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Brief history of online gaming

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Brief history of online gaming

Brief history of online gaming
Published by forahobby on Tuesday, February 26, 2019
Tagged: Gaming,

There is something incredible in that how the online gaming world changed. Long ago it was just a set of simple products that could not provide some extreme feeling, only simulation of certain world. Today everything changed and playing virtual games became something incredible allowing full feeling of created atmosphere. All this became possible because of high technologies and bigger abilities of equipment.

First steps of video game industry

All started in the 1970's when first arcade games appeared. Some of them became extremely successful and gained wide popularity all over the world. In those times arcade cabinets were installed just everywhere. You could find them in restaurants, malls and stores. After some time games moved to small consoles that provided more comfortable gaming at home. It was a great decision for people preferring playing in some private place.

In the 1980's quality of products significantly grew and allowed users receive more exiting feelings from playing. It is the time when personal computers appeared, so games quickly moved to new platform. It was an extremely important step in development of gaming industry.

During the 1990's game products changed extremely fast. PC became more and more available and people started use them for their entertainment. It was an impulse for CD technology development, because it was the only one way for gaming software spreading. Moreover, gaming industry became an additional stimulus for CPU and hardware improvement. After the 2000's, game development became a multi-billion dollar industry and spread out to mobile phones, too.

Modern trends and gaming abilities

Today gaming industry has developed even more with the help of Internet. Multiplayer and additional abilities of game spreading made such entertainment more available. Now people can choose whether they want to buy licensed CD or just online in some market like Steam.

Along with that, players are free to use not only PC, but also special game consoles. Modern consoles significantly differ from Dandy and Sega – industry pioneers. Today you can buy Xbox or PlayStation and enjoy extreme quality of offered products. Moreover, you can play online with other users with the help of special services like Xbox Live. It is a perfect way to gather own dream team from professional gamers from around the world.

Another ability of modern gambling is playing directly in browser. Various MMO RPG, strategies and simple games provide big abilities for having rest with the help of Internet. Such gaming became more popular because of ability playing with other people.

Trends and future of industry

Another interesting tendency is that people can enjoy their favorite hobbies in a gaming mode. No matter what you prefer – tennis, football, fishing or just casino games – you can find them in a simulation variant. But still you are free to choose how to spend your free time. You can buy some high-quality fishing simulator or spend that money for visiting some picturesque lake. The same is about casino – instead of paying for money, you can open your favorite game, for example blackjack card game on your Xbox and play for free.

It looks like gaming industry development would never stop. New technologies, gadgets and capacities provide more and more abilities for creating fantastic or realistic worlds. Moreover, there are tendencies in gamer’s age change. Today it is not only about young males. Many adults prefer having rest sitting in front of their computer, smartphone or console. Such changes demand certain actions from developers – new products have to be interesting for various demographic categories.
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