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Sensible World Of Soccer

 Kuju Entertainment  |  Dec 21, 2007

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Sensible World Of Soccer

Sensible World Of Soccer

Developer: Kuju Entertainment
Publisher: Codemasters Online
Genre: Xbox Live Arcade

“Sensible World of Soccer” from Codemasters. Based on the classic 1994 Amiga title, “Sensible World of Soccer” will let gamers choose between the original graphics or an updated, high-resolution look and feel — while still capturing the original’s entire world of football.

Sensible World of Soccer™ is the classic nineties soccer game reborn with enhanced graphics! Play against your friends online in this fantastic pick up and play soccer extravaganza. Experience all the excitement of a full season or enter into a quick game against your friends.

Want to be more hands-on? Manage your team over a full season with a fully immersive tactics editor to put yourself in control on the way to the title.

  • Online play: Take on your friends online in this fun, fast-paced soccer game.

  • Updated for Xbox LIVE Arcade: Play a fully updated Arcade version of this classic game.

  • Classic and Enhanced modes: Play online with the graphics you remember, or with the new enhanced HD visuals.

  • Retro experience: Utilizing the original '96/'97 code, widely recognized to be the best incarnation of the SWOS series, we are able to deliver an authentic, retro playing experience.

  • Influential game: SWOS is one of the ten most influential games of all time. Play the only version that lets you experience both classic SWOS and modern enhanced SWOS.

Tags: swos

Players: 1-2

HD 480p

Storage Device

Custom Soundtracks

Dolby Digital

Online Multiplayer: 2

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Voice Chat

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Sensible World Of Soccer Achievements (12)

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points available
Deus-Ex Socca AchievementDeus-Ex Socca
Defeat a team in single player mode.
55 gamerpoints
Over The Moon AchievementOver The Moon
Score 10 goals in Single Player over the course of a SWOS game session.
55 gamerpoints
Stay The Distance AchievementStay The Distance
Complete a single player preset league in 1st, 2nd or 3rd.
1515 gamerpoints
World Of Friends AchievementWorld Of Friends
Win an Xbox Live Friendly Match
1010 gamerpoints
High Tension AchievementHigh Tension
Win a penalty shootout.
1515 gamerpoints
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Sensible World Of Soccer

Kuju Entertainment

Xbox Live Arcade

- Dec 21, 2007
- Dec 18, 2007
Played: 33  |  Wishlists: 1
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360-HQ Rating:
7.8/10 7.8
Overall Rank: 1107 of 2962
Achievements: 12

Total Ratings: 4
Page Views: 34,701
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