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Best Casino Games on Xbox Series X

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Best Casino Games on Xbox Series X

Best Casino Games on Xbox Series X
Published by forahobby on Thursday, August 04, 2022
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With the latest generation of Xbox, known as the Series X, Microsoft have not only given their players the ability to play the newest and most technically advanced videogames from the current generation, but also the facility to enjoy games from both the Xbox One and Xbox 360 as well. This gives users an enormous library of games to choose from, including many casino-based titles that can’t be found on alternative platforms.

Best Casino Games on Xbox Series X

As online gambling continues its second spread across the United States, you may be wondering where to play online casino games in Pennsylvania, Michigan, New Jersey, or any other state using your Xbox Series X. The great news is that this console does provide this capability too. The built-in web browser (also available on the Xbox Series S) allows you to boot up, open Edge, and you are ready to rock. With that in mind, here are our picks for the Best Casino Games on the Xbox Series X in 2022!

Prominence Poker

If you are looking for a casino-based game with a deeper experience than you may usually expect, this one will be for you! There have been lots of complaints made against multi-player only games in recent years, as the lack of a single-player campaign can leave some players feeling cheated by the experience that they receive in the box. Not a problem with Prominence Poker – the campaign is narrative-heavy with an involving plot and storyline, although you can also choose to play online with your friends if you wish as well.

You’ll get an idea what you are in for the moment you see the title screen – Prominence is a gambling town based on the old Las Vegas, so there is lots of crime and seedy goings on behind the scenes! You’ll need to demonstrate your poker skills and beat the best players in town to make it to the most exciting high-stakes tables, but you’ll need to watch your back on the way there. We wish you luck!

Grand Theft Auto Online

There’s no way we could have left this one out, is there? As fans around the world continue to get hyped-up over the prospect of a new release in Grand Theft Auto 6, there is still plenty of life left in Rockstar’s old dog too! Grand Theft Auto Online is the online component of Grand Theft Auto 5, just in case you have been sleeping under a rock for the past decade, so if you have any trouble searching for it then now you should be able to find it without any issues.

One of the best things about Grand Theft Auto Online is the regular updates that Rockstar is still providing for the title to this day, allowing you to enjoy new stories and locations from within the game you already love. The Diamond Casino & Resort update contains an entire virtual casino where you can chill out with your buddies or try your hand at casino games such as slots, blackjack, and roulette. Better still, if you get lucky at the tables you can even cash in your chips for real GTA Online cash – just don’t get carried away buying chips!

Oh, and if you lose… you can always rob the place! You have to love the GTA franchise, don’t you?

Red Dead Redemption 2

We know it’s a little bit of a cop-out choosing two Rockstar games back-to-back, but we did say that these were the best casino games you would find on the Xbox, didn’t we? The games in Red Dead Redemption 2 are presented as separate mini games rather than a fully-fledged casino as in GTA, but that doesn’t make them any less fun. There are games here that you won’t find in the Diamond Casino either, such as dominoes or stud poker.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is a little bit on the long side, so it’s fantastic that Rockstar opted to scatter a few distractions in around the map to give you a break in between missions. The wild west setting makes for a super-authentic experience, too.

Pure Hold’em

Finishing up with a quick one, if you want to play poker in its purest form and with stunning realism, Pure Hold’em is probably the game for you. The attention to detail is every bit as good as any poker games you will find on the PC, and there are several difficulty levels to help you get started and keep you challenged once you have made it to the high-takes tables. Get ready to spend some time levelling up your play if you want to make it that far, however – this game presents a real challenge, even for experienced poker fans.
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