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CSI: Hard Evidence
 Telltale Games  |  Sep 25, 2007
Microsoft Xbox design lab

CSI: Hard Evidence Screenshot

CSI: Hard Evidence Screenshot 3593
Click the screenshot to enlarge.

Published: by forahobby | January 26, 2008

File Size: 351.48 KB | 1280 px x 720 px
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CSI: Hard Evidence screenshotCSI: Hard Evidence screenshotCSI: Hard Evidence screenshotCSI: Hard Evidence screenshot

CSI: Hard Evidence Achievements (5)

There are 5 achievements with a total of 1000 points available
Case 1 - "Burning for You" AchievementCase 1 - "Burning for You"
Solve "Burning for You" with any ranking
200200 gamerpoints
Case 2 - "Double Down" AchievementCase 2 - "Double Down"
Solve "Double Down" with any ranking
200200 gamerpoints
Case 3 - "Shock Rock" AchievementCase 3 - "Shock Rock"
Solve "Shock Rock" with any ranking
200200 gamerpoints
Case 4 - "In Your Eyes" AchievementCase 4 - "In Your Eyes"
Solve "In Your Eyes" with any ranking
200200 gamerpoints
Case 5 - "The Peacemaker" AchievementCase 5 - "The Peacemaker"
Solve "The Peacemaker" with any ranking
200200 gamerpoints
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   Guide TitlePublished by
CSI: Hard Evidence Achievement Guide
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CSI: Hard Evidence

Telltale Games


- Sep 25, 2007
- Oct 11, 2007
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