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BioShock Wins GC07 Best 360 Game Award

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BioShock Wins GC07 Best 360 Game Award

BioShock Wins GC07 Best 360 Game Award
Published by forahobby on Saturday, August 25, 2007
Tagged: Gaming, Xbox 360,
GC Leipzig 07: PES 2008 Wins Awards

Hey everyone!

Just got some notification on the GC conventions best game awards.

Heres a full list:

- Best 360 Game: BIOSHOCK
- Best PS3 Game: PES 2008
- Best PC Game: CRYSIS
- Best PS2 Game: PES 2008
- Best Hardware: Wii BALANCE BOARD

News-Source: http://www.winningelevenblog.com
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First Person Shooter/Action

- Aug 21, 2007
- Aug 24, 2007
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