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Xbox 360 Reviews
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Most Recent Xbox 360 Reviews

Rock Band 2 Cover ImageRock Band 2
Genre: Music/Dance
Developer: Harmonix Music

“Rock Band 2” will allow gamers to continue to perform music from the world’s biggest rock artists with their friends as a virtual band. All your original Rock Band 1 down-loadable content
1 Review

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 Cover ImageRainbow Six Vegas 2
Genre: First Person Shooter/Tactical
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Tom Clancy''s Rainbow Six: Vegas took the gaming world by storm in 2006 thanks to its technological advances and gameplay innovations. The tactical solo campaign will return, and the
2 Reviews

Rogue Warrior Cover ImageRogue Warrior
Genre: First Person Shooter
Developer: Zombie

An authentic, tactical first-person shooter based on the best-selling book series by Richard (Dick) Marcinko, former U.S. Navy SEAL and founder of both SEAL Team Six and Red Cell. Rogue Warrior is bei
Not Bad
1 Review

Rapala Tournament Fishing Cover ImageRapala Tournament Fishing
Genre: Sports/Fishing
Developer: Activision

Rapala Trophies brings you authentic fishing action. Grab your tackle box, launch the bass boat and let''s go! Time to set the hook and land the trophy of a lifetime
2 Reviews

Rainbow Six Vegas Cover ImageRainbow Six Vegas
Genre: First Person Shooter/Tactical
Developer: Ubisoft Montreal

Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six makes its next-generation hardware debut in the most dramatic installment of the renowned first-person shooter franchise to date. Rainbow operatives take to t
1 Review

Rockstar Table Tennis Cover ImageRockstar Table Tennis
Genre: Sports
Developer: Rockstar San Diego

Rockstar Games presents Table Tennis, the debut next generation title from critically acclaimed developers Rockstar San Diego, is like nothing you have ever seen before. Experience the unmatc
1 Review

Ridge Racer 6 Cover ImageRidge Racer 6
Genre: Racing/Driving
Developer: Namco

Developed for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system from Microsoft, Ridge Racer 6 takes full advantage of the new platform''s capabilities with in-depth multiplayer functionality, unprecede
2 Reviews

Resident Evil 5 Cover ImageResident Evil 5
Genre: Survival/Horror
Developer: Capcom

Utilizing the Xbox 360 unprecedented power, Resident Evil 5 promises to revolutionize the series by delivering an unbelievable level of detail, realism and control. Resident Evil 5 is cert
2 Reviews

Root Beer Tapper Cover ImageRoot Beer Tapper
Genre: Xbox Live Arcade
Developer: Digital Eclipse

Get ready to serve! Rediscover the classic arcade game Root Beer Tapper on Xbox LIVE®. Take on a room full of thirsty folks and keep their mugs full as they belly up to the bar, but don''t drop the em
1 Review

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Step up to the plate, reach for your driver to tee off, or serve up an ace as the most popular Kinect franchise returns with “Kinect Sports: Season Two” — only on Kinect for Xbox 360. With six thrilli..
Kinect Sports Season 2
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