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Current Version: v1.3.5
Written by KrK / Team 360h
Category: XISO Tools
Page Views: 68,212

Following on from Team XeDev's release of NXE2GOD, here's a new PC app for converting Xbox 360 ISO images straight into Games on Demand containers.

While it's possible to extract ISOs and run them off USB using replacement dashboards, it's nice to be able to run them as GODs as well.

This functionality has only been available through the Xbox 360 SDK until now, so we thought it was about time a legal app was released to perform the same task.

Thanks go out to Team XeDev/Dstruktiv for NXE2GOD which helped us figure out what was needed for CON->GOD converts.
Special thanks to rolly poly for testing and putting up with my endless ramblings about file formats!

Whats new/fixed v1.3.5:
- Media ID now written to CON header correctly.
- XexTool v6.0 now included to support newer XEXs.

What's new/fixed v1.3.2:
+ Extraction of thumbnails from Xbox1 ISO images.
This release adds support for thumbnail extraction from an Xbox1 ISO's default.xbe. If the XBE has provided a thumbnail for savegames this will be used for preference. If the save thumbnail isn't present then the title thumbnail will be used instead.
There is currently an issue with certain games where it's not possible to convert the thumbnails from XPR->DDS->PNG due to the data being in a non-standard DDS format. If anybody has a detailed specification for the XPR format used in the $$XSIMAGE/$$XTIMAGE sections of an XBE, feel free to get in touch.
+ Option to "auto-browse" for an ISO image when adding an ISO to convert.
~ Improvements to XBE code.
~ Removed debug code from v1.3.1.

What's new/fixed v1.3.0:
+ Support for conversion of Xbox1 ISO images.
Now that it's possible to execute Xbox XBEs using the Xbox1 emulator, it seemed like a good time to add in support for Xbox1 ISO conversion to Iso2God.
Xbox1 titles cannot be run from Games on Demand containers, but thanks to some hard work by rab, it turns out they run just fine when launched from an Xbox Originals container which use a different content type of 0x00005000. Keep in mind if the default.xbe for the Xbox1 ISO has been altered in any way, or is not on the official compatibility list, you'll need to use the modified Xbox1 emulator which was leaked recently. Not all titles will work 100% as they will only work if the emulator supports them.
Thanks go out to rab for his work in getting Xbox titles up and running from GOD containers and the large amounts of testing he ends up doing for I2G.
~ Changed starting sector of rebuilt ISOs to match SDK.
~ Fixed handling of Unicode characters in Title Names.
~ Fixed issue when custom thumbnails were loaded.
~ Fixed error when a queued conversion with no thumbnail was edited.
~ Lots of other boring tweaks and fixes.

What's new/fixed v1.1.3:
+ Progress bar now updates when rebuilding an ISO.
+ More details about ISO image shown in ISO queue.
+ Option to turn off prompt when choosing not to save a rebuilt ISO image.
+ Option to always save rebuilt ISO images.
~ Fix for problem that caused rebuilt ISO images to be seriously inflated when multiple ISOs were queued.
~ Fix for when ISO started converting automatically after a previous queue had finished.
~ Fix for rebuilt ISO not being deleted when requested.
~ XexTool(info) is now packaged separately from Iso2God to try and solve permission issues with virus scanners.
~ After completion ISO entry will now turn green to confirm it has been fully processed.
~ Improved performance when rebuilding ISO image.

What's new/fixed v1.0.6:
+ New GDF/XDVDFS code to improve stability and prepare for removing padding sectors in v1.1 release.
+ Taskbar icon now flashes when a conversion finishes
~ Fix: Access Denied errors when trying to open ISO on network shares.
~ Fix: Crash when locating default.xex on certain ISOs
~ Fix: Proper checking of fields in the "Add ISO" GUI
~ Fix: Trying to use an Xbox1 ISO won't throw unhandled errors. (Xbox1 still not supported)
~ Fix: Lots of other minor stuff.

* ISO to Games on Demand container conversion
* Support for XSF and GDF/XDVDFS ISOs
* Automatically reads title info from ISO default.xex
* Multiple I2G conversions can be queued up to run
- Requires .NET Framework 2.0

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