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Tim Schafer Predicts Good Year For Brütal Legend

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Tim Schafer Predicts Good Year For Brütal Legend

Tim Schafer Predicts Good Year For Brütal Legend
Published by wes213 on Monday, June 08, 2009
Tagged: Xbox 360,
I will admit that when this game was just starting to roll out its ads and there wasn't much to go on i wasn't impressed at all but with this new trailer showing just how much has went in to the making of the game Tim Schafer might be right, check out the new trailer and what Tim had to say here.

VG247 met up with master games designer Tim Schafer at E3 last week, who told them he feels that 2009 is Brütal Legend’s year.

“This has been a great year for us. I’d thought we’d never get there,” he said when asked about how he sees Brütal Legend fitting in alongside the myriad of shooters and rhythm action games on show at the LACC.

“We’d be showing it and I’d walk up and there’d be this huge game on a billboard and I’d be like, ‘I wonder if we’ll ever get there, we’ll probably never get there,’ and now this year there’s Brütal Legend up there.

“I really feel like this is Brütal Legend’s year, and it really feels like it does stand out among the other games,” said Schafer.

Brütal Legend is out for Xbox 360 and PS3 later this year. That is, if Activision’s move to block the game’s release doesn’t bear fruit.

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News-Source: VG247.com
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