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Microsoft Indie Games
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Microsoft Indie Games - Xbox 360 Games Publisher Overview

Microsoft Indie Games
Location: Unknown

No Description Available

Other games published by Microsoft Indie Games (190)


Strategically jump your Pegzos around the board in this 3D adaptation of the classic board game, Peg Solitaire. Sixty-four infuriatingly charming levels across eight themed worlds. Can you leave one Pegzo behind?..

A Kitchen Sink War

Avoid the drain and the other dishes while trying to survive. ( 1 - 2 Players ) Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English..

Adventurer Pets HD

Adventurer Pets is best described as a ‘competitive arcade style platformer.’ The game is modeled as a mix of classic arcade style single screen platformers and competitive multiplayer party games. There are two single player modes available and one local mutiplayer, which supports from 1-4 players. Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain,..

Aaron's Ping-Pong

Classic style black-and-white table tennis, with single and local multiplayer modes and custom audio. Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English..


Abstacked is a XNA Community puzzle game where the object of the game is to clear lines of stars by placing two of the same tiles at the each end of the line. Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English..

Alien Ambush

Classic 90/'/s Space Action! Alien Ambush features 9 different aliens each with their own combat style spread out over 20 screens. In each sector destroy two rounds of aliens then navigate an asteroid field enroute to the mother ship for refueling. Intense space combat coupled with a limit of fuel creates a nerve-wracking environment. Single Player..


This party game features 6 minigames, all of which support 1-4 players competitively or co-operatively. Work with (or against) your friends as you build your vocabulary of Spanish words! Supports drop-in and drop-out at any time. ˇVámonos! Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English, Spanish..


Artoon chronicles the adventures of Art as he bounces his way through a variety of visual artworks. Can you earn those elusive top rankings in this score-attack psychedelic platformer? Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English ..


In the world of Audiball, sounds become audible when tiny spheres known as "audiballs" pass through them. Use your guitar controller in a new and interesting way as you trigger sounds to guide the audiballs through each track, producing music as you go. Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Langu..

Bad Atom Episode 1

Bad Atom is a 3D Sci-Fi shooter where David Malcolm, a well respected pilot, takes on the responsibility to help create an experimental intergalactic weapon. Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English..

Beat IT!

Beat IT! is a Party Game for the Xbox 360...

Being XNA

Being is a 2D Platformer for the Xbox 360...


Bennu is a physics-based action/puzzle game making its debut as an Xbox Community game. ..

Biology Battle

Biology Battle is a unique take on the classic space shooter genre...


Blow is an Xbox Community game and will have you guiding bubbles from a start location to an exit location by placing fans around the environment...

Bomber Boing

Bomber Boing is a 2D Fighting game for Xbox 360. Sign up to Bomber Boing championship, where strange creatures fight with no mercy for victory. Destroy the floor to finish with your rivals through its 30 scenarios with many different conditions. Ideal for playing with family, friends, or anyone with its online mode for Xbox Live!. Amazing music for..

Brain Party

Brain Party is a puzzle-solving, button-tapping, brain-stretching game for all ages. The more you play, the more minigames you unlock, and soon you/'/ll be ready to take on your friends in the multiplayer Brain Race!..


Rise up through the circus ranks by performing acrobatic tricks and stunts...


Enjoy a game of euchre, hearts, oh hell, spades, knockout whist or romanian whist solo or with your friends. It’s a classic card game for up to four players over live or system link. Invite your friends and let them join while you play. Customize your game experience to fit your house rules. 99 unlockable awards. Proper 16:9 and 4:3 support...

Colosseum Hammerball

Colosseum is a 3D arena fighter and features multiplayer support for up to 4 people...


no description available.

Couples Sudoku

Unlimited Sudoku Puzzles for every skill level are at your finger tips with Couples Sudoku. Play in several game modes including Single, Two Player, and CoOp. Game styles include Free Play, Timed, First To Number and Arcade - Think you can you fend off the number hungry bugs while you battle to solve puzzles? This game is recommended for those who ..

Crystal Crush

Twist your world, match 3 or more crystals to complete the 48 addicting levels. Collect the diamonds to dominate the game. Try the four different modes and face your friends with the multiplayer mode...


Rotate sections of a cube to make each side a single color in the fastest time possible...

Dokee the Dog: Musical Rain

Help Dokee the Dog create cool music by catching falling instruments from the sky. Expand babies and children/'/s creativity. It is more fun when a more skilled kid or an adult uses a second gamepad to play cooperatively...


DUOtrix is a colour matching puzzle game with double the action! Play two boards simultaneously in this fast paced, psychedelic game...

Zombie Smashers X4 Guitarpocalypse

no description available.

Weapon of Choice

Weapon of Choice is a side-scrolling action game making its debut as an Xbox Community game. Branching levels, 4 unique endings, 7 characters each with a Weapon of Choice. Reap revenge with the Vengeance Missile. Cheat death with Deathbrushing! Scale walls with the Spiderpack. Rock out to original, blistering metal guitar tracks. New Controls, SIX ..

Word Soup

Join letter blocks vertically, horizontally, or diagonally to make words of three or more letters in Word Soup. This word game is easy to play and maddeningly addictive.Blocks can be joined horizontally, vertically and diagonally. When a word is made, the blocks used disappear and the blocks above collapse. Every move creates new combinations...

