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Team Xecuter's 360 RROD Fix Review

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Team Xecuter's 360 RROD Fix Review

Team Xecuter's 360 RROD Fix Review
Published by HQM0NSTERB0Y on Tuesday, June 24, 2008
Tagged: Hardware, Xbox 360,

Team Xecuter’s "360 RROD Fix" Review

By Joel Kuntz (frozenfire12) www.360-Hq.com
Supplier: www.Divineo.com

The guy's over at www.Divineo.com have recently given 360-Hq the opportunity to review "Team Xecuter’s RROD Fix" which can be used to fix most Red Ring Of Death (RROD) errors for the Xbox 360. Our review and associated tutorial is based purely on preventative measures for the RROD but we will make an educated guess on how well this will work for fixing the RROD itself since our team have fixed 100's of RROD machines. Thanks must go to our friends at www.Divineo.com for hooking us up.

To start the review we will first explain a bit of background information. If you are on the 360-Hq homepage click read more to check out the full review!

What is the RROD?
The RROD (Red Ring of Death, 3 Rings of Death, etc…) is the most common problem to plague the Xbox 360 since its release in 2005. The problem is described as a general hardware failure and can mean many things, but the most common problem links back to the x-clamps which are located on the mainboard (motherboard).

What are X-Clamps?
X-Clamps are metal brackets which hold the Xbox 360 CPU and GPU down tightly onto the motherboard. There are two (2) individual x-clamps within the Xbox 360 which hold down the heat sinks for the CPU and GPU. Since they have been poorly designed the x-clamps bend when introduced to immense heat (if you’ve ever played an Xbox 360 you know it gets hot), and with that bend the Xbox 360 motherboard and break the connection between the GPU (sometimes CPU too) and the motherboard, thus you will have a RROD. Although there are many things that can cause the RROD this is the most common, to be 100% sure check this guide out here for secondary error codes.

What about my Xbox 360 warranty?
Microsoft has recently offered an extended 3 year warranty against the RROD, so if you don't want to open your console yourself and void the warranty please feel free to contact Microsoft and wait up to a month to get a replacement console.

For the rest of us who don’t want to wait and want to help prevent against ever getting the dreaded RROD, then Team Xecuter’s RROD kit is for you.

How does it work?
The "Team Xecuter RROD" kit for Xbox 360 is made of rubber pads that go on the bottom side of the memory chips beside the x-clamps. Now because the x-clamps have engraved room on the metal casing that gives them room to bend, what the kit does is push the motherboard against the metal casing to stop the x-clamp from warping your board at all or any more (if you have the RROD.) This is a very good idea for a design because it requires no drilling holes into your case or messing around with the heat sinks. I installed the "Team Xecuter’s RROD kit" in my console which has not had the RROD and will report of the progress but this seems to be better than any other preventative measure and by the way it works I believe it will fix most RROD’s.

Team Xecuter recommends if you have the RROD after you install the kit to turn your Xbox 360 on and leave it sit for 20 minutes so the solder between the GPU/CPU and motherboard can flow and re-solder itself. This will work because the rubber pads are keeping the motherboard from bending because of the x-clamp and should keep it straight enough for there to be a good connection. And while you leave it on for 20 minutes it is going to get very hot and allow the solder to flow freely. I would recommend after your let your solder reflow to let your 360 sit for an hour after to let it cool down, and then resume normal play.

Now that you know how it works, what exactly is the kit? It comes in a simple little box included inside is (almost everything you need.) Included in the box are the four rubber pads for the bottom of the memory chips. This is the main part of the kit and really all you need, when I first opened my box the pads were barely sticky, I thought this might be a problem but upon installation I found that they stick on no problem, even if they don’t feel sticky. The four rubber pads are wrapped in a nice pink Styrofoam like sleeve to protect them and keep the glue fresh. Also included in the box are Torx 10 and Torx 8 screwdrivers for opening the insides of your 360, which is a great inclusion because these aren’t your every day screwdrivers. The only other thing you will need to fully set this up is a screw driver or an unlocking key to open the backside of the case. For a retail of $12 USD on www.Divineo.com
For a full guide on how to set up be sure to check out my full tutorial right here

If you still have questions feel free to consult our Forums for technical support and help on installation

Final Score:

Build Quality: Nice simple pieces of rubber to help fix or prevent against the RROD, screwdrivers are a great inclusion, work good, and are good quality.


Packaging: It’s a box with “360 RROD Fix” on it, simple packaging, the sleeve around the rubber pads does its job.


Ease of Use: Granted you are okay with opening your Xbox 360 and know how to unscrew screws and open a 360 case correctly, it’s as simple as putting a sticker on a table


Overall: Highly recommended product, with the Xbox 360’s reputation of getting the RROD why wouldn’t you buy one of these to prevent against it, or if you have the RROD this is a cost effective solution that requires very little effort. Although nothing is 100% guarantee, for the low retail price it is worth a try.


Verdict: Highly Recommended

Divineo Product Page: www.Divineo.com
360-Hq Hardware Database Team Xecuter's 360 RROD Fix
360-Hq Tutorial Database Team Xecuter's 360 RROD Fix Installation
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