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World Wide Impressions Of BioShock 2

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World Wide Impressions Of BioShock 2

World Wide Impressions Of BioShock 2
Published by wes213 on Thursday, April 23, 2009
Tagged: Xbox 360,
With the first BioShock being a massive hit there is no surprise that BioShock 2 would get the worlds attention but who would have known that it would be all at once and that you would be able to see damn near the full game long before its release.

VG247 reports: The US bods have all gone live with their BioShock 2 previews, having been made to follow Gamespot, who’s piece when live over the weekend.

Obviously, don’t be retarded if you want to avoid spoilers. Hint: there are some in these articles.

  • IGN preview

  • kotaku preview

  • joystiq preview

  • destructoid preview

  • shacknews preview

    As I'm sure you all can guess i would love to see the 360-HQ name in that list so if any big wig game makers see this be sure to send a copy of your game this way. :) (Hell its worth a shot right)

    360-Hq Game Database: Bioshock 2

    News-Source: vg247.com
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    Bioshock 2 screenshot #6687Bioshock 2 screenshot #6686Bioshock 2 screenshot #5750Bioshock 2 screenshot #5749Bioshock 2 screenshot #5748
    Bioshock 2 screenshot #5747Bioshock 2 screenshot #5746Bioshock 2 screenshot #5745Bioshock 2 screenshot #5744
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    Published on February 4, 2010 08:02:27
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    Aqua Incognita AchievementAqua Incognita
    Play at least one non-private match on each downloadable content map.
    2525 gamerpoints
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