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Most Recent Xbox 360 Reviews

Venetica Cover ImageVenetica
Genre: Action/RPG
Developer: Deck 13

Ventica is a RPG game for the Xbox 360 and PC. In a world full of secrets, there is one with hidden powers - strong enough to challenge death. Take on the roll of Scarlett as you develop and use her p
Not Bad
1 Review

Vampire Rain Cover ImageVampire Rain
Genre: Shooter
Developer: Artoon Co

[b]Vampire Rain™[/b] takes place in Los Angeles, and the player assumes the role of a Special Forces member named John Lloyd, a government assigned vampire hunter. As a member
1 Review

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Final Fantasy XIII
   Views: 108,087

The world-renowned “Final Fantasy” will continue making its home on Xbox 360 with the upcoming release of “Final Fantasy XIII,” the eagerly anticipated title from Square Enix. “Final Fantasy XIII” use..
Final Fantasy XIII
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Will you buy Crackdown?

Yes, looks like a great game.
Yes, I only want the Halo 3 beta though.
No, not my style of game.
No, simply no.


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