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Skyrim Thoughts
Published on 12-03-2011

" I have encountered a lot of bugs while playing Skyrim but not as many as was in Oblivion. However, I find some of them amusing. One wouldn't let me kill a dragon... another took away one of my companions when I killed a noble. I just have to say though... Skyrim seems more massive than Oblivion did. Even with the Oblivion gates popping up everywhere and the Shivering Isles. I do see a lot of Fallout 3/New Vegas styles in Skyrim. I am impressed though with some of the character creations and designs. Takes a LONG time to play through this game. You get your money's worth and THEN SOME. By the time you are done with ONE play through you feel like you need a break before taking play through #2. "

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Comments for Skyrim Thoughts

  Maxlandis says:February 15, 2023 04:02:30
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  dic says:November 21, 2013 06:11:17
  Can't wait to try mod skyrim I call it skybum!!
If only u knew the true endless nature of weapons and form/ untrain .
How meany swords r there!!!
Animation a .could try get as good as DMC ha 2 year's from now
When I get good anuf .

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  forahobby says:December 17, 2011 08:12:01
  did the latest patch fix most of your problems?? I hear it was a pretty big update. let us know.

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