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GTA IV new info
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Post Posted: Wed Jun 20, 2007 5:00 pm   
Post subject: GTA IV new info
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For those of you that have not been keeping up on GTA IV info this should be mostly new stuff for you, and some of you know all this already, but thought I would post.


1. There will be a new trailer released for the GTA IV on Thursday June 28th, titled Looking for that Special Someone.

2. During A demo session of the game this song was heard playing on nikos radio ( Sorrow Tears and Blood by Fela Kuti ) you can hear it at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JfR3JteUjAQ

3. During an interview with a GTA IV official it was said that the game will have new RPG game elements where what you do in game and when can have consequences , the example given was for instance--- if you are late getting to a train in the game and you miss it, then you will not be able to do the mission associated with that particular train passage.

4. The game map of the city as far as square milage will indeed be smaller that san andreas BUT, with all the added elements of the game and the number of buildings you can enter it will be as large or larger as far as accessable square footage.

5. Why will extra Eposidic content only be available on Xbox? Well it seems that MS paid the developers a whopping $50 million to secure exclusive access to eposidic content. Dont worry they will make the cash back through us by charging for extra content im sure.

6. Developers deny any rumors of a delay of release do to competition with Halo 3, it is still due out Oct 19th this year.

7. Every street in the city will actualy be named.

8. In a demo of the game while Niko walked up behind a car on the street, a prompt was seen on screen indicating to press LB to open trunk, cool, not sure what the uses will be but some speculate stealing from trunks, hiding weapons, and other items, maybe kidnaping, I would love to drive arround throw someone in the trunk and then drive the car off the pier. lol

Thats all for now guys. Shocked

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