster finds01-16-2012Keoskey0
Have a great New Year!12-31-2011corpse71870
Ranked 269th in the World on Battlefield 3!12-17-2011forahobby0
Battlefield 3 RPG action HD 720p lol12-15-2011forahobby0
Skyrim Thoughts12-03-2011monstermartha0
Xbox LIVE Clan Leaders WANTED!11-22-2011forahobby0
Canadian Killers10-30-2011sppv0
walking dead season 2 trailor10-27-2011coco39930
follow and like 360-HQ on facebook!10-23-2011forahobby0
360-HQ BATTLEFIELD 3 PLATOON09-30-2011forahobby0
New HQ Network Server is GO!09-16-2011forahobby0
about me08-22-2011stu999k0
Day 8 with no Xbox08-19-2011corpse71870
Just joined this site08-12-2011Natedog19930
HyperSpin Cocktail Arcade 50% complete08-04-2011forahobby0
Living in southern Maryland now,07-22-2011corpse71870
FireFox 6 already!!!07-15-2011X_Splinter0
L.A Noire Reefer Madness Bad Cop Version07-08-2011gamexxover0
Funny Black Ops Kill07-04-2011SiK_WiD_iT0
Bungie workers have blue flames?06-25-2011Prtsparta0
Cant wait untill new CALL OF DUTY!!!06-20-2011brhino1450
Wants to fight everyone!06-12-2011Prtsparta0
Call of duty movie 06-10-2011swweeden0
Watch E3 2011 Live06-06-2011X_Splinter0
Thinking of attempting to sell gamercard06-06-2011bomernee0
vist my youtube channel06-05-2011swweeden0
How to Get a Xbox LIVE Gamercard on your DESKTOP!05-09-2011forahobby0
Music Blog may 201105-07-2011bomernee0
Dead alien found in UFO hotspot in Russia05-05-2011forahobby0
Going to California 05-05-2011keoskey0
solder reflow / oven bake05-03-2011BraxtonAnthony0
PS3 vs 360 - Marvel vs capcom 304-08-2011bomernee0
Starting to get nervous already lol04-03-2011forahobby0
Plague the Impure - My other mates brutal metal band!04-02-2011bomernee0
Driven - my mates metal band03-31-2011bomernee0
Just another Day 03-18-2011bomernee0
FREE Xbox LIVE Custom Gamercards HERE!03-17-2011forahobby0
160 Microsoft Points! Redeem Code Instantly! $1 each03-07-2011jbrizzel0
Little hiatus from the internet.03-06-2011bomernee0
Official 360-HQ Youtube #44 - Most Viewed (This Month) - Australia03-05-2011forahobby0
just got a slim ps303-03-2011bomernee0
Look whose back on Live02-26-2011X_Splinter0
Earn XP (Experience Points) on 360-HQ.Com02-26-2011forahobby0
MVC3 - a few days play02-21-2011bomernee0
Music Blog02-13-2011bomernee0
RATE TRAILERS ON 360-HQ - LIKE OR DISLIKE!02-10-2011forahobby0
Subscribe to 360-HQ.COM on #youtube02-03-2011forahobby0
woot 1'000 posts01-30-2011bomernee0
Finally Net in my room01-28-2011HilaryDuffGta0
Updated 360-HQ Gamerscore System with NEW CODE!01-21-2011forahobby0
Dreamcast on Xbox 360!01-18-2011forahobby0
Finally had time to "Prestige" to Level 4 on Black OPS!01-15-2011forahobby0
GET TO DA CHOPPA! - BFBC2 Vietnam01-11-2011forahobby0
Guitar study book - for those who want01-09-2011bomernee0
fable 3 - buy rent or avoid??01-03-2011bomernee0
Subscribe to 360-HQ.COM on youtube!01-02-2011forahobby0
3D Gaming bigger then HD?12-24-2010bomernee0
Console Vs Controller12-20-2010bomernee0
m0nsters australian army training12-20-2010hqm0nsterb0y0
GOW3 BETA for Xbox 360 in Bulletstorm: Epic Edition12-18-2010forahobby0
Black ops - My humble opinion12-15-2010bomernee0
A blog entry for today general musings12-07-2010Bomernee0
Follow me on twitter12-05-2010bomernee0
Halo: Reach Kinect - Teabagging 12-04-2010forahobby0
How to add Black Ops videos to your blog11-23-2010forahobby0
HQ GAMEOVER - Black Ops Game Clip11-13-2010gamexxover0
COD: Black Ops - 15th Prestige Lobby (Proof Video)11-07-2010forahobby0
360-HQ Trailers now shown in Forums using BBCODE11-04-2010forahobby0
How to Help HQ at your lesuire (HQ SUPPORTERS)10-25-2010forahobby0
My Latest Base Jumping Videos (HQ Patto)10-23-2010patto0
OMG this is real...10-18-2010X_Splinter0
Black Ops in "3D" mmmm, interesting..10-05-2010forahobby0
Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock "Sudden Death" Expert+ 5 Star10-02-2010DJB0
Guitar Hero 5: Symphony Of Destruction Expert+ 5 Star08-25-2010DJB0
Guitar Hero 5: Peace Sells Expert+ 4 Star08-25-2010DJB0
Guitar Hero 5 Hangar 18 Expert+ 4 Star08-25-2010DJB0
Guitar Hero 5: Stricken Expert+ 4 Star 12-02-2009DJB0
