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Next-gen games confirmed for Tokyo Game Show

Next-gen games confirmed for Tokyo Game Show
Published by: forahobby on Friday, September 09, 2005

With the Tokyo Game Show only one week away, game publishers are beginning to announce their lineups for this year's event, which is expected to be as big (or bigger) than the TGS that took place right before the PlayStation 2's debut. The focus of TGS2005 is the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360, and it's been anticipated that some of their games will actually be playable at the show. The latest issue of Famitsu has unveiled a preliminary lineup of next-generation games for the show, and it confirms that a number of them will be playable.

The current list of next-generation console games at TGS 2005 is below..

Xbox 360:
Dynasty Warriors 5 Special /Koei, TBA
Dead or Alive 4 /Tecmo, Trailer
Frame City Killer /Namco, Trailer
Kameo: Elements of Power /Microsoft, Playable
Pro Yakyuu Spirits /Konami, Trailer
Ridge Racer 6 /Namco, Playable
Rumble Roses XX /Konami, Trailer
Shutokou Battle /Genki, Trailer
Tengei Makyo Ziraia: Haruka Naru Jipang /Hudson, Trailer
World Air Force /Taito, Playable

PlayStation 3:
Metal Gear Solid 4 /Konami, Trailer
Ni-Oh / Koei, Trailer

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Microsoft prepping Xbox store in Japan?

Microsoft prepping Xbox store in Japan?
Published by: patto on Wednesday, September 07, 2005

' Three-story building with Xbox 360 logo under construction in Tokyo; no word on its purpose, but it should be ready in time for the console's launch.'
TOKYO--A mysterious construction site draped with a huge Xbox 360 logo has appeared on the streets of Tokyo. On Omotesando Road, just a few minutes away from the popular fashion district of Harajuku, Microsoft is erecting a new building that will apparently be used for some operation related to its next-generation gaming console. The structure is covered by a huge sheet imprinted with the overlapping green circles of the Xbox 360 logo on its front and side, which serves both as an advertisement and a shield to prevent pedestrians from peeking into the construction. By checking the building from the back, the entirety of the construction can be viewed, though there isn't much to see yet. The building looks to be three stories high, but only its outer framework is currently complete. There is about another two to three months of construction left, which should be just enough time to make it for the Japanese launch of the Xbox 360. The building will be no small operation. Its construction permit showed that the structure has been declared a "specified construction work," which means that a minimum of 45 million yen ($410,000) is being spent on its creation. The project is under development by Code Five Corporation, a promotion firm located within walking distance of the Omotesando area. While rumors say that the building might be used as an Xbox 360 showroom or office, it's definitely too huge to be used for just a one-time promotion.

Microsoft may not just be eyeing Tokyo for some new digs. Last week, a report by the New York Post (registration required) claims the software giant may be eyeing some primo real estate in New York City's Times Square. While no contracts or leases have been signed, the space is rumored to be a company store in the vein of Apple's growing chain of retail outlets.
News-Source: http://www.gamespot.com

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Unsigned Xbox 360 Developer Best Practices

Unsigned Xbox 360 Developer Best Practices
Published by: DJB on Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Developers who are interested in writing games for Xbox 360 can be productive without having an Xbox 360 development kit. This paper describes hardware and software that can be used to emulate Xbox 360. It also includes recommendations for programmers wanting to get a head start on Xbox 360 development.

Read the rest of the information in this Forum Thread

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Unreal Engine 3 and the Xbox 360 Hard Drive

Unreal Engine 3 and the Xbox 360 Hard Drive
Published by: patto on Tuesday, September 06, 2005

' Now that Microsoft officially announced the two Xbox 360 SKUs, the Core and Premium Edition, it has been revealed that Xbox 360 games must work if the detachable hard drive is not present '
Although developers can take advantage of the hard drive to speed up loading times, Microsoft has worked with developers for the past year to assure all Xbox 360 games work without the hard drive.

This caused a big splash in the community and raised one major concern: Will developers be able to fully utilize the hard drive if it is mandatory that games work without it? Considering the fact that in addition to Gears of War, Epic Games also develops the Unreal Engine tools and technology, which has been licensed by several game companies, we wanted to know how does the lack of a hard drive affects an Unreal Engine 3-powered game.

We had the chance to interview Mark Rein, Vice President of Epic Games, to discuss the implications of the recent announcements and how Unreal Engine 3 deals with an Xbox 360 Core system.

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Scott Henson Interview about Xbox 360 SKU's

Scott Henson Interview about Xbox 360 SKU's
Published by: patto on Tuesday, September 06, 2005

' TeamXbox.com had the chance to interview Scott Henson, the Director of the Xbox Advanced Technology Group, to discuss the two Xbox 360 SKUs, the price, massive storage, peripherals, HD DVD and much more '
TeamXbox: Of the two SKUs, the hard drive have proven the most controversial difference between the Premium and Core editions. What happened to all the things we heard Microsoft stress about Xbox’s built-in hard drive and its vital role to the games we’ve been playing for the past 4 years?
Scott Henson: Our goal with Xbox 360 was to enable as many of these scenarios if you had a memory unit or if you had a hard drive and to make this transparent to our developers so they did not have to think about where things were being stored. This includes the ability to store things in other locations in the future as well like somewhere in your home network.
To address load times which are enhanced by caching information to the hard drive, we’ve invested in a super fast DVD that is more than two times faster than the first Xbox (Xbox was 5X andXbox 360 is 12X). It’s also important to note that in the beginning we sat down with game developers and proposed the choice between 512 and a hard drive, and without question developers said very clearly that RAM was much more important than a hard drive. It makes the biggest impact and fulfills the vision of their games. More RAM provides significantly more opportunity for developers to innovate in manners that require extremely fast access time which only RAM can provide.

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Japanese Xbox 360 Promotional video

Japanese Xbox 360 Promotional video
Published by: patto on Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Microsoft put online this quite nice "image" video of Xbox 360 for the japanese Market. This is how they want the japanese gamers and consumers to "get" the Xbox 360, and I guess it's not too bad.
News-Source: http://www.xboxyde.com

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