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Current Version: v0.72 Release 2
Written by Lantus
Category: Mame
Page Views: 82,609

"MAME360" is a Mame emulator ported to the Xbox 360. It is also known as just plain "mame v0.72".

Mame360 v0.72 Release 2 Features:
- Fixed sound issues
- Added basic options screen.
- Removed software filters and Added Pixel shaders. Additional filters will be added later.
- Source code has been included in this release.

Mame360 v0.72 Release 1 Features:
- Easy to use UI
- Previews
- Full graphics and sound
- 4 players supported
- Cheat menu support
- Hiscore.dat support

- Filters
- Add additional UI options
- Additional graphics options. Resizing/scaling etc.

- Minor sound issues.
- A small number of roms will crash with a ‘Fatal Exception’ error.
- Some roms have palette/sprite (endian) issues.
- Some roms have screen aspect ratio issues.

Mame360 Features v0.112 (2009-04-20):
- It's based on MAME 0.112 and is fairly easy to keep up-to-date (doesn't need any messing around with like Mameox on the xbox).

Originally it was based on SDLMAME but I've since ported a 360 specific osd layer (so SDL for the 360 exists - as an aside I also have a port of ScummVM in the works too).

Mame doesn't include any dynarec cpu emulation on anything other than an x86 platform. So any game that is PSX or N64 based for example doesn't run at all well.

- Most other stuff (that I've tried) runs pretty well.

- At the moment it will only run on 360 dev/debug/test kits. Whether it will ever run on a hacked retail box remains to be seen.

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