World Molder

You are a supreme being capable of molding the land like clay, use it to help you traverse the levels, and solve puzzles...

In the Pit

An "audio-only" stealth action game. Control a horrible monster who lives at the bottom of a dark pit and eats the people who fall in!..


Drive around in a squishy car and try to reach the exit while avoiding obstacles in this XNA game...

A.I.R. Play

A.I.R. Play is a futuristic sports game involving Artificially Intelligent RoboBots based around an evolved version of Soccer with a plasma ball. Each team attempts to score the highest number of points in order to progress through the AirPlay Tournament. Select from 14 RoboBot characters and 7 force field surrounded scenes. Countries: Can..

2176 Supernova Storm

This game was classified by the community with the following category scores - Violence=1/3, Sex=0/3, Mature Content=0/3. Earth is under attack. Battle against the enemy cyborgs in a fight for the survival of mankind...

2win Ghost

Two little ghosts have lost each other on the way to heaven. Help them to find each other and reunite their love....

Abronium Party

Play Fetch, Soccer, Capture the flag, Race or Chase with or against friends and family. You can choose to play campaign, co-op campaign or tournament. There/'/s also a party mode where you can play tournaments with up to 16 players on a single Xbox 360. By automatically using computer replacements, people can join and leave the game as they come an..


no description available.


Enjoy yourself battling against the computer or your friends in this addictive puzzle game. Special effects and custom sound effects immerse you in a fantasy world of mystical runes. Race against the clock to see who is the ultimate Alchemist. Official Site: www.reisergames.com Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, ..

Altar of Gems

A fast pace gems building game with exciting attack / defense strategy. Exciting versus mode supports 1~4 players. Challenging adventure mode provides various of goals to challenge. With cooperative arcade mode, impact the high score board with your friends! Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages:..

Amazing Wizard

Amazing Wizard is a Magic Game. Make your XBOX magically answer any questions. English Only. [b] *** CHATPAD REQUIRED ***[/b] Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English..


no description available.


Zoomaroom is a physics based platformer that is sure to test your skills. Compete with your friends to get the best time in 70 built-in rooms. Create & share your own rooms on XBL using the in-game editor. Collect all 350 coins to unlock rooms and fun costumes. Zoom baby zoom!..


ZP2K9 is a super-crazy multiplayer sidescroller. Play Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture the Flag and King of the Hill with 13 devastating weapons and 6 grenade types including Akimbo SMGs, the freeze gun, gas grenades, and the enemy-splattering MIRV...


An aether packet recieved on your TransVidia starts you on your quest. Explore a MegaCity and hak your way to fortune and adventure in this futuristic RPG. Version 2.3 adds an AI and autobots to help you with your Haking, skill trainers, a ganger and a new corp killer...

Jackpot Stadium

no description available.

Jigsaw Puzzle Express

no description available.

Johnny Platform's Biscuit Romp

Play as Johnny Platform himself in this retro-styled platformer! Do death-defying double-jumps and solve puzzles in your quest to defeat the evil robot army... and don/'/t forget to drink plenty of coffee along the way...

Joint Strike Future

Fight the space pirates on five planets by yourself or with a friend. Use five different weapon systems to defeat them. It is your duty to make the universe safe again!..

Jordans Asteroids

no description available.

Air Legends

Take to the skies in frenetic WWII dogfighting. Fight it out with up to 10 aircraft - friend and foe! Multiple flyable aircraft. Single player & 2 player battles - including cooperative play. Official Site: http://sharky.bluecog.co.nz Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English..


Frenetic arena shooter supporting up to 4 players. Game experience varies with music, which is loaded automatically from the user/'/s media library. Try to break your high scores, or play in free mode to customize your own gaming experience. Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English..

Awesome Tank

Take control of a lone tank, and shoot your way to victory against impossible odds! Features addictive gameplay, Global Scoreboards (for GOLD members), Awardments, local and LIVE multiplayer, and endless replayability! Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English..

The Ballet of Light and Shadow

In the burning light of a rainbow, fight the evil forces of shadows. Test your skills in four worlds of unique gameplay. Play in a dangerous ballet, detonate gears of shadows, avoid monstruous clouds and fight an epic war to liberate the rainbow from its foes...

Barf And Beer

Chug your beer as fast as you can! Drink too much without burping and you’ll puke, wasting valuable drinking time! Punch your opponents while they’re burping to make THEM puke! Test your drinking skills against up to three other human or computer players at five difficulty levels! Countries: United States Languages: English..


Up to 4 players compete in a classic falling block style game, only this time players interact with each other by completing lines containing attack blocks. 20 unique attack blocks can change the game in an instant. Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English..

Battle Bubbles (Four Corners)

What happens when you mix a multiplayer strategy game with an arcade game, and then sprinkle cool bubble physics on top? Battle Bubbles. It/'/s a 4-way battle royale for domination of the game board. Play on 10 built-in levels, or create your own! Battle Bubbles is the most fun when you play against your friends, but there is built-in artificial in..

Battle Havoc

Battle Havoc is a fast paced multi-player action game with a unique twist on real-time artillery combat. Take to the air with rechargeable jets unleashing the power of over 20 different weapons and upgrades. Play Deathmatch or Elimination modes against 8 players over LIVE, System Link, or a single Xbox. Earn coveted Gold Medals as you race against ..

