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360-HQ.COM :: GTA 5 Debut Trailer!
GTA 5 Debut Trailer!
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Post Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 9:28 pm   
Post subject: GTA 5 Debut Trailer!
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Some Game Info, but from an anonymous tipster, so take it with a grain of salt. I got the info from http://botchweed.com

Some of this could be spoilers just so you know ahead of time.

The protagonist is Hispanic and his name is Adrian

It takes place in San Andreas in the year 2012. The Mayan end of the world thing is parodied a lot because of this.

You start out in Los Santos and are in your rivals turf. Varrios Los Aztecas after getting beat up and robbed

The game revolves around money in a big deal. I’d reveal the big idea but I don’t want to ruin it.

Multiplayer is in again.

There are a couple of new game modes, co-op story and 32 player game modes for consoles and 64 player for PC, PC also includes dedicated servers

Pc comes out on launch and is being ported by Leeds. From what they’ve shown us it is optimized much better than GTA 4
San Andreas

includes all the same cities from GTA SA and this time they have all become a bit bigger as well as much more detailed.

Gang turk wars are back.

This time not only the general gang are in charge but different sets such as 57th Ballas or the Eastside Azteca. They have their own graffiti. You can tag up stuff with custom sprays too.

In the end your protag dies once again just like in RDR. Afterwards you play as his brother who inherits the money.

“The Money” I refer to comes from a massive drug trade that shits to San Andreas. It is fought over a lot throughout the story and it comes with lots of money. It has ties to your family so it becomes a bigger deal.

The timeline continues off of GTA 4. It is referenced a lot.

I’m not really sure whether Niko dies but he’s mentioned at least twice.

Car modding is back so is lowriding of course.

There are 9 radio stations.

It features a range of music. Some of the rap is new, some is old. There’s a better selection than GTA4 though IMO.

Military has returned in the 5 star wanted level except they are referred to as the National Guard.

Cover system is upgraded and players more smoothly

The moral decisions you saw in GTA 4 have more effect on the story now.

There are a total of 4 unique endings 2 bad, 2 good. Whether protag dies in all of them you’ll just have to figure out since the endings are actually pretty cool.

More girlfriends


Fun cheats are back!

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Post Posted: Wed Nov 02, 2011 10:08 pm   
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God I love it and I want it XD

Thanks for sharing


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360-HQ Experienced
360-HQ Experienced

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Post Posted: Thu Nov 03, 2011 1:56 am   
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i hope there are combines and semi's with pullable trailers like there was in SA...........AND there NEEDS to be bicycles, which made San Andreas awesome as shit

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