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New Path of Titans Trailer Showcases Massive Closed Bet..

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New Path of Titans Trailer Showcases Massive Closed Beta Update

New Path of Titans Trailer Showcases Massive Closed Beta Update
Published by forahobby on Wednesday, December 28, 2022
Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Live, Xbox One,

Alderon Games released a new trailer showcasing a massive update coming to the Path of Titans closed beta. The trailer is narrated by Robert Irwin and features in-game footage of real players in this epic “be the dinosaur” MMO.

New Path of Titans Trailer Showcases Massive Closed Beta Update

Discover yourself awakening in Gondwa, as the new pterosaur Thalassodromeus and plesiosaur Kaiwhekea in the fresh flagship island world, a mix of Mediterranean island landscapes on a diverse archipelago. Swim, fly, and dive between the islands and explore the bays and inlets of this prehistoric paradise. Towering spires, ocean cliffs, canyons, hidden refuges and more await you on servers with up to 100 players. Thalas and Kai launch alongside Pycnonemosaurus and Pachycephalosaurus, bringing the number of playable dinosaurs up to thirty (30) species in your ‘make your own adventure’ survival sandbox.

New features in Path of Titans include:

  • Gondwa, Kaiwhekea, Thalassodromeus!
  • Join your fellow dinosaurs, plesiosaurs and pterosaurs in the coastal habitats of this chain of islands.
  • Dive through undersea canyons as the first fully aquatic character, the plesiosaur Kaiwhekea, and catch thermal updrafts to carry high into the skies as the first flyer, the Thalassodromeus pterosaur!
  • Master flight through canyons and ocean cliffs, and engage in the thrill of the hunt among the beauty and zen of coral reefs.
  • The world of Path of Titans has expanded in many ways, new underwater home caves and quests, new aquatic NPCs, and roosts and cliffs for Thalas to perch. Discover the hidden caves and burrows above and below the ocean blue, and interact with the many new denizens of the seas.

Explore the new land of Gondwa in this open world MMO where you get to be the dinosaur. Narrated by Robert Irwin.

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