Beat IT! Christmas Edition

no description available.


You/'/ve been practicing by yourself for years... The time has come for you to show your friends how good you really are! Play BattleSweeper now... WITH FRIENDS! Play 4 exciting local and online multiplayer modes that take the game to a whole new level, along with classic solo mode fun!..


BeatBlox is a music-oriented action-puzzle game where you scramble to match blocks to the beat of a wide variety of music. Are you ready?..

Block Fight

The premise is simple, hit a ball with a paddle to take out your opponents blocks so you can get a single ball by his wall to win. Things heat up quickly with multi-ball action. Ping-Pong on Steroids. It/'/s simple, it/'/s fun, and it/'/s addicting! Have Fun!!..


Block BUSTER is inspired by the old classics from the 70/'/s. Knock out the blocks in vivid 3D. Experience over 20 challenging levels for hours of game play. Choose from 3 difficulty levels for the best experience. This is my Tribute to the great legacies of gaming!..

A Bomb's Way

Introducing a new character with a very short fuse! Jump around, spin the level and collect clocks to stop yourself from exploding. Countries: Canada, France, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, United States Languages: English..

Bored Meeting

Bored Meeting is a casual group game where deceptively simple game play quickly leads to fun and interesting situations...


The original BounceCrazy! Ball bouncing fun for children of all ages. Six balls on each side of the field. Try to get your balls into your opponent/'/s goal while preventing balls from the other side from entering yours. Simple to play. Loads of fun. Play against a friend or play against the robot hand. Great for kids or adults...

Bowling X

A realistic physics simulated bowling game with charming graphics, immersive controls and supportive sound effects. Multiplayer mode supports up to 8 players...

Break In

It was supposed to be a simple arcade game, but something has broken down the barriers between game worlds. Can you resolve the mystery in this revealing Breakout-style game with a twist?..


A whole new light on the breakout style games world. Play with the double stick mode, enjoy the coop modes and the 50 levels. Play for ever with the neverending mode and the relaxing Zen mode; hours of fun for all the blocks/bricks games fans! Ready for the challenge?..

Bullet Trap

Movement is restricted but weaponry is not. Bounce bullets off walls and use your shield to deflect incoming projectiles, but be warned, every bullet that you fire could bounce around and kill you. This is Bullet Trap. Take on 50 levels yourself or try working co-operatively with a friend. Try not to kill yourself, or each other, unless your playin..


XNA Community Title...

Welcome to Mexico

no description available.

A Wizard's Odyssey

Team up with friends (via XBOX Live, system link, or a different controller on the same XBOX360) or embark on a solo quest to save the land from an evil wizard. To bring peace to the world, you/'/ll have to become a master of magic by harnessing the four elements: earth, water, wind, and fire. Each magic spell possesses a different tradeoff and imp..

World Revolution: The Last Defense

no description available.

Writer's Block

An adventure /'/point and click/'/ game on Xbox 360. Sammy is a journalist who awakens from a hazy dream, with a horrible headache and an even worse case of amnesia in a jail... Will he be able to escape?..

Virus War

no description available.

Tail Gun Charlie

Tail Gun Charlie - Charles “Charlie” Chatsworth is the pride of the Great British Galactic Diplomatic Corp. No other individual has done more for race relations and intergalactic war. Using his trusty weapons of peace, it can only be a matter of time before Charlie manages one of his legendary diplomatic incident recoveries following a recent misun..


Take control of a Tank in a classic style arcade shooter with a few new tricks. Use the scenery to rebound your shots into the other Tanks. Play a variety of game types and backdrops with up to 3 friends or have the computer stand in. Features include: 1-4 players Substitute AI with 3 difficulties 5 game modes 2 backdrops Dedicated Widescreen and 4..


Terwilliger is the neighborhood mouse catcher. He catches mice and shows the neighbors his good deeds. Some people in the neighborhood appreciate his efforts... but some do not! How many mice can you help Terwilliger catch?..

Time and Tune

Are you a musician in need for a cheap, fast metronome? With settings from 1 to 1500 beats per minute own the fastest metronome in the world! You can practice alone or view it on the big screen, where the whole band can use it. Includes novelty sound effects and a complete chromatic scale of tuning notes for tuning your instruments...

Tomato Blaster

In Tomato Blaster you will have to collect all of the coins and make your way to the exit but in doing so you will be presented with a number of puzzles to solve including Bombs, Gates, Cannons and an evil Mango! Or make your own levels using the game builder...


Rotate blocks to for squares and gain points. Build larger groups and cause chain reactions. But watch out for the creeping Toxic waste! Allow the screen to fill with Toxic squares and you lose!..


Fast paced, turn based Strategy game. Defeat your opponent using skill and judgement. Play across 20 unique, colourful levels. Fire bombs at your opponent controling it/'/s trajectory by altering its angle and velocity, taking into account windspeed, wind direction and terrain. Play against a friend or take on Mattlekims A.I. for a real challenge!..

TriLinea React

This XNA puzzle game challenges players to outmaneuver opponents by strategically placing tiles on the board. Just another puzzle game? WRO-ONG! TriLinea ReAct is an new type of game that could easily be described as a Fighting Puzzle game. Real time fast-paced battles on a shared board that will reinvent the old and good match-3 formula. Buil..

