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 Disney Interactive Studios  |  Jul 04, 2008
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Difficulty: 1
Learning Curve: 1
Published by: scarface
Date: 2008-07-20

Wall-E for the Xbox 360

My Brief Statement
Wall-E is a fun game for the Kids to play and even Grownups just like the movie is to watch for Kids and Adults. As you start playing as Wall-E just like the movie there is many different mazes to this game and different strategies that you have to go through. There is some places that I will have to say be careful were you jump because, you can get stuck I had a few problems with this and it really was not good when your halfway through the level and you have to restart the last checkpoint or level because you can not get out of the spot your in. Other then that the game can be fun but will get boring for the average veterans to the Xbox 360.

My GamePlay
Just like the movie, Wall-E the game is about friendship and flowers and you start off as a lone robot on a dirty planet, left there to clean up the trash. When you first start off through the first level as you would think any game would have some enemies but in Wall-E the first bored is quite easy and it pretty much gets you prepared for the rest with little obstacles and how toís in the game. It also shows Wall-Eís severe loneliness in the beginning. Then later on in the game you meet up with a flying robot that is known by the name of Eve and then Wall-E gets to experience space travel firsthand. You hear a lot of gestures and robot groans throughout the game that give these robots a lot of personality. Throughout the first few levels you donít really get to see much action packed game play, but there is some thrills on the way. Through your time on earth you spend most of it navigating through crazy obstacle courses. As the robot Wall-E you can jump and make tiny cubes of trash or electrical cubes that you can either through at targets or charge up stations to move further through the obstacle courses.

There are a few different garbage types from explosive, heavy, magnetic, but to solve these puzzles throughout the game are pretty easy for your average gamer and may feel like your playing tick tac toe with your eyes blindfolded but you still get some thrills out of it. When you come up to a locked door its pretty easy to find the key its usually right next to the door or by it somewhere so pretty much navigating through this filthy world can be quite easy. Other then that the platform elements are kinda little more complex, forcing you to climb up walls vertically and also upside down with your magnetic bottom but you can make it through them after a couple times but also like I said at the beginning of this review that you have to watch out were you jump around too because if you jump in the wrong place and get stuck you will not be able to get out, I found a couple places like that in the beginning of the game and throughout it, which gets you frustrated that you have to start over from the checkpoint if you have one or the beginning of the level. They must of not spent to much time worrying about that type of stuff when making the game but its not like it happens all the time just stay in the right direction and don't wonder of like i did or try finding shortcuts ha.

You also get to play as the robot Eve which my opinion is, this is the more fun part of the game as your able to fly around the environment at will. There are two different types of flying sections you can do which are open air and tunnel races. In the open air Eve goes flying around searching for plant life and collectibles that are hidden on the surface. With Eves flying ability and the controls being so responsive it works out pretty well and you can fly through pipes and other things like under bridges in no time. Through out the tunnel races you can see they didnít take to much time on making them. They seem so confined and after awhile the races are not really interesting after to long. Kinda wish the developers would of took a little more time on this part to make more fun with the abilities of flying but like most games they either rush to get them out to fast or other reasons, who really knows.

As you get further into the game you will get some shooting sections but its more late into the game. Once you get into the spaceship, you fight your way through numbers of robots with either your skills at aiming or they make it easy for kids with there auto target system too so your kids are not bashing your controllers around and breaking them getting to frustrated at the game. The auto aim is pretty responsive so it makes quick work with your enemies in no time without the worry of your health dropping to much. So pretty much your starting off slow and then you get into some flying then some shooting and thatís about all it boils down to. Throughout the game there are a number of movie unlockables other then that I really do not see to many people going back through and playing it again, maybe unless youíre a kid that really likes the movie and the game was so much fun for you and you want to go through it again but for your hardcore gamer out there this might not be a very enjoyable game for you.

The multiplayer action would be more fun if they came up with a couple more different type of game plays but pretty much all it is, is four Wall-Eís wheeling around with laser guns trying to shoot each other maybe if they made different types of game play and had more of a twist to it, it would be fun. Now donít get me wrong I like going around killing other Wall-Eís with lasers but for how long tell I get bored with it and move on it really didnít take to long for me but still fun while it lasted.

Graphics and Sound
Graphics in this game are quite eye-pleasing throughout the different environments and levels but there are a levels that are sometimes dull, like the space station levels are somewhat dull at times. The sounds in the game are well done for this game, I mean you cant expect to much for this game like you would for others like really hardcore action games and that.

Final Statement
What can I say if youíre a hardcore gamer this might not please you as much as BattleField:Bad Company or Lost Oddssey or other action packed games or role playing games, but this game is pretty fun for kids. When I was playing I had fun but again I am a hardcore gamer so I really did get bored with it after awhile and probably wonít play it again but you never know.


Wall-E Achievements (45)

There are 45 achievements with a total of 1000 points available
I am the Best!
Beat the entire game.
The *****roach
Find the *****roach.
Super Quick Scanning
Scan all WALLēE parts in less than 2 minutes in the EVE Loves WALLēE level.
Panicking Protection Procedures
Avoid taking damage from any humans in the Captain's Orders level.
The Spoils of Steward
Clear out the Stewards in the Good Intentions level.
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Wall-E for the Xbox 360
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- Jul 04, 2008
- Jul 04, 2008 (US)
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