Guitar Hero 5: Our Truth Drums Expert+ 5 Star12-02-2009DJB0
Guitar Hero 5 The Beautiful People Drums Expert 5 Star12-02-2009DJB0
Guitar Hero 5: Sweating Bullets Drums Expert+ 5 Star 12-01-2009DJB0
Guitar Hero 5: Overkill Expert+11-16-2009DJB0
back online!09-28-2010bomernee0
Join the Best Clan Ever?!?!?09-27-2010McNejman5190
Sharia War on Sharia Law09-25-2010ScrewyLoot0
Violence is Golden (COD MW2 Spoiler)09-25-2010ScrewyLoot0
Brains behind the Games09-25-2010ScrewyLoot0
What's a Blog?09-25-2010ScrewyLoot0
Webmasters - JOIN the HQ Top 100 Websites09-24-2010forahobby0
Clan Leader, and now ? 09-24-2010Sternchen9110
overheat problem.09-22-2010mrbuttersworth0
Noob once again....09-22-2010Sternchen9110
Hope you all enjoy the latest x360 videos :)09-19-2010forahobby0
How to play installed games09-12-2010shezad0
LEGENDS AND KILLERS PACK09-02-2010zachattakus0
xbox live price increase? angry09-01-2010bomernee0
Kinect Hands on In covent garden london08-25-2010bomernee0
A little about me!08-25-2010Ultrapro0
Time to sell IMPLSV. (my car)08-24-2010forahobby0
Looking at organizing 360-HQ Clan dog tags08-22-2010forahobby0
new track up :D08-17-2010bomernee0
Top 10 360-HQ Member Galleries08-16-2010forahobby0
favorite games08-13-2010zachattakus0
Money and Happiness08-12-2010zachattakus0
Rainbow Six Vegas 208-11-2010zachattakus0
Few little updates08-10-2010tweaked0
I WANT TO WATCH MOVIES08-07-2010gavinsmom290
just got a wii!!!08-05-2010bomernee0
Guitar Sabotage08-04-2010bomernee0
any one reccomend some movies?08-01-2010bomernee0
102 Facebook followers in just over a month or so07-29-2010forahobby0
Crackdown 2 and Web Specials07-28-2010tweaked0
street fighter 4 guide i posted had 300+ views07-27-2010bomernee0
MVC3, Street fighter vs tekken, GOW2 XP weekend, Street fighter 3: 3rd strike07-25-2010bomernee0
Sorry for not being around, ill again07-22-2010WheelieUK0
Getting a Jtaggable xbox - but the wrong 1!07-21-2010bomernee0
retro memories07-19-2010bomernee0
A couple of really cool organic Acoustic Musicians!07-15-2010bomernee0
Any Pc Help!07-14-2010bomernee0
What I found in my garage07-13-2010X_Splinter0
left 4 dead - blood harvest - expert - now!07-11-2010bomernee0
lol whats this guy on??07-06-2010bomernee0
xbox360 fans07-01-2010babywow0
Update on the infamous HOBBS06-27-2010forahobby0
F**k Life why is it F***ing Hell06-25-2010hilaryduffgta0
Bunch of new Xbox 360 Surveys/Polls to VOTE in!06-25-2010forahobby0
360-HQ: Check out all the games from E3 201006-24-2010forahobby0
new slim xbox 360 and usb memory support lol06-15-2010bomernee0
Help on HQ!06-14-2010forahobby0
Todd is about to Vent Right Now...So Caution when Clicking06-04-2010hilaryduffgta0
First ever Blog post :)05-27-2010WheelieUK0
Not been online lately much.. :(05-25-2010forahobby0
All NEWBS: Get involved around the site :P05-20-2010forahobby0
Been A While05-14-2010hilaryduffgta0
forza glitch cars05-12-2010ryann90010
errr little help..inundated with clan requests!05-09-2010bomernee0
YouTube: Beasting in MW2, Like a God.05-07-2010Peragulator0
super street fighter 4 - the game sf4 should have been05-02-2010bomernee0
Take 5 Minutes & RATE GAMES on 360-HQ!04-30-2010forahobby0
Xbox 360 Specifications04-29-2010LegendaryFire0
support my friend raising money for cystic fibrosis research04-28-2010bomernee0
Charles Band full moon Classic Horror Movies!!04-26-2010bomernee0
some information about xbox 36004-12-2010jsjbingxi0
Happy BD Scarface04-09-2010X_Splinter0
WANTED: HQ Clan Leaders - Contact ME!03-29-2010forahobby0
ipod touch 360?03-26-2010bomernee0
WITAM WSZYSTKICH 03-16-2010HairyMegapepe0
A Little Band Hero Anyone??03-16-2010forahobby0
Whats Up!03-13-2010Spykam220
Things change....03-12-2010shark2th0
Hq Leader Boards03-10-2010bomernee0
Some adjustments MS should make for 36003-08-2010Doctor_Xbox0
Code of conduct change - brilliant!03-08-2010bomernee0
360 drive swap03-06-2010ob1marty0
super monkey baaaalls!!03-04-2010bomernee0
GROM - POLISH CLAN BLOG02-28-2010DiverC0
jtag xboxs 02-20-2010bomernee0
Bossman in Irak...02-13-2010doa6660
How to get ranked up fast on mw2 no hack02-07-2010merkzizpro0