Trinity Wars Prologue: Spine of the World

no description available.

Type Attacks

Type Attacks is an action typing shooter. USB keyboard or messenger pad REQUIRED, as it is a typing game. Practice your typing skills while protecting your cities from the attacking text...

Arkedo Series - 03 PIXEL

no description available.

Indirian Solitaire

A selection of over 25 solitaire card games including Canfield, Klondike, Spider, Stonewall and Yukon. Complete each game/'/s Challenge to earn Gold, Silver and Bronze medals...


Quarx is an addicting, fast-paced twist on classic puzzle games. Clear the board of isotopes to win, claim highscores, conquer puzzles, and challenge your friends or computer opponents to a battle in Quarx!..

CaveIn - Miner Rescue Team

There is a collapse at the San Marino Mines! Join the Miner Rescue Team to save the trapped miners before it is too late. Explore 80 dangerous puzzle-filled levels in this addictive 3D adventure...

Charlie's Blast Factory

no description available.

Kittie's Mazes

no description available.

Angry Barry

Binary Tweed managing director Daniel Jones says he can/'/t turn a profit releasing critically acclaimed title via console/'/s community game initiative. Angry Barry is a sidescrolling, political parody, 1-2 player 2D beat /'/em up in the tradition of many classic arcade games. Take control of Barry as he tries to take over the Presidency ..

Battle Ball

A twist on the tried and true classic. Blast your opponent in an attempt to get the ball past him. Battle the computer or a friend in two player mode. Or try the survival mode and try to beat your best score. Play at five unique locations. All programming and art by Jordan Hample..

Bomb Disposal Expert

no description available.


World of Zellians is a strategic life simulation game where you must create, manage, and grow a prosperous new civilization. WhipCrack lets you assume control of a space-age whip as you crack enemies, earn upgrades, and fling your master across the screen. Battle across 19 single-player missions, and five multiplayer missions. Designed by Scott ..

Ultimate Sacrifice

Down in a giant alien weapons while paying the ultimate sacrifice Should resist invasion and damage to civilians!..

Adhara War

Assume command of the Guard or Hegemony forces in a variety of customizable scenarios featuring casual turn-based strategy and real-time one-on-one combat. Version 1.1 includes balancing, gameplay, and minor graphic improvements as well as a tutorial and three additional scenarios...

Advanced Rock Paper Scissors

no description available.

Agent MOO: Maximum Overdeath

Agent MOO: Maximum Overdeath is a 2D deathmatch game featuring weapons such as rockets, guns, and the trusty sack of oranges. If that doesn/'/t suit your fancy, climb in a car to get some vehicular homicide kills! Features original soundtrack by I KILL PXLS...

Alien Encounters: Attack on Xa-Tam

no description available.

Alien Pyramid Challenge

In this platformer-puzzle game, you/'/re trapped in an ancient Egyptian pyramid with a somewhat sarcastic mummy companion. Move around giant limestone blocks, dangle from perilous moving platforms, and soar from shockingly-springy springs to find your way out of each room! But beware the dangerous spikes (and the mummy/'/s "hints"). Are y..

Arbor Vitae

A fast-paced dual-stick shooter, Arbor Vitae blurs the genre by giving you command of a squadron of gung-ho nanobots. A furious horde of enemies is intent on destroying your growing tree and only the unique combination of your merciless assault and powerful A.I. command modes can stop them. Anyone can save the world; it takes a hero to save a tree...

Zombie Mania

Zombies have run-a-muck in a medieval village. Your job is to collect the body parts of the fallen villagers. You must avoid the zombies at all costs, or... find an axe and chop them to bits...

Zombies 2.0

Zombies 2.0 is a small 2.5D defend the base game with real-time lighting and persistent blood effects. You play as a defense robot tasked with protecting the Science Team from an incoming zombie horde. Use cash earnt from kills to purchase more powerful and devastating weapons and upgrade your base with potent defences. Play round based mode, the b..


From the creators of “Rumble Massage”: Brave the memorizing world of ZOOM as you push the boundaries of speed. Race through a mind numbing 3D landscape in 5 unique hoverships to gauge just how much speed you can handle...

Ye Olde Dice Game

no description available.


Score attack type shooting game,"X OVER"..


XCross is the first picross for 360! - More than 100 picross - Unlockable and trophy room - Experimental 3D picross. - ArkX Lite! Hours of fun ahead!..

Xeno Arena

Xeno Arena is an intense top down shooter where the only goal is to see how far you can delve into the /'/facility/'/ before you succumb to the relentless horde of the Xenos. The further you go, the more Xenos you will have to face. Each level is randomly generated and, combined with a /'/fog of war/'/ system, that means you never know what/'/s lur..

XNA Short Novel Series Vol 1

no description available.


Fly through a cave, avoiding the walls and obstacles. Use your shield if you get in trouble and watch out for earthquakes...

Xtreme Polygon

Xtreme Polygon is a game of where up to 16 players can go against each other in an arena of powerups and deadly shapes. With Xbox live play or system link play, things can get a bit hectic during battles. Collect powerups to spawn enemies to hinder your opponents progress...


Hexement is a combination of old classics turned on their heads. You battle against nature to help a world survive. Fire falls from the sky, earthquakes demolish your constructions and your water runs off into the abyss, taking all your points with it. Also includes level editor and fiercely strategic multiplayer...

