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Xbox 360 Reviews
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Most Recent Xbox 360 Reviews

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West Cover ImageEnslaved: Odyssey to the West
Genre: Action/Adventure
Developer: Ninja Theory

Developed by Ninja Theory Ltd., Enslaved takes players on a gripping, surprise-filled journey as two dissimilar characters form an uneasy union in order to survive their way through a perilous, post-a
1 Review

Ecco the Dolphin Cover ImageEcco the Dolphin
Genre: Xbox Live Arcade
Developer: Backbone

Ecco the Dolphin splashes onto Xbox LIVE Arcade. Help Ecco the dolphin find his missing friends by exploring his vast ocean world. Use Ecco''s unique sonar ability to talk to other sea creature
1 Review

Enchanted Arms Cover ImageEnchanted Arms
Genre: RPG
Developer: FROM Software

Experience one of the first true next-gen RPG adventures. Developed exclusively for the Xbox 360 computer and entertainment system from Microsoft, Enchanted Arms, a best-selling RPG in Japan, now fina
1 Review

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Popular Xbox 360 Games

Payday 2
   Views: 160,426

Payday 2 is the sequel to Payday: The Heist. Payday 2 is an action-packed, four-player co-op heist shooter that once again lets gamers don the masks of the original Payday crew Dallas, ..
Payday 2
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