threats of my account being hacked - advice??02-02-2010bomernee0
The search and modding of a jtag xbox02-02-2010bomernee0
Digital Guitar from Misa Digital has no strings01-30-2010forahobby0
Monster Cable01-27-2010Utopia_Dying0
Looking for insight01-26-2010hilaryduffgta0
MAC vs. PC01-26-2010forahobby0
sunny daze street fighter 401-25-2010dno0
help needed01-25-2010rugby11070
Yah... :) I gonna watch Metallica...01-06-2010X_Splinter0
-->> Video/Audio/Text CHAT on HQ <<---01-06-2010forahobby0
Illinois clan for modern warfare 201-01-2010judgesmaelsll0
Kinda got board so i updated my PSP.12-31-2009ufo12340
Good fun today on MW2 eh m0nsterb0y.??!! lol 12-21-2009forahobby0
250 GB HD Swap?12-14-2009chevyiijoka0
NCAA Football 0912-11-2009dulcemarie150
Modern Warfare 2 Bundles in Australia??11-28-2009forahobby0
Overkill Expert+ with ION Drum Rocker11-24-2009DJB0
Laid to Rest Expert+ with ION Drum Rocker11-24-2009DJB0
got modern warfare 2 today/!*small spoilers*11-09-2009bomernee0
Damn Cheaters - gow2 rant11-08-2009bomernee0
I threw it on the ground lol11-07-2009doa6660
Found my old hardware (laptop and burners)11-05-2009X_Splinter0
Anybody up for some Nazi Zombie Achievements?11-05-2009RDCprodigy930
seriously funny - a guy i know who thinks he can rap11-04-2009bomernee0
Anybody gotta free 1 month?11-03-2009RDCprodigy930
modern warfare 211-02-2009mrbuttersworth0
any 1 want to play left 4 dead?11-02-2009bomernee0
Our batch reunion that's really surprising10-29-2009ralph050
Achievement Guides12-31-2009Jadeslair0
Damn... almost 5 years here.10-28-2009shark2th0
xbox live update preview- i got in who else did?10-23-2009bomernee0
left 4 dead - disconnection issues10-22-2009bomernee0
Could be H1N1 ?10-21-2009wes2130
What Burns Me The Most In Gaming....10-19-2009RevMaynard10
23 days till MW210-17-2009Mattster0
RevMaynard1 On: The Force Unleashed10-16-2009revmaynard10
Write for US on 360-HQ :)10-15-2009forahobby0
Drink + Laptop DON'T MIX!10-07-2009forahobby0
Little update10-04-2009wes2130
Street fighter 4 - madcatz fightpad mini review10-03-2009bomernee0
Latest sf news- Super Street Fighter 410-01-2009bomernee0
gears of war 2 - giving away flashback mappack10-01-2009bomernee0
gears of war 2 - horde help me please!10-01-2009bomernee0
gears of war 2 horde achievement - join us quick!09-30-2009bomernee0
Going to hospital tomorrow 09-25-2009bomernee0
Sky, Twitter and Facebook arriving on 360 next month09-23-2009forahobby0
street fighter anniversary collection09-21-2009bomernee0
Back on gaming09-19-2009X_Splinter0
Low flying jet09-17-2009doa6660
NRGARGANRGARHHHH... Nerdrage.09-17-2009Arvas0
Call of duty09-13-2009Utopia_Dying0
Happy 10th Birthday Sega Dreamcast09-12-2009Mattster0
360-HQ now available via tweetmeme.com09-11-2009forahobby0
ION Drumkit Project Started - ION2GHWT09-09-2009forahobby0
First day of school was today09-09-2009dartht33bagger0
A Falcon to me :)09-06-2009X_Splinter0
street fighter ex is the inspriation behind sf4!!!09-04-2009bomernee0
Finally saved enough for my ION Drum Rocker Kit!!09-02-2009forahobby0
A Broken Rib for ME! :(08-31-2009forahobby0
Been A While08-31-2009SiK_WiD_iT0
Welcome to 360-HQ everyone.. Say hi!08-31-2009forahobby0
Great a new ISP in my zone08-28-2009X_Splinter0
Got my license 2 days ago08-28-2009dartht33bagger0
Price drop just in time...08-27-2009X_Splinter0
Been playing Wolfenstein a bit! :)08-25-2009forahobby0
Journey Man Tv show, Anyone?08-22-2009gamexxover0
been a while since i wrote anything08-15-2009hilaryduffgta0
EXIT 6 KJERAG 09: Me Basejumping!08-11-2009patto0
Battlefield: 1943 = FUN!08-11-2009forahobby0
Ranked: #282 on Drums for GH: Metallica! :)08-09-2009forahobby0
Xbox 360 LIVE08-04-2009idledaz20080
Vacations... hehe08-04-2009X_Splinter0
Love Guitar Hero: Metallica?? Join Us Online!! :)08-03-2009forahobby0
hey people read and reply please thanks 08-01-2009Stk6780
Ouch! My finger hurts.. GHWT fix! lol07-30-2009forahobby0
Marvel Vs Capcom 2 mini -review/first impressions07-29-2009bomernee0
Project XBOX 360 - Codename Phoenix07-27-2009kdy770
Gone till sunday07-24-2009Dartht33bagger0
