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360-HQ.COM :: COD4: All Ghillied Up - Arcade Walk through
COD4: All Ghillied Up - Arcade Walk through
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Post Posted: Thu May 21, 2009 6:05 am   
Post subject: COD4: All Ghillied Up - Arcade Walk through
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I appologize for any Mis-spelled words or improper grammer. For God sakes Jim, Im a Gammer not an english teacher.

Ok, here is what I did to get rank #43 in the world on Call of Duty 4's Arcade mission, All Ghillied Up

Some non-play notes: Play on Veteran, Make as many headshots as you can, Move fast, and Don't die. If you do die, just start the mission over. If not you lose the x2 Score multiplier. Also, Cpt Mac daddy is an idiot, Don't listen to him and don't let him kill anyone.

1. Run along the Radiation signs to your left untill you can't run anymore. Then Crouch. You will see 2 guards approaching. One of them will stop. DONT SHOOT HIM. Put your cross-hairs on his head. When the other guard enters your sights... Pop-em both with one bullet.

2. Immideatly Run to the window of the small house with 4 Guards inside. You'll have to get to them quick so you build up a multiplyer from the 2 you just droped. There will be 4 guards inside....I think.. and 3 dogs. Shoot the one guard in the middle of the room 1st. Then the guy by the door. then the guy standing by the table. By that time the one guy that was sitting at the table should be standing up. Pop him. You must kill them quick because the dogs are coming. Break all 3 dogs necks.

3. Right after you break the 3rd dogs neck, Take off running. You'll hop a fence and see the guy in the top of the church. right now you will have a x4 or a x5 multiplier depending on how fast you were. Hit him in the head and then shoot the guy walking by himself up toward the church entrance. He will drop a G3. Pick it up.

4. CapMac will be wadling along saying stuff like you live the charmed life and What the bloody hell are you doing. Right before he kicks in the door, sprint into it. you will enter the building before him. Run and jump over the shelves in the floor. Run out the door. Run up to the concrete wall and lay down. You'll know you are doing it fast if when you get out the door CapMac says "Do you hear that, Coast is clear, Enemy hellicopter in bound" in that order. While laying down next to the wall this is a good time to reload If you havn't had time yet. Lay still and look up. As soon as the tail of the choper passes the wall, you have 5 seconds, then you can take off running. Even if Mac hasnt said so yet.

5. Run until you walk. Then just walk until you reach the white pipe and the tree that is just out side of it. This is so your invisable run meter can fill back up. As soon as you hop over the white pipe Just run. there will be a tree and a blown up tank in front of you. run toward it. ignore Mac and keep running till the music hits its first dramatic BOOM then Drop.

6. Now you have to stay down or you will be spoted. Keep making your way to the tree (South East) and get behind it looking toward were you just came from(north). Guards and tanks will be comeing but they won't see you. 2 Guards Will pass right next to the tree and you will be hearing radiation poping. It won't hurt you. As soon as the 2nd guard passes RIGHT infront of you, you can start crawling to the North East. Stay Crawling until you hear mac say "Ok, Lets move... Nice and Slow." When you hear him say that, you can go up to a crouched position instead of prone.

7. While prone wadle your way North East toward the Bulldozer. Right before it will be 2 downed tanks in sort of a "7" shape. Get behind the one nearest you and Stand UP... yes stand up and hold still. You'll be ok. You'll see the two guards tossing bodies. To the right of them should be a guard just standing there. There is another guard to the left that you Can't see. Keep looking at the one on the right. When Mac says "Follow Me", he will start moving. then you should get a checkpoint.

8. Now Look North East. There should be a Blue Shipping Container. Take note of it. Look to the left of the truck now. You will notice the once unseen guard makes his way out and just walks around. Leave him alone for now. Eventually the guy that was on the right side of the truck will be following this one. Take a breath... Pop this second guy. then shoot the one infront of him. The two throwing bodies should still be oblivious. Now... the The trick shot... Shoot Them both really fast. Make sure atleast one was a head shot. Hopfully the second guy dont notice you. but if he does quickly pop him anyway. If you were noticed 3 guards will come out of the blue container. You will just have to shoot them with the G3. (*A modded controller with an auto Left Trigger helps to auto aim on this part*) If you wasn't noticed, Fire a silenced M21 round into the box. It will alert the infantry inside and you can watch them come out. Try to get each of them in the head. As soon as they are Down RUN RUN RUN toward the two dead guys that were throwing the dead bodies and make sure your G3 is equiped. while running throught the bodies you should have the option to pick up a G36C. Trade it out for your G3.

8. Keep moving. You should still have a x2 Multiplier. You'll run up to some shipping containers and some broken down cars ( the way you normally go in a mission. ) Keep hoofing it. The dude that mac usually kills... just knife him in the back for some nice points. Swap out your M21 for his Silenced P90 with a Red dot.. P90-SD. Grab it and Immediatly reload if it has any rounds missing. You'll be looking at a white Container. Instead of the normal Left, Go to the right of it. There will be a guard sitting in a chair and 3 or 4 other guys he's talking to. Using your P90, Take them out and build up that multiplier. Also Grab the ammo they have for your P90.

9. Next part you play just like the mission... for now. Follow captain dingaling (macmillan) under the Trucks. then wait for the guys to leave while under the second truck like mac says. You'll be killing all of these men soon enough.. and their little dogs to... Razz When mac tells you standby the 2nd time , you can get out from under the truck, run all the way to the wall before the swings. If you still have a silenced weapon like your p90, the sniper will appear at the top of the stairs. Your P90 will take him out without alerting anyone. Move up to the swings so that capmack moves forward abit. now go back and using your p90, shoot the hellicopter.... THEN RUN LIKE HELL back to the stairs and get up into the room. You most likely will get shot once by the Hellicopter. but it shouldnt kill you. get in that room, reload and bring out your G36C.

10. Once again, a Modded Left trigger helps you out here. but its do-able without it. Looking out the window you came in, be ready for dogs on Macmillans ass. He should come in first. Kill the dogs, reload. Go to the left of the window a bit so the enemy can't shoot you from outside. When you run out of ammo from one clip, switch to the p90. when you run out of ammo for it, go in the corner to the left of the window and reload. Or you can pick up a G3 or an AK from the bodies Pilling in, and they will be Pilling in. If you get brave (or desperate) you can knife a couple peole for some major points when you have the x8 Multiplier. Once the guards stop coming You can leave, just try and avoid the hellicopter.

11. You know that dog mac says dont shoot? well guess what shoot it and bring in the hounds. you just have to make sure macmillan doesnt get killed by them. (what help has he been so far anyway huh?) I waited untill he was up near the dog to shoot it and he miracuasly avoided the other ones. Once you have eliminated all the mutts, and maybe broken a few necks to get a x6 or x7 multiplier, Do like the First training mission... Sprint to the Finish Soap.. err Price.. Smile. you should have 5 or 6 lives.

This is how I got 186,840 Points and 43 place. If you know of anyhints to better this guide or know of a trick I dont, please let me know. When I get my DVD-RW back, I will try to better my score and upload it to Youtube and 360-hq. Good Luck and Happy Headshotting.


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Post Posted: Thu May 21, 2009 6:19 pm   
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-----YOu jusT GoT BumPeD FOoL------


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Post Posted: Thu May 21, 2009 7:16 pm   
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Seems like a really good walk through! Very Happy

I would never be able to have the patience or the time to keep retrying it until it's perfect. Not to mention I'm horrible at headshots in that game because I just aim for the body.


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