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Submit content to win some great prizes.. Write a review, tutorial or submit some achievements..
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- 360-HQ MLG Vault Competition

What are XP Points?

Experience Points (XP) are a way of calculating our websites most valuable & active users and in the very near future our website will let you trade-in your XP for all sorts of things. Member will be able to trade for: 12 Months VIP Membership, Custom Title, or even a cool prize which we might have on offer.

How does it work?

As we are sure you can all tell, almost all areas the 360-HQ website are interactive. This means you, the end user, can earn a different amount of points for everything you do. Everytime you submit a tutorial, browse the news, rate a game, like a video, add a game to your wishlist, or post in the forums will earn you XP.

How can I earn some XP?

This is the easy part. Simply browse through different pages on our site and you will earn some pitty XP.. lol.. That's right, pitty XP just for browsing. Everything you do while you are active on the 360-hq will attract XP points.. Whether it be a posting forum post, submitting a game review, submitting a tutorial, rating our games, adding games to your wishlist, or liking one of our video game trailers, it will earn you some extra XP.

How can I win prizes?

To win prizes on the site there must be an active competition. If we are holding a competition you can always find information right here on this page.. It will light up in BIG, BRIGHT and BOLD letters so don't worry you won't miss it.

Get active..

If you are all really interested in winning some cool prizes for your xbox 360 like cases, controllers, cables, adapters and other goodies like Microsoft Points please make sure you are active in our forums..

Current HQ Points Setup

Browse around the Site

Everytime you browse a different page on the 360-HQ site you will earn yourself another 2 XP.

Earn "2" HQ points

Rate our Xbox 360 Trailers & Videos

An easy way to earn some extra XP is to LIKE or DISLIKE our Xbox 360 Trailers, and Gameplay Videos. Doing this will earn you 0 XP..

Earn "0" HQ points

Rate/Vote Xbox 360 Games

Browse through our extensions selection of Xbox 360 Games and earn points each time you vote for your favorite or NOT so favorite games. Everytime you rate a Xbox 360 Game you will be credited "300" XP and the rating will be shown in your profile.

Earn "300" HQ points

Participate in Surveys

Whenever you take the time to participate in one of our surveys you will be credited "150" XP.

Earn "150" HQ points

Start a New Forum Topic/Thread

Everytime you start/open a new topic in our forums you will be credited "350" XP. If you have any questions why not earn some XP just for asking.

Earn "350" HQ points

Reply to a Forum Topic/Thread

Reply to an existing topic in our forums and you will be credited "100" XP.

Earn "100" HQ points

Publish a Tutorial

Submit a new tutorial to earn yourself some attractive XP Points. You will be credited "1000" XP once your submission has been approved.

Earn "1000" HQ points

Publish Achievements

Submit single achievements to earn "25" XP. You must submit the achievement icon, title, description and achievement points. You will be credited "25" XP once your submission has been approved.

Earn "25" HQ points

Publish News

Submit an interesting and original news article and have it approved to earn "1000" XP. Just remeber you have the entire Xbox 360 Games database at your disposal which includes information, screenshots and videos you can link to and improve your article.

Earn "1000" HQ points

Publish Game Review

Send in your own game review and once approved you will earn "2000" XP.

Earn "2000" HQ points

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