Hi everyone who missed me.. Catch up soon! :)07-24-2009forahobby0
Well at least i finally have a plan....07-24-2009hilaryduffgta0
moving moving moving! 07-21-2009bomernee0
Cod: Mw2 - REAL night vision goggles07-14-2009bomernee0
My Life is Hell what else is new07-08-2009hilaryduffgta0
More Achievements07-07-2009frozenfire10
Saving for courses!07-07-2009bomernee0
Heading out for the weekend.07-04-2009wes2130
Civilization Revolutn' Review07-01-2009Arvas0
yay sunny day in England for a change07-01-2009bomernee0
Back from the beach06-28-2009Dartht33bagger0
Oh my God Michael Jackson is Dead!!!06-25-2009bomernee0
Just ordered my street fighter 4 standard edition fight stick06-24-2009bomernee0
More Achievements06-21-2009frozenfire10
Crazy Kid, quite funny06-21-2009frozenfire10
Leaving for about 9 days06-18-2009Dartht33bagger0
It came cack the RROD06-17-2009X_Splinter0
Success: Upgraded my 360 HDD06-16-2009sjohn0
Boring without Xbox LIVE isn't it.. lmfao06-16-2009forahobby0
lazy developers - maxed out 360? and??06-16-2009bomernee0
Street fighter 4 - bam bam im the best06-16-2009bomernee0
Ghostbusters REGION FREE woot?? or not woot?06-16-2009forahobby0
Kick butt Racing Simulation Cockpit for 360!! :)06-16-2009forahobby0
Halo 3: ODST - ms and bungie raping me06-13-2009bomernee0
Upgrading my 360 HDD06-12-2009sjohn0
Hey guys06-11-2009hilaryduffgta0
Sonic the hedgehog 3 - on xbox live!!!06-10-2009bomernee0
Iphone OS3.0 Update06-10-2009Mattster0
Hot as hell06-09-2009wes2130
I'm out of school06-09-2009Dartht33bagger0
First Unit UP06-04-2009kut_throat0
Changes coming for FREE members on HQ!06-03-2009forahobby0
Just a little time left at the libary06-03-2009hilaryduffgta0
The True Greatness of Xbox 360 is nearly upon us06-03-2009bomernee0
WTF: Win $$ for Competing in Online Games for HQ??06-02-2009BigJ0
Down and out eh.. Much better now!06-02-2009forahobby0
The 3rd Wave.05-28-2009ufo12340
L4D review05-27-2009Arvas0
im meeting maryilln manson on thursday and...05-26-2009bomernee0
Mitch Hedberg05-26-2009hilaryduffgta0
Douchebag Friend 05-26-2009bomernee0
Sorry if im missing this week.. Im really sick guys!05-25-2009forahobby0
Forced to upgrade XP to Vista05-24-2009X_Splinter0
I'm on new computer right now05-22-2009Dartht33bagger0
How Many of Us have done this in a car with friends??? (Drunk or HIgh)05-22-2009hilaryduffgta0
Damn it only took me well over 1000 deaths05-22-2009hilaryduffgta0
photos of our gig uploaded to Hq!05-22-2009bomernee0
New computer parts are here05-21-2009Dartht33bagger0
Hot bitches and cold beer05-21-2009wes2130
The Buddy Club05-21-2009Arvas0
Wow over 200 page views for my Blogs05-21-2009hilaryduffgta0
Quake Live05-21-2009hilaryduffgta0
It's a friday for me05-20-2009dartht33bagger0
Another big day comes to an end.. Its 4am.. lol05-20-2009forahobby0
Finally I'm Out here In Rancho Dominguez at My friends pad05-20-2009hilaryduffgta0
Wow These are Helpful For Venting05-19-2009hilaryduffgta0
The original Technoviking!!05-19-2009forahobby0
Updated the 360-HQ Downloads area today!05-19-2009forahobby0
This Morning.....05-18-2009hilaryduffgta0
I didn't get any sleep05-18-2009Dartht33bagger0
damn more broken stuff05-17-2009bomernee0
the perfect place to rant!05-17-2009bomernee0
The Orange Box Review05-17-2009Arvas0
Arvas's New Sig Shop!05-16-2009Arvas0
New computer!05-14-2009Dartht33bagger0
I hate Final Fantasy 9 05-13-2009hilaryduffgta0
Thursday Will Be Difficult05-12-2009hilaryduffgta0
No PAL Ghostbusters for Xbox 360!! :(05-12-2009forahobby0
New Fable II Review -- From City14.com05-12-2009Arvas0
Huge HQ update today for our Gaming Databases!05-11-2009forahobby0
The EasyCap USB 2.0 location?05-11-2009norninja0
might be on xbl silver soon05-10-2009bomernee0
Reformatting again...05-09-2009Dartht33bagger0
The Newbie.05-09-2009Norninja0
Damn gotta type this quick05-09-2009HilaryDuffGta0
Street fighter 4 - character balancing05-07-2009bomernee0
Blogs area updated05-06-2009forahobby0
Blue case mod is complete..05-04-2009elusiv10
HQ Community Game Event - 6/7 Jun 2009 VOTING BEGINS05-04-2009forahobby0
why are mothers such hard work????05-03-2009bomernee0
