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Analyst: 10-12 mln '360s by Year-End

Analyst: 10-12 mln '360s by Year-End
Published by: Predtech on Monday, February 27, 2006

Analyst P.J. McNealy with Amtech Research said in a report today that Microsoft is on track to sell 6 million Xbox 360s by the end of June, and 10-12 million by year-end; expects PS3 announcements soon.

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The Outfit Developer Interview and Info

The Outfit Developer Interview and Info
Published by: patto on Saturday, February 25, 2006

The Outfit, from THQ's critically acclaimed internal development studio Relic Entertainment, drops a force of elite soldiers behind enemy lines in a World War II adventure unlike anything seen before. Players will battle through a series of epic, story driven campaigns in single player mode as they track down a rogue Nazi general retreating through France after the Allied invasion. The over-the-top, action-packed third person shooter, is all about destruction, featuring large scale explosions, Destruction on Demand and ... Click here for more.

The Outfit
Developer Interview - Part 1 of 2

Q: What were some of your inspirations/influences for The Outfit?

A: Obviously Battlefield and Battlefront were games we played a lot of, but we had plenty of non-videogame influences as well. The over the top action of Predator or any Jerry Bruckheimer film, for instance. In the comic book realm, Sergeant Rock was something we looked at as well. I wouldn’t say we set out to copy any of those things though - we just adopted their balls-out action and made sure we focused on fun first.

Q: What will gamers find most exciting about the game? What makes The Outfit stand out from other army-based video games?

A: I’m most psyched about our Destruction on Demand (click here to go to the official site and check out the Destruction on Demand section). The ability to call in anything at any time - vehicles, troops, machine gun emplacements, air strikes, etc. We’ve found that Destruction on Demand mixed with a killer online multiplayer component really puts The Outfit in a league of its own. We’re much more fast-paced, frenetic and fun-focused than other military games and our feature set backs up that philosophy.

Q: With all of the WWII simulation games out there, I'm glad to see someone do an arcade-style WWII game. What new features have been implemented to retain historical facts, but make it more fun for the gamer?

A: There was a point very early on in our game’s development where we agonized over how to deliver new weapons and vehicles to the player. Initial concepts revolved around vehicles driving out into the action to deliver stuff to you or you being forced to return to an armory or motor pool to pick stuff up. Then someone suggested everything just parachuting in from planes. For a split-second we all thought, "but that’s not real!" - before realizing that it was really cool and we had to do it.

That’s the approach we’ve taken throughout the game. To err on the side of what’s cool. Everything in the game is real - i.e. all the weapons (click here to go to the official site and check out the Weapons section) really existed. But we may have stretched some in some places. Like they had bazookas and they had 4x4s, but they probably didn’t have bazookas mounted on 4x4s. But that’s pretty cool, so you can order a Bazooka 4x4 in The Outfit.

Q: How has your previous experience developing in the RTS genre helped you transition into the 3rd person war game genre?

A: First of all, The Outfit team is mostly made up of huge console gamers and developers. So our pedigree is console development primarily. But because we’ve developed The Outfit within Relic - a studio renowned for its RTS work - we were able to infuse the Destruction on Demand aspect of our gameplay with an incredible amount of depth. Every item you can purchase via Destruction on Demand has been tuned separately and competitively to ensure it fulfills a unique role in the product. It’s that depth, coupled with the unique squad commands of the heroes and the different hero abilities (click here to go to the official site and check out the Characters section) that hints at the depth of player choice you usually find in an RTS.

Check back for Part 2 of this Developer Interview to find out more about the Destruction on Demand and integration with the Xbox 360.

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Utah's Violent Games Bill Passes House

Utah's Violent Games Bill Passes House
Published by: patto on Friday, February 24, 2006

The violent games legislation introduced in Utah passed the House of Representatives Thursday by a vote of 56-8, according to the Desert News and the Salt Lake Tribune. The bill aims to group violent videogames with other controlled media, such as pornography, into the pre-existing Harmful Materials to Minors Act. Some House members criticized the move, saying that lumping violence together with pornography could be a constitutional problem. Pornography is not constitutionally protected speech, while violence is.

This action would make it a third degree felony to provide an M-rated game to a minor. It would punish both the retailer and the consumer. Of the eight who voted against the bill, one representative expressed doubt over the possibility of sending a parent to jail for buying a game.

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Xbox Live Free Weekend Coming

Xbox Live Free Weekend Coming
Published by: hq_hacker_girl on Friday, February 24, 2006

When we first announced Xbox Live for the Xbox 360, we mentioned that we were building the ability to have "free weekends" for Xbox Live Silver members. If you have cable TV or satellite, you've seen something similar when HBO offers access for a few days, so you can see what you're missing...

Some sharp-eyed gamers noticed the Xbox Live Calendar of Events on Xbox.com included the first Xbox Live Free Weekend [planned on April 1st]. The Xbox.com team pulled it down, because the dates were tentative, and details of the promotion still haven't been finalized. We'll share details as soon as we can.

In the meantime, make sure you're signed up with Xbox Live Silver, so you're ready when we actually announce the program. As you might have guessed, it's coming soon.
For those of you who have an Xbox 360, but haven't signed up for Xbox Live yet, you shouldn't wait. The free account lets you create your gamer profile and friends list, plus you get access to Xbox Live Marketplace, including Xbox Live Arcade, demos, and trailers.

News-Source: http://gamerscoreblog.com

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Toshiba Tours America to Promote the Launch of HD DVD

Toshiba Tours America to Promote the Launch of HD DVD
Published by: patto on Thursday, February 23, 2006

Toshiba announced today details of an integrated marketing communications plan to launch its line-up of HD DVD players. The Toshiba HD DVD players, models HD-XA1 and HD-A1, will be the first HD DVD players to hit the U.S. market and will begin shipping to retailers in March of this year.

The multi-tiered initiative is designed to educate retail salespeople, provide them with support materials to aid in the sale of the HD DVD players and continue to increase consumer awareness of HD DVD players.

The next phase of the integrated marketing communications plan in support of the launch of Toshiba HD DVD players will consist of a consumer and retailer tour, targeting over 40 cities across the country.

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Published by: forahobby on Thursday, February 23, 2006

Hi members,

Firstly id like to mention our new XBOX LIVE ACHIEVEMENTS add-on which now shows the achievemnts for each game when you are browsing around the site. I still have to enter some more data but soon it will be fully up-to-date.. Ill link you all to a couple of games that are currently 100%..

360-Hq.Com Achievements Database:
- Need for Speed Most Wanted
- King Kong
- Hexic HD

Last but not least we finally have a XBOX LIVE GAMERCARD Leaderboard for all HQ Members.. :) It will only show registered xboxhq members who have a gamercard in our system..

ive finally gotten a BETA version of our new XBOX LIVE GAMERCARD LEADERBOARD working.. :) Thank god.. lol... Im sure you guys will love to see who has what points and who is ranking overall on the site. I was shocked actually to see some other members with very very high points.. Good work..

Thanks must go to sjohn for giving me the idea to create the HQ Network Gamercard Leaderboard for our members.
Its not 100% but at the moment it will update once (1) per day otherwise it will play havoc on the server.. I will tweak it in the near future anyhow.

I just wanted to get a basic version up to show of to all our new members.
HQ doesnt slack about and wants all its members to have the best xbox experience available while browsing our websites. Whether it be Xbox or Xbox 360 we want the HQ Network to be your home.

Anyway, enjoy the latest additions and hope to see ya competing with all our other HQ members right here.. :)




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