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Infectus XBOX 360 InFeCtuS 2
  Infectus | Released: Dec 11, 2008
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Infectus XBOX 360 InFeCtuS 2 - Xbox 360 Hardware Overview

Infectus XBOX 360 InFeCtuS 2
Manufacturer: Infectus
Category: Modding/Modchips & Development
Page Views: 11176

InFeCtuS is the most versatile chip ever released in the market.

Infectus developed this device with an OPEN concept, they used a core reprogrammable board, a 512kb flash on board and an USB interface for the PC communication.


- The core of INFECTUS is the new ACTEL ProASIC3 FAMILY, the new family after the famous APA075.
- It use a 512Kb parallel flash SSTSF040, with a high transfer rate and performance.
- Finally, it got a REAL USB2.0 processor. This high quality component can manage the communication between ACTEL and PC (mini usb connector).
- All of the chip PLD/FLASH/USB parts are 100% reprogrammable via USB communication.
- For security reasons, all of the applications stored in the flash are AES 128-bit encrypted, to protect the work against chinese market!
- Produced in Europe with the last technology of BSDL testing.


- X360 CPU TIME ATTACK + DOWNGRADE DASHBOARD (you need the downgrade ADDON)
- Allows to gain total access over the XBOX360 flash driver, so that you can read and write the internal flash of any X360 DVD READER in the market.
- Everything can be managed with a very simple and user friendly PC software.
- FLASH ID realtime patching, your xbox360 cannot understand if there is any flash running other than the original one.
- GLOBE CHIP 360 100% emulation including ON / OFF LED

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Infectus XBOX 360 InFeCtuS 2
Dec 11, 2008
Dec 11, 2008
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