How to Hook up Roland KD-8 with ion Drum Rocker05-03-2009bebitt0
Wheres DOA666??? 05-01-2009forahobby0
oh my god im panicking04-30-2009bomernee0
virtual on04-29-2009bomernee0
Project Devil Box complete!!04-28-2009elusiv10
Worked on another case mod today..04-27-2009elusiv10
Sweet Mod04-26-2009frozenfire10
Don't junk those old cases, trick them out!!04-24-2009elusiv10
bargain games at cash convertor04-22-2009bomernee0
Anyone know what this is from?04-21-2009gamexxover0
games im looking forward to april 2009!04-21-2009bomernee0
Card Busters (Please comment your Stories)04-21-2009SkaterAndi0
Anyone catch the last episode of Terminator The Sarah Connor Chronicles?04-21-2009gamexxover0
MIA for 2 days04-20-2009wes2130
Achievements and Back04-18-2009frozenfire10
Post your Surveys & Polls right here <<----04-17-2009forahobby0
ah, hobbs has been busy again :)04-14-2009BigJ0
New Additions to the site Today! Enjoy!04-14-2009forahobby0
3 Months XBG and Quantum & Youtube04-14-2009SkaterAndi0
Be seeing u chaps later04-14-2009bomernee0
Support the HQ's and visit the sponsors NOW!!04-12-2009BigJ0
Got me a Falcon 360.. woot!04-12-2009forahobby0
Halo 3 campaign leading to online04-09-2009bomernee0
Hill Climb Havoc - my first blog on 360-hQ04-07-2009BigJ0
Test Your Awareness: Do The Test04-07-2009doa6660
AoC Gold04-06-2009jackjames0
What Game are you really looking forward to?04-04-2009gamexxover0
Follow me on twitter.. :) See what im doin'03-28-2009forahobby0
What Movie terrified you as a kid?03-26-2009gamexxover0
news- onlive opinon03-24-2009bomernee0
street fighter 3rd strike on xbox live petetion!03-23-2009bomernee0
Halo 3 vids03-23-2009wes2130
New GOW2 Map pack/Hannah Montanah game03-22-2009PaniniPimp0
capcom dlc, xbox live, and arcade`03-22-2009bomernee0
The Snowblind Map Pack03-20-2009nightbuzz0
looking for 360 game downloads for free03-17-2009ldogg720
resident evil 5 - first impressions03-17-2009bomernee0
A BIG thankyou to all the mods & admins on HQ03-16-2009forahobby0
Lost Theories - Warning - Spoiler Alerts!03-13-2009bomernee0
Myspace - would sum1 like to pimp my site?03-13-2009bomernee0
guitarist seeks virtual guitar hero world tour band03-06-2009bomernee0
i got my 360 yesterday03-06-2009RogueCarl0
What do you think about halo wars03-05-2009privateryan30000
help in bad company03-05-2009keoskey0
Just updated my Profile with new Papua New Guinea PICS03-03-2009hqm0nsterb0y0
Street Fighter IV Premium 360 Controller Wow03-02-2009bomernee0
What up?03-02-2009SoloRegimen0
Review; Lost and the Damned03-01-2009PaniniPimp0
UPDATED: RROD for hobbs.. ;( 02-28-2009forahobby0
how would you destroy a ps3 02-27-2009privateryan30000
My plans for my 4 day weekend02-27-2009keoskey0
wich one is better02-25-2009privateryan30000
cod 502-25-2009privateryan30000
street fighter 4 - verdict02-25-2009bomernee0
Rate my Skate02-25-2009nofearchris0
im illlll02-23-2009bomernee0
March Contest Coming02-23-2009sjohn0
Street fighter 4 - achievements02-22-2009bomernee0
My first Xbox 36002-22-2009icon313370
ive really spoilt myself lately!02-20-2009bomernee0
gta 4 - lost and the damned + sf402-18-2009bomernee0
samsung ms28 using nforce chipset without un soldering vcc using dos flash02-17-2009phillyfog0
GOOGLE EARTH Mystery Secret UFO & Hidden Places PART 102-17-2009forahobby0
street fighter 4 - best character video ive seen`02-16-2009bomernee0
Resident Evil 5 - good or bad??02-16-2009bomernee0
New Guy02-15-2009scout440
Lost and the Damned02-15-2009PaniniPimp0
2009!!!What a year huh?02-14-2009hernz0
Call of Duty 4 - Oh my god02-12-2009bomernee0
WildFire in Melbourne02-09-2009SCARFACE0
Jack Black 'Turns On' An Xbox 36002-09-2009forahobby0
XBOX Predators02-08-2009PaniniPimp0
Colbert and Chaffetz Play Rock Band02-06-2009forahobby0
Funny Cadbury Cream Egg Advertisement :)02-04-2009forahobby0
Street Fighter IV/Rap's Guitar Hero01-31-2009PaniniPimp0
Assassins Creed - my opinion!!01-25-2009bomernee0
Future LEGO games/RE5/GTA IV DLC01-25-2009PaniniPimp0
new blog01-24-2009warmunsican0
Nacht der Untoten01-24-2009skrambleggs0
Life in the Active Army01-20-2009Heady0
What is a EMO?01-17-2009Heady0
