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Invincible Tiger
 Blitz Arcade  |  Aug 26, 2009
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Invincible Tiger Screenshot

Invincible Tiger Screenshot 6118
Click the screenshot to enlarge.

Published: by forahobby | May 11, 2009

File Size: 19.68 KB | 550 px x 309 px
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Invincible Tiger screenshotInvincible Tiger screenshotInvincible Tiger screenshotInvincible Tiger screenshot

Invincible Tiger Achievements (12)

There are 12 achievements with a total of 200 points available
Terracotta Army AchievementTerracotta Army
Defeat 10,000 enemies
2525 gamerpoints
Kick The Bucket AchievementKick The Bucket
Kick 100 buckets!
3030 gamerpoints
Sting Like A Bee AchievementSting Like A Bee
Use Smart Bomb on every level
1515 gamerpoints
Float Like A Butterfly AchievementFloat Like A Butterfly
Perform 200 dodges
1515 gamerpoints
No Warriors Hurt During Filming AchievementNo Warriors Hurt During Filming
Kill no stone warriors
1010 gamerpoints
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   News TitlePublished by
GDC: Blitz Shows 1080p120 3D Game
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Invincible Tiger

Blitz Arcade

Xbox Live Arcade

- Aug 26, 2009
- Aug 26, 2009
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6.8/10 6.8
Overall Rank: 1461 of 2965
Achievements: 12

Total Ratings: 4
Page Views: 37,785
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