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Xbox 360 Downloads
Looking for files for your Xbox 360?? Look no further..

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Category: Main/PC Utilities/XISO Tools

Abgx360 (4) 
     God2ISO (1) 
ISO2God (4) 
     Xbox Backup Creator (10) 
XDVD Mulleter (3) 
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   XboxBurner v1.0 LINUX 
XBoxBurner burns XBox and XBox360 game images. It runs under Linux, Windows and MacOSX! Current version is: 1.0 XBoxBurner needs the following to run: - Qt library (4.7 are urgently recommended!) - growisofs (part of the dvd+rw-tools) Windows and MacOSX versions are in preparation! I hope, this little app will help you! Please write me your opinions! New ideas, suggestions, improvements, criticism and other feedback are welcome!
Version: v1.0 Filesize: 92.65 Kb
Added on: 05-Apr-2011 Downloads: 669
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  Create Iso Compatible for Iso2God  Popular
This app creates an iso from a folder and patches it to work with ISO2GOD and thus saves space by eliminating content that is not needed.
Version: Filesize: 345.60 Kb
Added on: 11-Feb-2010 Downloads: 11597
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  CreateISOGood  Popular
CreateISOGood will create an ISO from any files and folders you choose. This will create an ISO that is compatible with ISO2GOD.
Version: English Filesize: 346.32 Kb
Added on: 08-Oct-2011 Downloads: 15473
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  ExIso GUI v1.0.0.6 
E-xIso GUI for exiso makes it easier to extract multiple Xbox 360 ISOs with a queue list and a little FTP browser. It allows you to create a menu with Quickboot faster : you click one button and it creates local copy of xex that works with Quickboot from XEDev Team. New in this rel: - Multiple corrections of bad path for destination folders. (no more ".iso" in FTP folders names, no more incorrects folders for local extractions) - less CPU consumption during extraction. - ISOs Autoloading : loads all iso files contained in a folders and sub-folders. - Drag and drop iso files directly in queue list. - It's now possible to add or suppress ISOs files in the queue list during extraction. - stop extraction process button. - 2 progress bars (for current ISO extraction and global extraction) - it's now possible to stop auto scrolling of the result window. - success/failed extractions are now displayed at the end of the extraction. - Minimizing window is now allowed.
Version: v1.0.0.6 Filesize: 878.31 Kb
Added on: 03-Jan-2014 Downloads: 599
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  ExIso GUI v1.0.0.7  Popular
E-xIso GUI for exiso makes it easier to extract multiple Xbox 360 ISOs with a queue list and a little FTP browser. It allows you to create a menu with Quickboot faster : you click one button and it creates local copy of xex that works with Quickboot from XEDev Team. New in this rel: - Update exiso.exe: extract-xISO V2.6.3, now supports ISO Type XGD3 (as amended by Aiyyo, version 2.7 of Somski is strongly discouraged because it suffers from some bugs on the FTP). - Simplification of the interface: improving the ergonomics of the interface and some cosmetic issues (tab order, button icons more explicit ...) - Double click on an iso image from the list to view the files it contains - A single click on an item that already was treated returns to the right place in the extraction of logs - Can not copy directories $ SystemUpdate when extracting - Possibility to make a pause during extraction - The default destination (local or FTP) is now saved - Creation of a setup file for those who have problems with missing files (DLL).
Version: v1.0.0.7 Filesize: 860.41 Kb
Added on: 03-Jan-2014 Downloads: 7116
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  ExIso GUI v1.0.0.5 
It makes easier to extract multiple iso with a queue list and a little FTP browser. It allow to create a menu with Quickboot faster : you click one button and it creates local copy of xex that works with Quickboot from XEDev Team.