IMAGE.DVD file01-09-2009mtkid870
got a new band01-08-2009deps0
musically inspired01-03-2009bomernee0
srry bout the last blogs12-31-2008auzzie990
gh world tour12-31-2008auzzie990
halo 3 skulls12-31-2008auzzie990
games im looking forward to - with degrees12-30-2008bomernee0
Come Chat with other HQ Members in LIVE CHAT! :)12-29-2008forahobby0
bought a new dvd ms 28 having problems12-25-2008MADDENCHAMP090
50 cent BOTS achevment coming soon12-22-2008keoskey0
My Favs12-22-2008SuperSonic5790
Snow here12-19-2008dartht33bagger0
Ice Storm12-19-2008tweaked0
Resedent evil 512-18-2008nofearchris0
Military Perk12-18-2008fieryfrost0
Funny shit12-15-2008doa6660
Dec 2008: What Im Working ON!!12-11-2008forahobby0
I like the way the HQ is coming along....12-09-2008SiK_WiD_iT0
Join for FREE and rate your favorite Xbox 360 Games!!12-07-2008forahobby0
??New Games??12-07-2008nofearchris0
Monster playin round in papua new guinea.12-05-2008hqm0nsterb0y0
Hi Members! Catch you online for a Game!11-28-2008forahobby0
Kingdom for keflings11-24-2008nofearchris0
GTA IV DLC11-20-2008nofearchris0
MS v`s PS3 song11-20-2008doa6660
rainbow six vegas 11-09-2008Ic3MaNzz420zz0
Does anyone want to play10-20-2008nofearchris0
Gamer Score09-29-2008nofearchris0
Loving it so far09-26-2008drmarvin0
Just Watch: You will laugh your arse off!!09-24-2008scarface0
1250 GS for OBLIVION 09-24-2008wes2130
HELP WITH CLAMP FIX!!!!!!!09-20-2008Atmaweapon8800
Which is more entertaining?09-18-2008Jlm19900
Finally got a basic PC built :)09-08-2008forahobby0
Sad 50 cent..MadTv08-26-2008doa6660
the new and improved08-04-2008rodent44smb0
plans to mod my 36007-24-2008ElektroPimp0
Grid HELP!07-09-2008nofearchris0
Guy trippn off his head :-)07-07-2008doa6660
Updated My Gallery Area.. Check it Out!07-03-2008forahobby0
Rock Band is fun! :) Cheers Scarface!07-01-2008forahobby0
Funny, Annoying, Weird.06-21-2008scarface0
Xbox 1 tut, let me know what you think guys06-19-2008wes2130
Got 360 Now06-19-2008darthshanka0
A little about ME! The 360-Hq Chief :)06-11-2008forahobby0
More Updates Tonight!! :)06-08-2008forahobby0
Office worker goes F****n nuts at office!06-07-2008gamexxover0
This should be a wall poster06-06-2008gamexxover0
I got some cake06-05-2008wes2130
My Stark Enterprises Computer06-03-2008gamexxover0
PRT SCR who knew?06-02-2008wes2130
lets play 06-02-2008nofearchris0
MAD TV - Grand Theft Auto BoardGame06-02-2008forahobby0
Funny but Disturbing maybe ha!05-30-2008scarface0
Homemade Burning Laser Mag Light05-29-2008gamexxover0
HQ rank05-28-2008nofearchris0
Today's Site updates..05-28-2008forahobby0
Robots walking like people and Ugly people05-28-2008gamexxover0
Awesome, Ugly, Crazy Cars!05-26-2008scarface0
Another Funny!05-26-2008scarface0
WOW mario what the hell !!!05-26-2008wes2130
Our fire on Milk's grad night05-25-2008SiK_WiD_iT0
Me on the right, my buddy Milk on the left, crankin dat soulja boy lol05-25-2008SiK_WiD_iT0
Just funny05-25-2008scarface0
Is it a cell phone i think Not!05-25-2008scarface0
The type of gamer I am05-25-2008will-the-survivalist0
Say Hello To My BIG Friend!05-25-2008scarface0
Xbox 360 Clans Area BETA Now Working!05-24-2008forahobby0
Is it a Flashlight is it a Gun? Find out05-24-2008scarface0
B.S. and a small achievement rant.05-24-2008wes2130
Banned Xbox 360 Ad :)05-23-2008forahobby0
Kenny v.s Spenny, Any fans in the house?05-22-2008gamexxover0
Jet-man: Human powered flight05-21-2008forahobby0
Scaredycat Inc's Heroes Music Videos05-20-2008ScaredycatInc0
Funny song about cathing AIDs from a dude haha05-19-2008SiK_WiD_iT0
We make fun of my friend Brandon cuz we think he is really Mexican LOL05-19-2008SiK_WiD_iT0
HQ Blogs area Updated Today05-19-2008forahobby0
GTA4 05-17-2008UnLeAsHeD1ViRuS0
Wacky guitarist05-16-2008doa6660
Notice any website bugs?? Report them here!!05-16-2008forahobby0
GTA IV is no 10/10, Flaws & Greed05-11-2008gamexxover0
GTA4 CHEATING AND LOVING IT!05-08-2008gamexxover0
Beat GTA IV Now im on to online play and 100%05-05-2008wes2130
MY NEW GAMER TAG05-05-2008gamexxover0
Grand Theft Auto IV has Master Chief in it?05-05-2008scarface0
