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Catch up on everything Xbox including the latest Gaming News, Release Dates, DLC, Xbox Live and Modding..

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Engadget Touring the Microsoft Xbox facilities

Engadget Touring the Microsoft Xbox facilities
Published by: patto on Tuesday, December 13, 2005

So if you hadn't noticed, Peter and I [Ryan] were in Seattle last week -- one of the things we were treated to for driving out to Redmond was an all-access tour of the Xbox facilities, courtesy of our main man, Major Nelson. See if you can notice which color plays a central role in the interior design theme of the facilities. Interesting side note: Xbox HQ is off-site from Microsoft's main campus in Redmond -- apparently they wanted Xbox to function as its own independent creative unit apart from regular Microsoft operations.

We hear when they shut down for the day this Master Chief statue gets powered on and actually patrols the halls with a Covenant Energy Sword.
News-Source: http://www.engadget.com

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Initial Xbox 360 File System Support

Initial Xbox 360 File System Support
Published by: patto on Tuesday, December 13, 2005

There is now initial support for the Xbox 360 hardisk filesystem (XTAF) in CVS. This is a patch for the 2.4.32 Linux kernel.
Official Site: http://www.free60.org

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Adaptec Announces GameBridge and GameBridge TV

Adaptec Announces GameBridge and GameBridge TV
Published by: hq_hacker_girl on Monday, December 12, 2005

Adaptec Desktop Solution Group, announced today the Adaptec GameBridge (AVC-1400) and GameBridge TV (AVC-1410). These patent-pending gaming products are the industry's first for connecting and playing Xbox 360, Xbox, PlayStation 2 and GameCube games on your PC or notebook to leverage significantly enhanced graphics without experiencing any performance delay. In addition, the GameBridge line is unique in allowing gamers to record game sequences and best moves in order to replay and share with friends - an "instant replay" capability that is a first for the gaming industry.

With the ability to deliver higher quality resolution - up to 32-bit color 1024 x 768 pixels, a PC Monitor can provide an enhanced gaming environment. However, when connecting and playing console games on a PC or notebook, gamers experience a significant performance delay between moving the joystick and seeing the resulting reaction on screen.
News Source: http://news.teamxbox.com

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Xbox 360 Experiments: swap DVD/TSOP, 360 without EEPROM?, ...

Xbox 360 Experiments: swap DVD/TSOP, 360 without EEPROM?, ...
Published by: patto on Sunday, December 11, 2005

' CrackerJack (cjack) of darkmoon.org bought a core and premium Xbox 360 system and has released info and screenshots of his progress.. '
He noticed that while his core system has the EEPROM chip near the CPU, his premium Xbox 360 does not have this chip. However it does not seem to be core/premium related as XanTium's (X-S) premium Xbox 360 has this eeprom chip. On the images below you can see cjack's premium 360 without eeprom on the left and XanTium's (X-S) with eeprom on the right.

Some other interesting stuff he tried:
* He desoldered the TSOP of his 2 consoles and inverted them. The TSOP of Premium soldered in the Core console did not work. The 'ring of light' blinked red ... black screen. He resoldered both TSOPs in correct consoles ... and everything worked fine again.

* He also desoldered the eeprom from his Core Xbox 360 and, a bit unexpectedly, the console worked fine without the eeprom chip! Dashboard version and Kernel versions (backup version too) were the same then when there was the eeprom. Everything worked fine, games boot without problems, Xbox LIVE worked too...

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Xbox 360 Launches in Japan

Xbox 360 Launches in Japan
Published by: patto on Sunday, December 11, 2005

' The Xbox Team Blog also has a story and images of the launch in Japan '
When Maruyama-san took the stage inside the TSUTAYA Q Front retail store, it was to the sound of a hundred eager gamers chanting his name. When Peter Moore took the stage shortly after, it was to the chant of his name, and resounding applause. When he uttered the words "Xbox San Roku Maru" ("Xbox three sixty" in Japanese) the crowd roared. The first consumer in line took the stage, and told his story of how he came to the store late last night to get his number indicating his place in line, and since his office was so close by, he simply stayed there for the evening, coming to stand in line at 4am in the morning to insure his purchase. By 5am, after the train lines opened up for the day, the line stretched alongside the building and around the corner into the next block, enthusiastic gamers huddled against the cold and eying the Starbucks shop standing mocking and empty before them (7am is FAR too late for any coffee shop, especially a Starbucks, to open its doors, no matter what country you're in).

News-Source: Xbox Team Blog

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Fix the Xbox 360 DVD Drive to protect against scratched discs

Fix the Xbox 360 DVD Drive to protect against scratched discs
Published by: patto on Sunday, December 11, 2005

' After reports of users having their DVDs scratched if they changed their Xbox 360 from vertical to horizontal position, the guys over at Llamma posted a guide to 'patch' the HL360 DVD-drive. '
Keep in mind that this requires opening your Xbox 360 and thus it will void your warranty. What they did is add rubber pads on the DVD-drive case on the opposite side of the laser. Now when moving the console, which results in the disc inside moving too, the disc will hit the rubber pads first. These rubber pads will limit the inclination angle of the disc so it can't touch the metal laserblock and get scratched. It'll touch the rubber pads, but that shouldn't scratch the disc.

Full Guide: http://www.llamma.com

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