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Fresh meat ..
Published on 03-18-2015

" Ok I am a noob when it comes to XBOX.. Never owned one before this weekend.. I was given a broke (RROD) 360 from my buddy.. I have dealt with simular type of GPU failures on Laptops,PS3's and other sht I have fixed.. So I knew it would not be too hard to figure out .. Turns out alot easier than I expected.. Long story short , it works now time to play some games.. I have a strong feeling this disk drive is going to take a crap ,, So can someone maybe point me to the right fourms for info on ripping the game disk I have so I can save ISO's to my external HDD .. I have been drinking alot today and can't seem to find what I am looking for .. TY also add me for friends.. "

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Comments for Fresh meat ..

  DOA666 says:March 21, 2015 02:03:59
  Hi mate, welcome to the site.. What kind of setup are you running? Is it modded to play backups? If you want to run backups you will need to either modify your dvd firmware, JTAG/RGH your console or even better, still play online with your backups with a XKEY. You can then place isos on your ext. hdd, pretty cool.

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