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TBA - Xbox 360 Games Publisher Overview

Location: Unknown

No Description Available

Other games published by TBA (23)

The Shadow of Aten

The Shadow of Aten is a 3D Action/Adventure multiplatform game in which the player assumes the role of a new hero, Allan Scott, an attractive and enigmatic adventurer who will go deep into the fascinating and mysterious world of Ancient Egypt. The Shadow of Aten is based in the attractive and ambiguous environment of Egypt in the 1930s, a decad..

Voodoo Nights

Voodoo Nights is a /'/Buddy Game/'/ concept. Two heroes offering the synergy well known from TV and movies brought to the video game for the first time! At the core of gameplay is the fast coordination of two characters. Players directly control one character (they can switch between the two at any time) and can assign simple commands to the se..

The Outsider

"The Outsider" is a gripping, high-tech thriller played out against the backdrop of a living, crowded city based on present-day Washington DC and its environs including the CIA HQ at Langley, Andrews Air Force Base and Newport News Naval Dockyard. As a CIA operative the player has a mouth-watering arsenal of technology, combat talents and..

Far East of Eden Ziria

Set in the fictional, yet distinctly Japanese world of Zipangu, the Tengai Makyo series traces sprawling fantasy storylines, in a pure Japanese role-playing environment. The latest title in the series takes place on the Kyushu-inspired island of Tsukusu, and centers on a love story that develops between the amnesiac title character Namida and..

Tokyo Extreme Racer

New Cars, beautiful graphics, additional highways, and hundreds of new opponents bring this title on to the Xbox 360. Race through the streets of Tokyo at up to 200 miles an hour, in pure head-to-head competition. It/'/s not for the trophies, its for the rush, and only nerves of steel and lightning reflexes can make you Emperor of the Highway..

Grand Raid Offroad

Deep in the wildest outback the best rally pilots compete on some of the most beautiful and longest tracks of the world. Races are dangerous; arriving in one piece at the end of a stage is already a victory… Choose from 30 vehicles. The one that you consider to suit best to conquer the vast wilderness and attention, with Gran Raid Offroad you w..


"Elveon" means "The book of Elves" and is based on the comprehensive fantasy saga that reaches back to the ascendance of elvish culture.” Our hero is an elvish elite warrior, belonging to a mystical convent of warrior-monks. His fate will lead him to an adventure that will exceed his imagination by far. He will follow the path o..

WarDevil: Enigma

WarDevil is the premiere project for the Digi-Guys Studio. Currently in production, WarDevil is both a Motion Picture Project and a Videogame. The project is designed to be at the cutting technological edge - in terms of storytelling, cinematic feel & gameplay. Work has been underway for nearly two years, developing the RTE1080 technology &..

Project Offset

"Project Offset" (working title) is a game like no other first person shooter to date. We wanted to make an FPS set in a epic fantasy world. A game where you can choose one of many character classes. A game where clans can combat over mission based objectives and be ranked accordingly. A game where you can play alone, coop, team based obj..

Diabolique – License To Sin

"Diabolique – License To Sin" tells the story of Dark Eaville with a terrific tempo. You’re the best intelligence agent and devil straight from hell. You use the latest hitech gadgets, hack computers, fight hand-to-hand or provide cover fire. And when all this becomes insufficient, let yourself use your supernatural infernal powers. Dark ..


The game will provide a unique and ambitious mix of strategy and all-out gore-splattered action. It will also feature innovative online multiplayer modes featuring Blitz/'/s new 1-versus-many gameplay mechanic that will allow a single third-person player to take on multiple first-person enemies. ..

The City of Metronome

The City of Metronome is a third-person adventure game set in a large, industrial city where you must use sound to solve various puzzles. Venture into the city of Metronome, a sprawling mass of haphazardly built houses and makeshift machinery where the outlandish inhabitants are carrying out their chores day and night. A city where the life of e..

Huxley: The Dystopia

Webzen introduces Huxley for the PC and Xbox 360™, the first game to allow console players and PC players to go head-to-head in first-person shooter (FPS) battles on a massively multiplayer scale. In a post-apocalyptic world human beings have mutated and divided into Sapiens, Alternatives and Hybrids. The Sapiens and Alternatives bot..

Sabotage 1943

Developed by the German team Replay Studios, Sabotage features Resistance fighter and MI6 agent Violette Summer (based on the real historic Violette Szabo), who has to infiltrate German military camps in France, Poland and Germany during the war and sabotate them, kill high Nazi officers, rescue civilian hostages or solve other missions for the war..

NBA 2K13/MLB 2K13 Combo Pack

The NBA 2K13/MLB 2K13 Combo Pack combines MLB 2K13 and NBA 2K13 in one retail package...

Interstellar Marines

At the dawn of the 22nd century, man’s lust for resources has taken him beyond Earth and into space. This new frontier has brought new challenges and opportunities, dangers and rewards, and out there, in the dark, awaits the ultimate discovery: another sentient species. A next generation FPS, Interstellar Marines puts the player in the role of an I..

Star Hammer Tactics

no description available.


Theseis is a conspiracy adventure game with a fantasy setting...


Infinite Games is working on a next-generation action racing/combat title, 1XR. It features 5 different worlds and 9 types of weapons, as well as an extensive upgrade tree...

Cipher Complex

Aggressive Infiltration: a new breed of military stealth game. Next generation military stealth genre gets a brutal, high-energy combat boost. Deadly assassinations and vicious adrenaline driven attacks take the ordinarily slow paced stealth genre to new levels of action and tension. The player takes ..

Fuzzee Fever

Fuzzee Fever is a party in a box! Gather your friends around the TV to match wits and blocks in this innovative blend of puzzle and action. With 5 fun ways to play, Fuzzee Fever will challenge and thrill everyone from beginner to pro. Fuzzee Fever is one block party you won/'/t want to miss! Fuzzee Fever features the following: Batt..


In the game, players take on the role of a very different Jonathan Harker - hardened and ruthless - who is on a very personal mission to destroy all vampires after his beloved Mina falls prey to Dracula. Gameplay involves a combination of hunting these ferocious killers through tracking and exploration, along with an up-close and personal combat sy..


Warhound is a non-linear first person perspective action shooter set in modern times. You take the role of an elite mercenary who will not hesitate to undertake even impossible tasks... for the right price. Governments, businessmen and various organizations hire you for hazardous missions around the globe. Feel the incredible freedom in choosing mi..
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