Velocity: Escape From Puzzle Hell

In Velocity: Escape from puzzle hell, your soul has been trapped inside a soulball by the puzzle-devil himself. To escape you need to solve a number of puzzles by getting the ball to the soul-portal. Do you have what it takes to escape from puzzle hell?..

Beat Hazard

Experience YOUR music collection like never before with this intense arcade shooter. Includes 10 kicking tracks to get you started. Review: 9.5/10 from GamerLimit.com - /'/You would be hard-pressed to find a more addictive downloadable title in the entirety of the Xbox Marketplace./'/..

Link Attack

Staged in a classical puzzle style, Link Attack infuses an original puzzle concept with impactful imagery influenced by former Soviet Union communist propaganda. Link Attack is an action orientated puzzle game that requires quick reflexes and quicker thinking. Connect two groups of blocks of the same colour to remove them from the play field. ..


Welcome to Equitunes, a game of balance... and bombs. Your goal is to arrange the cells of a grid, so that the number of bars inside each blue cell is equal to the sum of bars placed in the red cells around it. You only have a limited amount of time to balance the grid, so think fast!..

Ganbare Natsuki San

no description available.

Primary Attack

An engaging strategy game. Play as a primary color battling to secure the most territory. Move next to an opponent/'/s cell to blend its color with yours — taking away from their score. A variety of game boards, rules of engagement, and AIs with specific tactics will keep your strategy changing! Optional hex bombs add an element of chance! For 1 to..

Pass the Pad!

Pass The Pad! is an exciting word game with explosive consequences. Can you think of a word and pass the pad before the time runs out? Featuring over 260,000 different game combinations, Pass The Pad! has guaranteed replay ability and appeals to people of all ages. Great fun for parties of 2+ players...


2 Modes! TIME-ATTACK -Make lines of at least 4 boxes of one color by sliding entire rows. You’ll be up against the clock and each match will give you more time. As you reach higher levels, locks & pattern boxes will appear, making it even more challenging. PUZZLE MODE –Puzzles with different levels of difficulty. Create the right patterns by us..


no description available.

Halfbrick Rocket Racing

Experience intense speed and intuitive control with Halfbrick Rocket Racing! Use the two triggers to fire up rockets on either side of your craft, and simply alternate power to drift, slide and grind your way around over 40 tracks! With four-player racing and global leaderboards, Halfbrick Rocket Racing is packed with action...

Halfbrick Echoes

Pac-man meets Braid in this surreal arcade game where every step counts! Race to grab crystals while dodging the deadly Echoes stalking your footsteps...

Halfbrick Blast Off

Blast Off into a universe of gravity slingshots, lost astronauts and bizarre planet systems. Use your rocket ship to rescue astronauts and carry them through the warpgate to safety. But be careful! The ever-present force of gravity can be your best friend AND deadliest foe. The emphasis of Halfbrick Blast Off is predicting the effects of gravity an..


Get five happyfaces in a row to clear them from the board and score points...

Hangman's Revenge!

Stop Lord Double Hockey Sticks in his attack on the United States! Stick Figures are revolting due to their comrades being killed in the game know as /'/Hangman/'/. You must stop the Stick Figure Armies while acquiring top secret vehicle upgrades along the way. Vehicle modes include Tank, Helicopter, Hovercraft, and Submarine...

Head Banger

Bang your head to stardom! A rhythm-based music game for your Xbox 360...


Shoot the killer before time runs out...

Abduction Action

As a UFO pilot in training, you have been tasked with the overwhelming mission of invading Earth, terrorizing the locals, and returning home in one piece. Use your tractor beam to abduct helpless Earthlings and defeat aggressive foes. It will take all your skills, wits, and intellect to prove your alien worth and triumph over humanity...


Based on a blast from the past, this single player game has 99 levels, 2 modes - Retro and Powerplay and 3 difficulty settings for each. The Powerplay mode gives powerups - they don/'/t last forever but you/'/ll need them to survive. So stay still & get dead quick. Or fly over the powerups & deal out some fast damage, get a shield or trigge..

Antigrav Racing Championship

It/'/s time to prove that you are the best antigrav racer. Hover at super high speed in this addictive 60 FPS 3D simulation on 20 differents race tracks. Choose between 8 antigrav vehicles with their own characteristics and try to beat the best race and lap times. Master the 10 championships on 4 planets and win all the trophies. Be the first on th..

Arkedo Series - 001 JUMP!

A giant Iron Crab appeared, dropping bombs everywhere it goes. What is this all about? Do something, Jumpboy! Arkedo is a Puzzle game available from the XNA Community...

Arkedo Series - 02 SWAP!

Help the King Kat get his castle back in this dual stick action puzzle! Arkedo is a Puzzle game available from the XNA Community. ..

Armor Valley

no description available.

Astero Defender

Jump into the cockpit of this fast paced, twin stick, arcade, space shooter. Fly threw countless levels in three different game modes...

Astro Match 3

no description available.

Astro Taxi

Astro Taxi is a 2D Flying game which takes you into the year 2061 where you are the first Astro Taxi Pilot. Bring all your passengers to their destinations and prove that travelling with an Astro Taxi is the fastest and most secure possibility to travel...