Latest Updates: Get involved in the site! It's Free. :)05-04-2008forahobby0
How to use Rewards105-04-2008frozenfire10
POST YOUR GTAIV EASTER EGGS05-04-2008gamexxover0
Toned down GTA IV version by Conan O'Brien05-02-2008gamexxover0
GTA-4 Park More Cars 05-02-2008scarface0
28% of GTA - 0% life05-01-2008wes2130
Grand Theft Auto IV04-30-2008frozenfire10
Who's Playing GTA IV already?04-27-2008forahobby0
Yo, Yes you.. Start Blogging! :)04-27-2008forahobby0
Stuck on GH3 Expert Mode Cult of Personality04-27-2008forahobby0
Youtube Videos & Comments now Available in Blogs04-25-2008forahobby0
its new Pt 204-24-2008thepackage0
its new04-24-2008thepackage0
BAK LEADER04-16-2008littleeddie0
HQ Guitar Hero 3 Leaderboards Underway!03-06-2008forahobby0
Xbox 360 Clan Area Coming Soon!02-26-2008forahobby0
More Achievements02-10-2008frozenfire10
Another Long night of Coding to make more features for HQ01-24-2008forahobby0
My fishing adventure's....10-14-2007HQM0NSTERB0Y0
PS3 has to go down!10-13-2007dicky0
Boxing 2k8?09-26-2007JaYbOrN0
Long live gaming09-21-2007vader2k30
Damned PS309-07-2007lazris2lk0
nintey nine nights09-01-2007hotsox3600
First and Only08-10-2007shag12330
Always looking for more guys to help on 360-HQ!!08-05-2007forahobby0
Lost in this site08-03-2007Shadow93920
Can't stop the memories.08-02-2007endless0
Best Gamez07-16-2007concussion0
Xbox Live back but then its always something else..07-11-2007forahobby0
rabble rabble06-25-2007impwiz0
dawesy: GoW Clusterluck06-03-2007sadistic0
4789....and counting!05-23-2007DannyDibo0
WAD UP05-21-2007BlazingPHX0
All work?? HA!!05-19-2007DannyDibo0
All work?? HA!!05-19-2007DannyDibo0
Dibo Welcome.05-18-2007DannyDibo0
english 1005-17-2007CMATTC0
Rainbow6:Las Vegas04-26-2007NinjaJC0
Weekly wrap up04-23-2007endless0
360 Madness04-17-2007Ki11erC0
dryed all my tears with a towel?04-09-2007sandpopper20070
Weekly wrap up04-01-2007endless0
NO XBOX LIVE: What a boring couple of weeks...03-27-2007forahobby0
My Blog03-25-2007die_coward0
What a week03-19-2007endless0
CrackDown Good Clean FUN!03-09-2007lazris2lk0
Always when your keen to play online! :(03-06-2007forahobby0
Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion03-06-2007ArchPtorian0
Finally got crackdown.. woo hoo..03-05-2007forahobby0
I'm Back02-27-2007crash040
Player Rep02-25-2007Huskarl0
Call of Duty 302-23-2007Huskarl0
EA Has Crossed the Line02-11-2007TheSmokingManX0
Rainbox Six Vegas: Keen to play online??02-11-2007forahobby0
Lost Planet Collectors Edition02-05-2007chief_pre284380
The Oblivion02-01-2007RealBigSwede0
Me and My 36001-14-2007tombkeeper0
Need Help Adding Achievements to 360-HQ01-04-2007forahobby0
halo :(12-26-2006solo_assassin260
FEAR is awsome12-21-2006FEAR_gamer0
Spartan III''s12-19-2006lazris2lk0
Wanted: Gears of War Co-op11-29-2006Altimate060
is f.e.a.r good?11-28-2006solo_assassin260
Gears of War11-26-2006humancrack1870
Looking for New players in Gearsof War11-26-2006humancrack1870
Ive been playing some Gears of War.. :) Love it!11-18-2006forahobby0
GearsofWar is cool11-14-2006masterecko3600
Gears of War11-07-2006c3h7r3i6s0
Xbox 360 Game Movies and Trailers Now Available!10-26-2006forahobby0
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 Is Cool! :)10-26-2006forahobby0
What happened to Condemed Criminal Origins?09-30-2006thered60
Finally a update on my gaming adventures...09-23-2006forahobby0
Game release dates.09-21-2006flgg8310
The cherry is lost..09-07-2006JAy3k10
Nearly Finished GUN 100%.. lol08-27-2006forahobby0
xbox vision cam08-22-2006magemasher890
First Entry08-22-2006magemasher890
New Hardware Area Now Opened With Screenshots etc08-20-2006forahobby0
Game Video''s now available on 360-Hq.Com08-13-2006forahobby0
Online Gaming08-12-2006XboxXXX0
Just Checked out Cloning Clyde.. :)08-04-2006forahobby0
Just organised lots of xbox 360 accessories to review on HQ07-25-2006forahobby0
The Sickest I''ve been in my entire life... :(07-23-2006forahobby0
Holiday (Vacation)07-16-2006XboxXXX0
Far Cry Instincts Predator.. My Thoughts! :)07-16-2006forahobby0
Zinedine Zidane looses cool in final07-09-2006elusiv10
