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360-HQ.COM :: Frontlines: Fuels of War feels like Rubbish after COD4
Frontlines: Fuels of War feels like Rubbish after COD4
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360-HQ Newbie

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Post Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 5:02 pm   
Post subject: Frontlines: Fuels of War feels like Rubbish after COD4
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Hey lads,

Just a quick note that Frontlines Fuels of War is going to be rubbish.

The control scheme is extremely messy, and convaluted with no option for the gamer to set up/customise their own button layout.

Terribly disappointing. The Unreal engine and its arcadey feel, will make this one of the more frustrating eagerly awaited titles of early 2008.

Ive been playing Battlefield 2: Modern Combat for 3years

37,500 kills / 8,000 deaths (OGxbox)
64,000 kills / 18,000 deaths (360)

... and am considered one of the best 120mm tankers in the game.

I mention this as a form of qualification that vehicles, weapons and online gaming in a sandbox environment is my playground.

Therefore FFOW was one of the rare titles the whole BF2MC community got excited about. Sandbox FPS - with modern weapons - sounds a treat especially on a next gen console. There are rumours it will be delivered with dedicated servers to host 16 x 16 = 32 player matches, (which for Australian having its own servers could be its only shining light) I am also aware that demo's never really cut it when you play them - (COD4 the one exception)

But even as demo's go I was yawning and over FFOW within 10min.

Firstly - we wanna see how the multiplayer plays out not some levels of another average FPS....but maybe that was just some chip on my shoulder and there's others here who disagree. My major beef was there was absolutely no feel to how the game played out.

Sprint on your left bumper?

Please - after the whole world stopped and marvelled at COD4 - myself included and tried to "jar its essence" into something tangible for us to all comprehend.

COD4 plays remarkably well because of its simplistic control scheme. This is what provides the "feel" all us gamers love about this game.

Why? Well think about it - everything in that game is mapped beautifully to the control pad in controlling your soldier. (I cant speak for Southpaws) but as far as im concerned the responsiveness and simplicity of the control scheme/button layout is near perfect.

Im not sure if it has to do with the left/right sides of your brain or not - but it represents complete control and displays those results with your actions within game. Its this correlation that gives you that "feel" - jarred essence we cant quite place or find in many other titles.

FFOW - by comparisons has a great introduction and set up, but once the game starts, lacks atmosphere enough to warrant spending too much time on the completely messy control scheme, add to that the AI is totally stupid, and soon enough you dont give a stuff about the storyline, the game or being bothered spending anymore time in frustration/ disappointment trying to get some responsiveness out of your soldier.

We all hoped FFOW would be the BF2 killer/replacement - but from what I have seen its completely under delivered and non polished title. Lets just hope that between what has been provided on xbla and what actually gets released are two completely different games.

Currently speaking (at this present frame of mind) I...NsA xThe Salt will not be handing over one cent of my hard earned cashola for this hype but under delivered attempt at the Sandbox War/Multiplayer genre.

My money is on BFBC and its destructible environments - even though the release date has now been set back to June 2008 rather than first mentioned March 28th 2008.

If I was you lads, and looking for something to sake your warmonger appetite Id look at some previously released titles and hope they have come down in price. Whether that be BF2:MC - at the bargain price of $25 AUD - I recently saw it advertised for in EBgames.

Myself I may be looking at Orange Box, Virtua Fighter or even Ace Combat for that buzz till BFBC drops.

...or Activision gives the gamers some love with some new multiplayer maps if they dont.

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Post Posted: Mon Jan 28, 2008 6:00 pm   
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Hi TheSalt,

Welcome to 360-hq mate..
Im glad to see we have a gamer in the house not afraid to express himself.

If you love battlefield then your my kind of guy..

If only all the other guys would have some guts to post about the games likr you do... I like your style mate.

enjoy the sites and post away.


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Post Posted: Tue Jan 29, 2008 1:05 am   
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Spot on salt....Sure the guys n gals will apreciate the info....

Welcome aboard mate.....a great addition to the site and a gun player at most forms of gaming...I can vouch for that as he owns me all the time but has also helped me out alot.....Good job mate....

http://www.360-hq.com - ENFORCER
http://www.xbox-hq.com - MODDER

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360-HQ Newbie
360-HQ Newbie

Joined: Jan 22, 2008
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Post Posted: Wed Jan 30, 2008 12:44 pm   
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Cheers lads, thats quite a warm welcome thank you. By the way the site looks fantastic - you could take a month off work and still not find all the bells and whistles you've done here.

Now...haha...to do the unthinkable.... Shocked

Im going to argue the other side.

News I just got in today is that KAOS (producers of FFOW) have taken a lot of gamers complaints about the controls. So obviously I wasnt the only one to cut to the chase here.

There is talk they have given the controls an overhaul - well we will find out soon as they plan to release an online Multiplayer in the next 2-3 weeks through XBOX LIVE

Which is great news as lack of Multiplayer demo was a massive concern...

so thats my two major beefs answered right there.

The proof will be in the pudding and im glad they're putting it on the line. So lads anyone that is looking at FFOW with interest this will be the best monitor you can have AN ONLINE MULTI-PLAYER DEMO....

After this news I am being a little more open minded, even tho' I still think its a tough ask after COD4 which really raised the bar.

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