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Our batch reunion that's really surprising
Published on 10-29-2009

" Hi everyone! It is my first time to write on this site. Anyway I am Ralph, I am 24-year old now but I still love playing computer games and also into sports.

Since I am a newbie in this site I just wanted to tell you how it feels to meet someone you know but seems that the people are not exactly as they are in the past. It was two weeks ago when my batchmates decided to meet each other agin after two years. Because we never see each other after graduation. I am really surprised that most of them are essay writers now. I can't imagine that they will take that as a career. Anyway, I know that they have good writing skills, so I guess that would be enough reason. Yesterday I felt like they are not the same as we were classmates (lol).

It is really nice to come up with the reunion because I really feel that I miss them all. I just told myself that we are grown ups now and we really have different path to take.

I also just wanted to share you my happiness. After five years of not talking to my first love, Amanda, well, I can feel that I am really a man now because I am able to ask her out for a date tomorrow. Oh! It really feels like heaven (lol). Just wait for my next blog about our date. Any suggestion for a perfect place? Thanks.:-) "

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Comments for Our batch reunion that's really surprising

  Sarajhones says:June 8, 2022 10:06:11
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  forahobby says:October 29, 2009 10:10:21
  hey man, good to see ya bloggin..

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  X_Splinter says:October 29, 2009 10:10:05
  First of all Welcome to the site.

Yah people change as years pass.

Good luck for the date and tells how it was, this will spice 360-Hq Blogs :D

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Hi! I am Ralph, I work as a Literary interpreter for two years now. I love playing football and I also love surfing.

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