AtomHex is a colourful, fast-paced shooter where you pilot your ship through a world filled with Atoms, Hexes and their enemy offspring. Collect Power-ups and chain Multipliers to attain outrageous scores. Can you survive long enough for 6 Atoms to join a Hex and go Subatomic?..

Avatar Drop

Ever want to watch your Xbox Live Avatar plummet helplessly through the air and smash into things? Well now you can in the humorously cruel new game "Avatar Drop"! You and your friends can experience the side-splitting hilarity of watching your digital alter-egos bump, scream and crash their way through random obstacles...

Avatar Rockets

Avatar Rockets is one of the few xbox 360 indie games that has full xbox live and Avatar support. Compete against your friends in 3 exciting multiplayer modes or take on the world with the global scoreboard in the single player game. Design your own space shuttle in the Rocket Paint feature and take your Avatar to the stars and beyond...


no description available.

Balls And Blocks

no description available.

Banana Split

Banana Split is a 2D Puzzle/Platformer set in the exciting world of BREAKFAST! You play as Ben Ana, a banana with a top hat and a mission. That mission is to stop the unhealthy breakfast foods from turning breakfast into a bad meal. Ben will jump on heads and solve puzzles through five different zones across more than 50 levels in his quest to save..


Horizontally scrolling racing action for 1-8 players. Weave your vector line through ever more challenging environments as pounding synchronised music reflects your every action. Includes 4 full tournaments, online highscores and a music creation mode...

BluePrint Racer 4D

BluePrint Racer -The Next Generation. Drive around a BluePrint. Race to Collect ALL of the Gas Cans before Time Runs Out!..

Bobbin's Quest

Join Bobbin the apple in his quest to defend his homeland against banana and orange invaders. As you battle across Starfruit Island, the real menace is revealed! Along the way, make sure to save your buddy apples! Bobbin/'/s Quest features six vivid levels, and a comic book story line to follow. In each level there is a unique mini-game. Replay Bob..

Bobby Says - Dance with me!

Bobby says - dance with me! Repeat after Bobby and train your memory in this cute Xbox game. Challenge friends and family while playing up to four players. Now with: - Global Scoreboard (Gold members only) - Two game modes: Normal mode (Three lives) and Extreme mode ( One life.) - Change of appearance as you reach higher levels. Fun for all ages!..

Bobtail the Bunny's Choc-a-riffic Adventure

no description available.

Bop N' Pop!

One of the most addictive puzzle games on the net is now available for your Xbox 360. This award-winning game offers three different modes of play and hours of addictive fun! Play alone, battle the computer, or compete with friends in Party Mode!..

Boring Space Shooter

Manipulate Time to survive and earn as much points as you can in a classical spaceshooter game...

Bust a Wall

Explosive & relentless old skool arcade action where the object of the game is simple: use your paddle to hit and deflect the ball around the angles to destroy all coloured bricks, progressing through each stage while attempting to get the highest score you can. Scores are then shared with the community to see who comes top! The game features 3..

Button Memory

Memorize the sequence of buttons and repeat it in an ever growing chain. Get it wrong and get a surprise. With 4 different play modes from Easy to Extreme(with only Easy available until purchase), Button Memory can appeal to anyone. So who can go the longest?! Is it you?..

Capture the Oong

no description available.


CAUTION! These five arcade-style card games are dangerously addictive! Due to the 14 challenging Goals, four game modes, and worldwide in-game score competition over Xbox LIVE, downloading CardArcade may cause addiction...you have been warned! Online rankings require a LIVE Gold membership...

Chick Chick Chicky

Play the new co-op or single player mode as Chicky &/or Ducky in this new fantastic HD game based on an all time classic… Collect a super feather and power up to turn the tables on the enemy kitty! Become “Super Chicky” or “Angry Ducky”! Features Jump-in and Jump-out Co-op play! “Harvest Fun in Chick Chick Chicky”..


A simple combine three puzzle game. Both single and splitscreen play is available. Your goal is to remove as many stars from the grid as possible. You remove stars by combining them in groups of 3 or more. Try to leave as few stray stars behind as possible, with a little luck you might get rid of all 81 of them. Beware, you might get stuck...

Color Break

High-speed take on an old classic. No more blocks to destroy. Simply keep the colored balls in play by bouncing them with your paddle. A new twist means not as easy as you think, though. Only balls of the same color as your paddle will bounce, so you must change the color of your paddle to that of the incoming ball...

Colony Defense

Colony Defense is 360 degrees of fast-paced tower defense strategy where the player has to defend an entire planet and multiple paths against invading alien forces. Defend each planets colonies from the alien onslaught in this high action, strategy title. 10 upgradable weapons to fight the good fight with. Ricochet laser cannons, flame throwers, st..

The Collector

Compete for the highscore and unlock awards in fast paced and addictive game. Play with or against up to 3 other people or cpu opponents localy!..

Cold War Commander

The year is 198X and the first Cold War rages on. As President Ronald Reagan you must eat jellybeans and punch the Berlin Wall into submission. You are the caretaker of freedom. You are the Cold War Commander. Complete with BONUS Controller Massage and Controller Race turbo xtreme minigames!..

