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Current Version: v1.3
Written by 4w3b0k3, scener
Category: Xbox 360
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TheFallen93 has just released HvxDump for Xbox360 DevKits. HvxDump allows you to read information like KeyVault, CPU key, bootloaders, etc from your console NAND.

This is a small app that will dump a bunch of things from a devkit:
- Fuse lines
- 1bl rom
- Keyvault
- Bootloaders
- Smc code
- Extended/secdata.bin

And some other stuff. This app runs on every kernel from 11164.3 and up. It is ridiculous that I am actually releasing this app as most people will only use it to get their cpu key, and the cpu key on a devkit is 100% useless. I am releasing this because a few assholes decided it would be
a cool idea to sell this and trade it for recoveries. Itís *****ing ridiculous that people do this kind of shit. Stop leaking shit and go learn something for once you *****ing assholes.

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