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Windows 7 Keys For Sale Legit Keys
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V.I.P. Lifetime

Joined: Nov 06, 2013
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Post Posted: Sun Dec 22, 2013 10:33 pm   
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My key was genuine unique to the sets(32/64Bit),
Maybe it was a business pack,Computer shop sold it to me by mistake,IDK.
Do these get sold like this, Both 32/64Bit DVD's in the same case.
Anyway the key i purchased only works with 64Bit DVD, was told.
So I'm pissed off i am stuck with only using the 64bit DVD only.

I've had a bad run with M$ software, products(Xbox360)
I had to buy new hardware after i installed win7 (printer, scanner) Rolling Eyes
SPPV wrote:

You have a two disc set what I was saying is that when you go to Walmart etc its either a 32bit or 64bit edition. They didnt release a 1 disc 32/64 as that would be too easy.

I think i know why i got the two 32/64Bit DVD's
If i installed the 32Bit with the key would be locked to 32Bit DVD and would not work with 64Bit DVD,
I did the 64Bit install in this computer when the M/board died they saw the replacement board as a new computer and blacklisted my key.
As there is no more support for XP in 2014 i would like to make good use of the 32Bit DVD to get some of my $$$ back out of M$ for ripping me off.

In Australia,M$ has a very poor support team,
They kick you to the gutter all the time, i gave up to easy without a fight.

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Post Posted: Mon Dec 30, 2013 2:21 am   
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well i think im wait on selling any of these right now unless i know you because i had some dick head do a charge back on me a month later for something different then this and now my paypal is negative $278 because of this dude and he got the items (virtual) of course waited a month then did a charge back sold the items and got his money back plus more. It is so messed up its unreal now i have to figure out how i can pay the 278 back. Figured out his username and facebook dude looks like a tard. Wish there was more i can do. I really hope this dick gets screwed like he did to me.
The one the only Scarface!!

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