Version: v1.0.0.5 Filesize: 865.43 Kb
Added on: 25-Feb-2010 Downloads: 4016
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  ExISO v2.7.0  Popular
ExISO allows you to extract multiple xbox360 isos based on exiso. Features: + you can scan recursively through a directory and pick every iso (every iso must be in a seperate dir) + each iso will be extracted to the target_dirwhere_the_iso_is_located_in + skips extracting if target_dir already has the directory + "remove iso afterwards" functionality (be careful! maybe some bugs) + statusbar and log window + automatically deletes the $SystemUpdate directory + supports XGD3 images
Version: v2.7.0 Filesize: 71.38 Kb
Added on: 08-Oct-2011 Downloads: 7426 Rating: 10 (1 Vote)
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  Ez-dvd 360 Beta 1.00 
EZ-DVD 360 - By STATUSPHERE Handy tool to aid the burning of xbox 360 backups This program was designed to help people with burning Xbox 360 Backups that did not come with a .dvd file. EZ-DVD 360 will automatically create a compatible .dvd file for any Xbox 360 Game no matter what the image type might be i.e bin, iso, 000, etc…"
Version: 1.00 Filesize: 222.52 Kb
Added on: 18-Nov-2007 Downloads: 816
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This trivial tool will make these modifications to the god package until the new iso2god. All it does is change that one byte and then rehash the file for you (simplifying these 2 steps): - Open the CON stub and change the byte at offset 0x346 from 0x70 to 0x50. - Calculate the SHA-1 hash from offset 0x344 to 0xAFFF (you should be hashing 0xACBC bytes of data) and write the hash value at offset 0x32C.
Version: v1.0 Filesize: 2.15 Kb
Added on: 11-Mar-2010 Downloads: 1233 Rating: 6 (3 Votes)
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  Halobox GUI Game Dump Extractor 
The Game Dump Extractor incl. source code was released by Team PI Coder. It allows you to extract Xbox360-ISO image files (x360dvdfs). Just like the original Xbox (xdvdfs) the 360 does not use the ISO9660 or UDF filesystem for the content on game DVDs. This tools allows you to extract the files from an image in the 'Xbox 360 DVD file system' (.360). As there seems to be some kinda confusion about this: it does NOT bypass the protection that prevents you from reading an original Xbox 360 disc on your PC, so you can't use it to access/read original Xbox360 discs. As this is a cmdline tool, some people released a Windows GUI for it.
Version: Filesize: 37.09 Kb
Added on: 13-Dec-2005 Downloads: 600
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Mupen64-360 v0.992 beta (N64)
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Xplorer360 v0.9 Beta 6
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wx360 v1.6 and wxRipper v1.2
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Fall 08 Xbox 360 Dashboard/System Update
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Xbox 360 Hash Block Calculator
        Size: 182.47 Kb | Downloads: 25,837
Guitar Hero World Tour Drum Repair
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Modio - Xbox 360 Mod Tools (GameSaves)
        Size: 9.40 MB | Downloads: 23,700
Fix Xbox 360 3RR0D Tutorial PDF
        Size: 57.72 Kb | Downloads: 23,188
CON Flag Remover v1.0
        Size: 21.20 Kb | Downloads: 21,635
Xbox 360 Voltage Pinout Picture Pack
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Red Octane Drum Tuner Guide
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Xplorer360 250GB Edition
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TVersity Media Server
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        Size: 346.32 Kb | Downloads: 15,473
Red Octane GHWT Drum Tuner Installer
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x360 Tool v1.3
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Xbox Backup Creator v2.9.0.425
        Size: 443.24 Kb | Downloads: 14,357
HDDHackr v0.91
        Size: 6.73 Kb | Downloads: 13,636
Xbox 360 HDDHacker v1.40
        Size: 107.45 Kb | Downloads: 12,220
Xbox360 SS Merger v1.7b
        Size: 36.57 Kb | Downloads: 11,813
Create Iso Compatible for Iso2God
        Size: 345.60 Kb | Downloads: 11,597
HDDHackr v1.30 Build 20110303
        Size: 29.68 Kb | Downloads: 11,118
Xplorer360 Beta 5
        Size: 57.43 Kb | Downloads: 10,766
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