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Two Huge Titles, Two Different Tales

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Two Huge Titles, Two Different Tales

Two Huge Titles, Two Different Tales
Published by forahobby on Tuesday, July 28, 2020
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In the world of video game releases there can be huge ebbs and flows for what may take off and for what may fall flat, other factors may play an important role too as changes in genre or popularity can often be the difference between how a game is received - this has been seen recently in mobile gaming as changes in regulation for genres such as gambling have had a big impact, although many operators have chosen to avoid many of these regulations as a growing number of services not on gamestop are available at this site, but issues like this may not always be what defines the success as has recently been seen with two big titles.

Two Huge Titles, Two Different Tales

The first comes by way of Naughty Dogs long anticipated title in The Last Of Us 2, with the first title in the series being so well received and so well liked there were big expectations going into the second but has since received some very mixed reviews and less than stellar reviews. Although Metacritic rates the game at 94% and popular review sites such as IGN give it a 10/10, user reviews are very different as Google's audience rating with over 54,823 reviews have the game sitting at a 2.8/5, a far cry from the critics ratings. The mixed bag comes mainly through the story as there are some conflicted opinions on the direction the game should have taken, and apparently not an entirely unique difference too as the developers of the game have also stated they had intended a very different ending which only goes to fuel the rumours that a lot had been changed and continues to fuel the controversy for the game.

In a similar title also released on the Sony platform, the release from Sucker Punch, Ghost of Tsushima has been met with very different reviews. Whilst there are similar concerns around the story of the game perhaps being a little lacking in areas, but with some stunning scenery and the incorporation of open world features the game was able to find huge success.

Whilst not performing well with the critics only receiving an 83% on popular site Metacritic, the game landed much better with a wider audience sitting at an overall review score of 4.8/5. Two contrasting examples but also both showing how two games released within relatively short succession can vary so drastically in opinion, whilst one had been more focussed on story and the other on game mechanics, the difference in styles have found some crossover between the two. In a growing environment of exclusive games where one platform tries to outdo another the successes and failures seen similar to this may be what informs the choices of many - the holiday season is quickly approaching and with that the next generation of consoles and games, for the die hard fans the choice is clear but for those on the fence these recent examples could be the blessing or hidden failure.
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