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Success: Upgraded my 360 HDD
Published on 06-16-2009

" So I made the plunge and bought the 500gb drive, it didn't want to work with HddHackr v1.00 it kept giving me a problem with the LMA size being different. I went and used HddHackr v0.91b and it worked fine. I got it formatted in the 360 and all I need to do now is move all of my data over and redownload a freaking ton of DLC.

Here's a link to a tutorial which may help you all which is right here on 360-HQ.

Upgrade your Xbox 360 HDD Using HDDHackr:
'' . reduceurl("http://www.360-hq.com/xbox-tutorials-64.html") . '' "

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Comments for Success: Upgraded my 360 HDD

  forahobby says:January 26, 2011 03:01:51
  sjohn, do you have anymore updated info on this? Like, did you have any problems on Xbox LIVE etc or were you online using it offline? btw. your blog is in position no#2 of the most popular blogs of all time! very nice :)

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  dartht33bagger says:June 19, 2009 05:06:55
  Do you plan on using it on live? I would like to see if you get banned or not to see if I want to make a second 120 gig out of my 20 gig laying around here.

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  sjohn says:June 16, 2009 08:06:23
  The only thing I did different was used iPrep v0.800 in order to make a bootable flash drive, then put the hddss.bin and the hddhackr.exe files onto the flash drive. I don't have a floppy drive so I had to go this way, it worked perfect though.

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  sjohn says:June 16, 2009 08:06:38
  I spent about $120 all total, but I got a 500gb drive, and had to buy the proper tools to open it up. You can get a 120gb drive as cheap as $50 currently.
No real reason to do a tutorial, the one on the site is the one that I followed.
Btw it's still only Western Digital Drives, but now it's any of the scorpio series, and even the velociraptor will work but I wouldn't recommend wasting your money on putting that into the xbox.

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  forahobby says:June 16, 2009 08:06:15
  great to here you go it working man.. Sounds like you will be using that gamesaves manager program.. It could become useful for transferring lots of unsigned data.. :) Good luck with it and thx for letting us know how you went.

Any chance of a small step by step tutorial you could quickly post to the forums?? I will then submit to tutorials area for you if you want.. This will help out heaps of guys wanting to upgrade.. I know i get emails about it constantly but haven't bothered performing the upgrade yet myself..

btw.. rough estimate of the cost compared to buying a retail 120gb? and ofcourse advantages in the future (maybe a update soon eh)

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