Cocktail Paradise

Be a real bartender, 100 cocktails and 20 drinking games on your Xbox. More than 120 searchable ingredients to make sure you pick the right drink for the perfect occasion. Enjoy and impress your friends with your bartender attitudes! NEW! Now with two new features for a perfect party...

Clover: A Curious Tale

Adventure platform puzzle game reminiscent of Maniac Mansion and Fantastic Dizzy. Following an act of foreign aggression that killed his mother, we join Sam solving puzzles to piece together the truth behind a series of ever-more strange events. Features multiple endings, side quest, piano soundtrack and unlockable art gallery...

Chinese Checkers Deluxe Edition

no description available.


Chromatism is a 2D jetpack flying, colour changing game, in which you change colour to match the dots falling toward you. Hit correctly coloured dots in quick succession to increase your combo, boosting your score. The left stick is used to fly left, right or down, A fires your jetpack and X, Y and B switch between blue, yellow and red respectively..


Build something abstract, build something cute or build something awesome - whatever your mood is. This game offers a truly open-ended experience where the limits are only your imagination and ..360 building blocks. The game also comes with a challenge mode, 3 levels of difficulty and in-game awards. Train your perception and memory building agains..


A 3D action-strategy game in which the player is to maintain the stability of planet SL-49 by raising and herding a breed of bugs whose spores are capable of powering machines that keep their universe in equilibrium...


Defend the nine worlds of the Camariam Consortium or play as the besieging Valaxus Empire with their planet obliterating Decimators. Play across five different game play types, from local two player co-op campaigns, to multiple versus modes supporting 2-4 local players. Experience a new variation of the shooter genre...

Crate Expectations

Crate Expectations is a game about screwing up everyone else/'/s plans. Strategically block their paths, trap them with ice and generally annoy your rivals so that you can race ahead to deliver your crates! Play on 69 lovely levels with our Super Evil AI, friends on your couch or players all over the world over LIVE. Note that we cannot guarantee t..

Crazy Coins

Whoa - an ATM that spits out money, all you need to do is move your remote controlled piggy banks to catch it as it falls from the sky. One or Two Players...

Crescendo Symphony: Kagami no Kishi

no description available.

Criminals Under Arrest

Gangs are fighting for the control of Norpen City. As Special Agent John Adams, you are sent to bring back order in the city. Criminals Under Arrest is a story driven beat/'/em up, where you have the possibilty to start from any level. Wanna start with the last boss? That/'/s up to you...


Re-live the classic Commissar 6000 game on your XBox 360! 40 levels of pulse-pounding, monster-shooting, maze-racing, 8-bit action!..

Crystal Spear remake

Avoid obstacles, and Aim the goal! It takes only two minutes, and no restriction code, so you can play well in the trial...


Cuadro is a puzzle/shooter game where your main objective is to unveil some of the most famous paintings in the history of art...

Cube Stacker

no description available.

Cubix Classic

Ageless 3D puzzle. The game comes with in-game Awards, Best Time tracking, 3 levels of difficulty, customizable appearance & rendering and cool Ambient tracks...

Cyborg Mice Arena

1-4 players can play as Cyborg Mice in this fast paced arcade shooter. Blast training drones to earn money and buy new weapons, upgrades and maps in the store. Customize your mouse with unlockable fur colors, cybernetic implants and extra equipment. Enlist now in the Cyborg Mice Arena virtual training program!..


D-Cypher is based on a board game from the mid 1970/'/s. The objective is to decypher a colour code by interpreting result information supplied after each code breaking attempt. You will have to work quickly but carefully as your score is dependent on the number of attempts made and the game elapsed time...

Destruction Tank

DESTRUCTION TANK is a full 3D TPS tank shooting game. The game features single player and multiplayer modes up to 4 players, choosing among five kind of tanks. If there isn/'/t enough players the game creates them for you so you/'/ll play against the computer...

Defender of Zorgaba

Enemy ships are starting to invade the planet Zorgaba in this fast-paced vertical shooter. Your mission is to destroy the invaders using your various weapons, bombs and unique missile locking technology. Travel through space to get to the Zorgaba atmosphere and annihilate the invasion once and for all...

Curling 2010

Learn to curl! Play a competitive curling match against friends and family. Choose from 3 opponent difficulty levels or play online over Xbox LIVE. Compete for the most accurate shot in target competitions. Place stones anywhere on the ice and replay shots in practice mode. Earn awards and badges and track your curling statistics. Includes a guided..

Creed Arena

Become a futuristic gladiator and impress the crowds with your skills. Feed off the spectator/'/s cheers to unleash your CROWD RAGE! Switch between top-down and over-the-shoulder camera modes. Compete in unique challenges like Collect the Kegs, and Survival. Play the campaign in solo or co-op, or go online and fight your way up the popularity chart..

Four Player Tangerine Fight

Four Player Tangerine Fight is a hilarious two-to-four player fighting/party game built on the Herman game engine. Quirky four player head-to-head fighting! Game can support anywhere from 2-4 players. With 15 fight customization options (including many upgrades, such as: bubble shield, lucky fedora, major league fastballs, etc), game can be tail..

Decay - Part 1

Decay is an episodic thriller/horror adventure game. The story in Decay is very dark and the game has a very creepy atmosphere and a challenging gameplay...

Tokyo 2029 A.D.

