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Access Pro Tool Kit V2
  Zoozen | Released: 2007
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Access Pro Tool Kit V2 - Xbox 360 Hardware Overview

Access Pro Tool Kit V2
Manufacturer: Zoozen
Category: Consoles
Page Views: 13084

If you have ever attempted any repair or improvement of any kind, you know that the right tools can make the difference between a good experience and a bad one. The Access Pro Toolkit by Zoozen has everything you need to get into your console and accessories. It is the only toolkit that includes tools for every console and handheld on the market today. And it includes unique and custom tools that are only available from Zoozen.

This tool kit includes the tools you need for the:

· Microsoft products, including: Original Xbox, Xbox 360 and accessories like the Xbox 360 wired controller, and the Xbox 360 wireless controller. Special tools: the OneSnap, the only one-piece Xbox 360 case separator, and a special long neck tamper resistant Torx bit.

· The Access Pro Tool Kit also has the correct tools to open most third party products.

The tools are all housed in a convenient plastic case that keeps all the parts just where they belong. And, duplicates of most bits are provided, just in case you drop a bit behind your desk during a critical procedure.

Xbox 360 Screens for Access Pro Tool Kit V2

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