What Im saving up for....07-08-2006Penna0
Time for a rest i think! :)07-05-2006forahobby0
Blogs area now works fine with LINEBREAKS!! :)07-04-2006forahobby0
Pulling my hair out right now!!07-02-2006elusiv10
Prey Demo looks good!!06-30-2006elusiv10
My Setup Area now working.. Upload some 360 related pics..06-30-2006forahobby0
Working on Photo Area for Profiles on 360-hq..06-30-2006forahobby0
mmm Rumble Roses review under way by hobbs06-29-2006forahobby0
Bad Day06-27-2006impwiz0
Full Auto isnt too bad at all on Xbox 360...06-27-2006forahobby0
Finished X-Men: The Official Game Today.. :)=06-27-2006forahobby0
Wish Lists06-20-2006sjohn0
Reviews Area Now Updated with New Look..06-06-2006forahobby0
Galaga, Pacman and Mortal Kombat are gonna kick ass..06-06-2006forahobby0
Playing Hitman: Blood Money06-02-2006enigma5160
What'll it be for ya Mister?05-29-2006sjohn0
Marble Blast Ultra is pretty cool for cheap $$$.. :)05-29-2006forahobby0
Thinking about buying Feeding Frenzy next.. lol05-28-2006forahobby0
Spent 3hrs trying to get GOLD on last race PGR3..05-26-2006forahobby0
5th in the World on Project Gotham 3 (Downtown Showdown Cup)05-24-2006forahobby0
COD more enjoyable now05-24-2006enigma5160
Fight Night 3 ready to go.05-24-2006enigma5160
hacked my xbox36005-24-2006pirrup0
Pirrup just hacked his 360.. Nice work.. Tutorial on its way.05-24-2006forahobby0
Rank 1 on Project Gotham Racing 3.. lol Whoo hoo05-24-2006forahobby0
Cant wait for Mortal Kombat on XBOX Live Arcade..05-20-2006forahobby0
Planning my first 360 mod to get ready for homebrew XBMC etc..05-18-2006forahobby0
Played UNO With Rank#1 in the World Last Night05-18-2006forahobby0
Rate me on 36005-15-2006ozzy0
E3 Week Cleanup05-13-2006sjohn0
Just started Battlefield 2 Campaign (Single Player)05-13-2006forahobby0
Now i need to finish Quake 4 (General).. :)05-13-2006forahobby0
Grand Theft Auto IV Coming to 360.. Whoo hoo!.. Love it..05-13-2006forahobby0
Uno! I win!!!05-10-2006sjohn0
Playing Quake 4 to get all achievements today! :)05-08-2006forahobby0
Finished Single Player Campaign Blazing Angel's Whoo hoo..05-08-2006forahobby0
Achievement Details05-08-2006Dman160
Test Drive Unlimited Demo05-08-2006sjohn0
Up to Level 16 on Blazing Angels Squadrons of WWII05-04-2006forahobby0
Condemned 100% Completed - 970 Points05-02-2006DJB0
Condemned Progress05-02-2006DJB0
Battlefield 2: Mayhem05-02-2006sjohn0
Battlefield 2: Modern Combat with 5 HQ Members today.. :)05-02-2006forahobby0
XBOXHQ Upgrades Start TONIGHT.. Lots to do04-21-2006forahobby0
To Rent Or Not To Rent (Brokeback Mountain)04-20-2006chandrez0
Just upgrading XBOXHQ then ill be back to 360 again04-20-2006forahobby0
What happened to our G.R.A.W Clan Huh?? Pred,ShortA?04-17-2006forahobby0
Finally got to play Blazing Angels.. :)04-17-2006forahobby0
Manage 360 Tournaments on 360-HQ Now!04-14-2006forahobby0
11 Members on 360-Hq with GRAW already.. lol04-12-2006forahobby0
just updated my games..04-11-2006ozzy0
Track your Blogs too now.. Test everything out guys04-11-2006forahobby0
DID YOU FART IN MY CAR???04-10-2006chandrez0
Battlefield 2 anticipation...04-10-2006impwiz0
Getting the hang of G.R.A.W.04-10-2006enigma5160
75 Hours and whats accomplished04-09-2006shortacid0
Region Free Titles04-09-2006sjohn0
Wishlist and Now Playing is working.. Test it out!04-09-2006forahobby0
A 360 that costs nothing?04-09-2006sjohn0
My Games area Upgaded.. :) Check it out04-09-2006forahobby0
Been coding my butt off uprading HQ servers04-09-2006forahobby0
Obvlivion is nice too.. If your into RPG's etc04-08-2006forahobby0
Battlefield 2 is a kickass 360 title.. The demo is proof enough.04-08-2006forahobby0
Been playing a bit of GRAW lately.. Trying to get better..04-08-2006forahobby0
Just opening the 360 Journal (blogging) section.02-05-2006forahobby0

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my game tags on xbox live
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my holidays class
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Compassionate gamer how i believe in success.
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