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The Xbox LIVE Leaderboard allows registered members to track their online gamerscore progression. Our servers also collate all members Xbox LIVE data to produce our very own Xbox LIVE Top 50 game charts..Total Gamercards: 4,379
Total Gamerpoints: 298,027,436
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 Xbox Live Leaderboards
1 Reese671 Star Ocean: TLH Skyrim Minecraft Dungeon Defenders  25978
2 rooferduck4 NHL® 14 MX vs ATV Reflex Medal of Honor™ Halo 3 Crackdown  6010
3 Rhinomeister360 Hexic HD Assassin's Creed® III Grand Theft Auto V Mass Effect Brothers  31362
4 rathness Guitar Hero Metallica Halo 3 Dungeon Siege III Borderlands 2 DiRT Showdown  47129
5 Rojek63 Grand Theft Auto V Midnight Club: LA GTA IV Forza Horizon World of Tanks  5160
6 RAGELEVEL452 Fable III Doritos Crash Course 2 Minecraft TWD: Survival Instinct Forza Horizon  29743
7 RentedMushroom Modern Warfare® 3 Skyrim Halo: CE Anniversary Batman: Arkham City™ Call of Duty Black Ops  3070
8 ReliantGung ho Halo: Spartan Assault Cold Alley Make it Rain Tiny Troopers 2 Tiny Troopers  211701
9 Raiders Banjo Kazooie: N n B Jetpac Refuelled Trials HD Banjo-Kazooie Perfect Dark  135353
10 romo7816 Marlow Briggs KOF98UM Crazy Taxi Deadfall Adventures Monday Night Combat  268722
11 RKayEll Grand Theft Auto V Super Meat Boy ilomilo DBZ Ultimate Tenkaichi Halo 4  2020
12 RevealingThedon Modern Warfare® 3 Call of Duty Black Ops Crash Mind Over Mutant FIFA 11 Portal 2  32655
13 RobLoach 3845
14 RashidCakes Fable Anniversary Gears of War: Judgment Dishonored Darkstalkers BioShock Infinite  21763
15 R3Y420 Minecraft Army of TWO™: TDC Guitar Hero II Guitar Hero III GH™: Warriors of Rock  5935
16 Ryan Koski Pac-Man C.E. Bee Movie™ Game LEGO® Pirates LEGO® Batman™ 2 Halo: Reach  5848
17 rorr17 Battlefield: Bad Co. Castle of Illusion Army of Two™ Marlow Briggs Call Of Duty 3  38285
18 rjdsmith Skate 3 Oblivion Banjo-Tooie COD: Black Ops II Grand Theft Auto V  4660
19 ryan leekerr Call of Duty Black Ops NHL® 09 Just Cause 2 NBA 2K10 Madden NFL 11  350
20 rikozzzas Halo: Spartan Assault FIFA 16 Just Dance® 2018 FIFA 14 MoH Warfighter  9695
21 RaVeRJuGGaLo420 Guitar Hero Live Guitar Hero World Tour LEGO® Indiana Jones™ Borderlands DJ Hero  45194
22 radtasticnathan Grand Theft Auto V COD: Black Ops II Modern Warfare® 3 Modern Warfare® 2 Call of Duty Black Ops  3968
23 RetentiveCupid Saints Row: The Third Just Cause 2 SR: Gat out of Hell Halo 4 Batman: Arkham City™  14042
24 ROME16 TW PGA TOUR®14 Assassin's Creed IV Disneyland Adventures Assassin's Creed® III Skyrim  8365
25 Rogue152 Mass Effect 3 Gears of War 3 Gears of War 2 Borderlands Halo Wars  89408
26 Raid Beserker Microsoft Jackpot The Maw COD: Black Ops II Iron Brigade Grand Theft Auto V  36297
27 Rageboyunder Need for Speed™ SHIFT GTA IV Mass Effect Battlefield: Bad Co. Fable II  590
28 RK4N3 Left 4 Dead 2 Call of Duty®: Ghosts COD: Black Ops II Dead Space™ 3 Call of Duty Black Ops  57655
29 Rene aka Rina Asphalt 8: Airborne Tiny Troopers Forza Motorsport 3 Call of Duty Black Ops Forza Motorsport 4  8640
30 RM432 Army of Two™ MOH Airborne Microsoft Jigsaw COD: Black Ops II Borderlands  19255
31 ruthlessjay23 30265
32 RayEvo123 BioShock DARK SOULS Red Dead Redemption Super Meat Boy The Witcher 2  48706
33 Rullar xxx Grand Theft Auto V Kinect Adventures TW PGA TOUR®14 Modern Warfare® 3 Battlefield: Bad Co. 2  34596
34 reamer 745 Call of Duty Black Ops BAYONETTA Hitman: Absolution™ Split/Second Army of Two™  56196
35 Roy2996 22365
36 Reazie 147005
37 Regor Ttenneb Burnout Paradise The Orange Box Fable II FIFA 14 GRID Autosport  121390
38 Rexicans Modern Warfare® 2 Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 Guitar Hero III Madden NFL 10 GTA IV  8908
39 RIDDLER24 Resident Evil Rev. RESIDENT EVIL 5 Dead Rising 2 Batman: Arkham City™ Alien: Isolation  3010
40 RandomLIL ZAY Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Gears of War 3 Hardwood Spades Modern Warfare® 2 Modern Warfare® 3  9196
41 rockbandmicroso Call of Duty Black Ops Skyrim Guitar Hero World Tour Fallout: New Vegas Modern Warfare® 3  52740
42 Revlite MINI NINJAS™ GTA IV TEKKEN 6 Magnacarta2 Brütal Legend  18230
43 RYZUKI1 Super Contra DARK SOULS Deadliest Warrior StreetFighter IV LEGO® Pirates  31507
44 raggedtrigger PAC-MAN Halo 4 Halo: Reach LEGO® Star Wars® III Minecraft  4264
45 Rhonda Mac Microsoft Solitaire Sonic The Hedgehog 2 Bejeweled Blitz LIVE Call of Duty ELITE Merv Griffin's Xwords  8750
46 R3FR3SHM3NT 5660
47 RiskyFish Man Assassin's Creed IV The Witcher 2 Army of TWO™: TDC Halo 4 Alpha Protocol  18030
48 R0bbi392 FIFA 10 Medal of Honor™ Need for Speed™ SHIFT Call of Duty Black Ops LEGO® Indiana Jones™  2866
49 RUEBE3000 A Kingdom for Keflings Sniper Elite V2 Portal 2 Deadfall Adventures Destiny  8871
50 redeskimo117 Trials HD TC's RainbowSix Vegas Bully Scholarship Ed. Halo: CE Anniversary Halo: Reach  15291

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