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Current Version: v0.4
Written by Team XeLove
Category: Emulators
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Team XeLove have just released first ever GameBoy Advance (GBA) Emulator "XeBoyAdvance" for homebrew Xbox 360 consoles.

Team XeLove Presents:
XeBoyAdvance - VBA based GBA Emulator for the Xbox 360.

Hey, it's LoveMHz here again from Team XeLove to present are fantastic emulator XeBoyAdvance.
A lot of work has went into this port. The 360 is a wonderful platform, sometimes it's a pain, but none the less, we have achieved high goals for GBA emulation on it. So far we've spent about 2 months on this port. Work so far has been done on a retail console, therefore it has really slowed down the process. Soon we will release the payment details for people that want to donate.
So if you enjoy GBA, or simple want to see more ports (NES, N64, and PSX to just name a few) then please donate. And ofcourse none of this would possible without the support of all of you.

[+] Full speed GBA Emulation
[+] Screenshot output
[+] Save/Load States
[+] Ingame Menu via L+R Stick Click
[+] Spanish and Italian Lanague Support

[-] Add Cheat Code Support
[-] Software Filters
[-] Display Settings
[-] GB ROM Support
[-] And alot more.

What's new/fixed v0.4:
* Added Cheat Code Support
* New GUI
* Gameboy and GameBoy Color Support
* Metroid Graphic/Audio Bugs Fixed
* All memory leaks fixed
* Gameplay Status
* BoxArt Support
* And alot more.

What's new/fixed v0.2:
* Added Fastword - Right Trigger
* Added Left Thumb Stick as DPad
* Screen Calebration
* Fixed "Double Click" Effect in Menu
* Fixed Speed Issues
* Fixed Graphic Bug in Metroid
* Save Game Preview

Related URL: http://lovemhz.blogspot.com

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