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The Xbox LIVE Leaderboard allows registered members to track their online gamerscore progression. Our servers also collate all members Xbox LIVE data to produce our very own Xbox LIVE Top 50 game charts..Total Gamercards: 4,380
Total Gamerpoints: 297,255,982
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1 Stallion83 CAPCOM ARCADE CABINET KOF98UM Imaginators Skylanders Trap Team Minecraft Story Mode 2  1779660
2 JJBDude48 Nicktoons MLB® Burnout Paradise Your Shape: FE Gunstar Heroes Rise of Nightmares  765819
3 WeighingBrute Fable Anniversary Army of Two™ (EU) Walking Dead: Season 2 Walking Dead: Michonne Sonic Adventure  559894
4 IXI REAVER IXI Bound by Flame Burnout Paradise Disney•Pixar Brave Split/Second Rayman Origins  553209
5 AceStayWildin Disney•Pixar Brave NiGHTS into dreams... MEGA MAN 9 StreetFighter IV Contra  548548
6 hockeygodDVD Quantum Conundrum Crazy Taxi Sonic CD Handball 16 Walking Dead: Michonne  517914
7 MetallicaGhost Sonic The Hedgehog 3 Tecmo Bowl Throwback® Small Arms DIG DUG Child of Eden  512285
8 keoskey Borderlands (JP) Defiance Guitar Hero II Thrillville: OTR SR: Gat out of Hell  493193
9 DarthTrist Amazing Spider-Man 2™ Borderlands 2 The Cave Goat Simulator The Amazing Spider-Man  476435
10 justG0Twicked Disney•Pixar Brave Halo: Reach Cut the Rope Hitman GO Feeding Frenzy 2  435250
11 Leeroy1975 Fable Anniversary The Witcher 2 Forza Horizon Borderlands 2 Assassin's Creed Rogue  434781
12 du krak3n 421895
13 shroadkill76 Rock Band 3 The Force Unleashed Monkey Island 2: SE LEGO Star Wars: TCS Burnout Paradise  420913
14 Hoff 07 Dragon Mania Legends Phantom Breaker : BG Call of Duty 2 Defense Grid Plants vs. Zombies  417248
15 HQ Riggerz DJ Hero® 2 Modern Warfare® 3 Call of Duty Black Ops Call of Duty: WaW NFS Hot Pursuit  413085
16 IV GONE VIRTUAL Droplitz 0 day Attack on Earth Panzer General Football Genius BUBBLE BOBBLE Neo!  380190
17 Mazter0fPuppetz DARK SOULS LEGO® Star Wars® III World of Tanks LEGO® Pirates NFS Most Wanted  367257
18 ManBehavinBadly Saints Row 2 Dragon Age: Origins Darksiders BAYONETTA The Force Unleashed  343653
19 Wallace Suka Tomb Raider Sleeping Dogs™ Sleeping Dogs™ Phantom Breaker: Extra XCOM: Enemy Unknown  341263
20 Pablopictures Hexic 2 PAC-MAN CE DX Disney•Pixar Brave Joe Danger 2 The Movie CAPCOM ARCADE CABINET  337231
21 Patriot65108 Wolfenstein 3D Joe Danger 2 The Movie Saw Gears of War 3 Kingdoms and Lords  332875
22 Grant Horsewood Mirror's Edge™ Dead Space™ 3 Crackdown Gears of War 3 Forza Horizon  297529
23 iceman1302 Disney•Pixar Brave Halo 4 LEGO® STAR WARS™: TFA PES 2017 Borderlands Pre-Sequel  297202
24 Danny Dibo Sacred Citadel Rayman Origins Forza Horizon Halo: Reach Jetpac Refuelled  293199
25 NateDogg2369 Sally's Salon LE KooZac Earthworm Jim HD Microsoft Bingo Lines The Game  292426
26 xHybrid Shadowx LEGO® Indiana Jones™ 2 LEGO Star Wars: TCS A World of Keflings Sonic Adventure 2 TC's RainbowSix Vegas2  292292
27 kbeau73 Tecmo Bowl Throwback® Braid Comix Zone LOST PLANET Happy Wars  277273
28 Tha Viper RAGE Red Faction Armageddon Assassin's Creed® III The Force Unleashed Assassin's Creed Rogue  274898
29 Mike Pitch Monster GO Toy Soldiers:Boot Camp COLLAPSE! Crazy Taxi Tiny Troopers 2  267815
30 romo7816 Crazy Taxi Deadfall Adventures Monday Night Combat Virtua Tennis 2009 F1® 2013  266287
31 Wreckon Dracgon Red Dead Redemption Call of Duty Black Ops Burnout Paradise MS.PAC-MAN StreetFighter IV  265259
32 Major Berga World of Tanks Call of Duty: WaW Goat Simulator COD: Black Ops II Borderlands 2  252018
33 Klowntastic 251870
34 The Dark Liege LEGO MARVEL's Avengers Dragon Mania Legends LEGO® STAR WARS™: TFA TC's Ghost Recon FS Gears of War  241664
35 Killer Welshman FINAL FANTASY XIII-2 DR2: CASE ZERO Injustice Diner Dash® Mass Effect 3  240987
36 Flavio77 Disney•Pixar Brave DRIVER San Francisco Hungry Shark Evolution Overkill 3 Wolfenstein 3D  240716
37 LazHimself 238634
38 ENErDzs1 Borderlands 2 Trials Fusion  Gears of War Gears of War: Judgment Trials HD  237906
39 Little 3vil Crackdown Burnout Paradise Assassin's Creed Rogue Prey Saints Row: The Third  235265
40 SS Bricktop Minecraft Fallout 3 Dishonored Forza Horizon Grand Theft Auto V  233001
41 kyusashi85 Gears of War 2 Gears of War 3 Call of Duty Black Ops KOF2002UM Contra  229797
42 Webhead2099 Split/Second Portal 2 XCOM: Enemy Unknown OF: Dragon Rising Assault Heroes  228195
43 TCB Kenny GRIM SOULCALIBUR II HD Gears of War 3 Gears of War: Judgment Game of Thrones Burnout Paradise  227167
44 Xx DIKAU xX Jurassic Park Touchdown Hero Equalicious Max & the Magic Marker Red Faction Armageddon  223835
45 U Know Y COD: Black Ops II Battlefield: Bad Co. 2 Dishonored Grand Theft Auto V MONOPOLY® Streets  222543
46 deluxnugs Deadfall Adventures Red Faction Armageddon Quake 2 Minecraft The Darkness  220535
47 drdreamzz 220369
48 drugsRbadmkay Plants vs. Zombies Make it Rain I Dig It Tiny Troopers 2 Farm Frenzy 2  217052
49 ARMAGEDDON64 Marlow Briggs GTA: San Andreas Toy Story 3 Split/Second Burnout™ CRASH!  214475
50 simonbinns Joe Danger 2 The Movie PAC-MAN MUSEUM Heavy Weapon Forza Horizon Counter-Strike: GO  213521

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