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A Tough Sell For The Avengers Game

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A Tough Sell For The Avengers Game

A Tough Sell For The Avengers Game
Published by forahobby on Friday, August 21, 2020
Tagged: Gaming, Xbox Live, Xbox One,

The entertainement business has been through a strange year to date, with many areas benefiting and others struggling due to the current situation. Online entertainement has been flourishing from gaming to even horse racing stream services. The latter is one of many sports that has returned with great success. These have been offering the means for fans to watch all the different races taking places, alongside providing offers and bonuses for players. These have been following the gaming world, with great success for the different streaming services.

Marvel''s Avengers

One of the biggest titles on the horizon for many gamers is the upcoming Avengers title - recently having had a somewhat successful beta period, the game didnít quite reach the number of viewers on streaming platforms such as Twitch that many had hoped for but it hasnít taken much wind out of the sails for the game, but some of the choices made in the game may be responsible for doing so.

The news comes as one of the key characters of the game - Spider-Man - will be available only exclusively on the Playstation systems. The reason behind this is that Sony has licensing rights to the character and as such could be possible that the developers of Crystal Dynamics have no choice over the matter, and they have also confirmed that no exclusive offer will be made available to either the PC or XBOX release leaving many feeling as if they are missing out - particularly as the Spider-Man character remains a fan favourite. Although there had been an announcement that cross-play may eventually become available, this by no means suggests that the restriction on the character will be lifted when this becomes available.

Much of the disagreement with this approach comes from something that is becoming widespread in the gaming industry as exclusive or pay-walled content is being added at an increasing rate with many suggesting that mobile gaming is at the heart of these changes - the introduction of gambling styled mechanics with rolling slots and the unlocking of cases or chests has become increasingly common to unlock additional content and many fans are hoping this isnít a similar strategy to get a little extra money out of the game - as mobile gambling has recently become increasingly popular too those fears are well founded as many believe there is a big step to cater to the more casual gamer with these types of additions.

These havenít been the only complaints for the game however as there are some feeling as if the story side of the game has also shown areas of falling flat - a recent article has stated that the main story of the game is very good and provides a lot of entertainment for those who were able to get in and play the beta, but also suggesting at the same time that the side quests within the game had really fallen flat. The fear is that with the launch of the game being so close there isnít enough time to correct these pathing issues before the launch and could be something that damages perception of the game once a larger audience has gotten their hands on it - similar had rang true with the recent release of The Last Of Us 2 which many feel suffered from the same issues and the user ratings of the game have really taken a hit because of this. Time will tell, however, the superhero genre is definitely winding down a little and the entry of this game comes as the market relaxes - it could be the superhero title to keep the genre alive, or it could fall flat leaving many hoping for something else.
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