This game was classified by the community with the following category scores - Violence=3/3, Sex=3/3, Mature Content=2/3. FAST PACED BRUTAL 4 PLAYER FIGHTING GAME !..

Bingo Party

Enjoy four different types of Bingo with up to 31 players in a game. With over 50 different winning patterns and plenty of unlockable items, everyone has fun with Bingo Party!..


Just like lemonade, but with EXPLOSIONS. INFILTRATE subterranean strongholds manned by cunning bipedal aliens and their mind-blasting hellions! Dozens of CHALLENGE-ROOM-style gameplay with a zoom function that let/'/s you in close or zooms out to see all the action! 2 PLAYER COOP and ONLINE Highscores!..

Shoot 1UP

Why play shoot /'/em ups one ship at a time? Launch them all at once! Unleash an entire armada of ships in Shoot 1UP! - * 1UPs INSTANTLY ENTER THE ACTION! * Command over 30 ships at the SAME TIME! * Arrange ships to charge the devastating PLASMA AUGER! * 2 Player coop play for over 60 SIMULTANEOUS player ship INSANITY! * 6 BIZARRE levels! * Manic S..

4-in-1 Cardgame Collection

Welcome to 4-in-1 Card-game Collection, brought to you by Reaper Gaming Studios. This package contains 4 variants of single-player solitaire, each challenging and addictive in it/'/s own way. Featuring demon, super demon, calculation, and one foundation, and fun for all! Also features global scoreboards and unlockable awardments...
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Xbox 360 NewsEpic Fantasy RPG 'Dungeons of Hinterberg' is coming to Xbox Series and PC
Curve Games (@CurveGames) and Microbird (@MicrobirdGames) unveiled a new trailer for Dungeons of Hinterberg, the visually stunning Action / RPG and social sim set in the Austrian Alps. The new trailer..

Delta Force: Hawk Ops gets a brand new trailer..

Perennial Order is set to bloom on Xbox Series,..

Umbraclaw hits Xbox, PlayStation, Switch & PC o..

TMNT: Wrath of the Mutants Hits XBOX, PlayStati..

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Battlefield 3

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Developer: DICE Stockholm
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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Release: Nov 10, 2009 (US)
Developer: Infinity Ward
Genre: First Person Shooter/Modern

Grand Theft Auto IV

Release: Apr 29, 2008
Developer: Rockstar North
Genre: Action/Adventure

Grand Theft Auto V

Release: Sep 17, 2013
Developer: Rockstar Games
Genre: Action/Adventure

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3

Release: Nov 8, 2011
Developer: Infinity Ward
Genre: First Person Shooter/Modern

Call of Duty: World at War

Release: Nov 11, 2008
Developer: Treyarch
Genre: First Person Shooter/Action

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

Release: Nov 05, 2007
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Halo 4

Release: Nov 6, 2012 (US)
Developer: 343 Industries
Genre: First Person Shooter/Sci-Fi

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   Tuesday, April 09
 Die by the Blade Slashes Its Way onto PC in M

   Monday, April 08
 Xbox360Strike Gold with the Call of Duty Gold & Silv
 Neptunia: Sisters VS Sisters Arrives May 21st

   Thursday, March 28

   Tuesday, March 26
 Xbox360Explore the World of Ink Painting in Realm of

   Monday, March 25
 Xbox360JSAUX’S Black MODCASE for the ROG Ally Is Ava

   Friday, March 22
 Xbox360Barton Lynch Pro Surfing Update v1.07 is LIVE
 RuneScape developer Jagex joins CVC Capital P

   Thursday, March 21
 Xbox360Paper Ghost Stories: Third Eye Open coming to

   Wednesday, March 20
 Xbox360Dark JRPG Graphic Adventure 'Neon Blood' debu

   Tuesday, March 19
 Xbox360Hauntii hits Xbox Game Pass for console and P

   Monday, March 18
 Xbox360Discover the Sound of Life in The Lullaby of

   Thursday, March 14
 Xbox360WWII-based strategy epic Classified: France '
 Night Slashers: Remake confirmed for XBOX, Pl

   Wednesday, March 13
 Xbox360Highwater is coming soon for Xbox X|S, XB1, P

   Tuesday, March 12
 Xbox360Terra Memoria is set to launch on Xbox Series
 Rugrats: Adventures in Gameland releases in M

   Monday, March 11
 Xbox360Sonic X Shadow Generations hits Xbox One, Xbo

   Friday, March 08
 Xbox360Taxi Life: A City Driving Simulator out now f
 Sci-fi adventure 'Sky of Tides' announced for

   Thursday, March 07
 Xbox360Planet Zoo: Console Edition arrives on March

   Wednesday, March 06
 Xbox360MLB The Show 24 launches later this month on
 FLIPGO: A portable dual monitor that you can

   Tuesday, March 05
 Xbox360EARTHLOCK 2 Reveals New Details On Desert Shi

   Monday, March 04
 Xbox360Reverse-city builder, Flooded Out Now on Xbox
 REVEIL launches this week on Xbox Series, PS5

   Friday, March 01
 Xbox360Realm of Ink's Developer Walkthrough Reveals
 Legion Go Gets a New Storage Bag from JSAUX
 The House of Tesla announced for Consoles, iO

   Thursday, February 29
 Xbox360Watch the New DRAGON BALL: Sparking! ZERO Tra

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