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Datel Memory Card Transfer Kit
  Datel | Released: 2006
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Datel Memory Card Transfer Kit - Xbox 360 Hardware Overview

Datel Memory Card Transfer Kit
Manufacturer: Datel
Category: Accessories
Page Views: 16024

Transfer gamesaves, downloads, user data and other files from your Xbox 360 Memory Card to your PC via USB. Includes Xchange 360 memory management software.

Product Features
- Transfer gamesaves, downloads, user data and related files.
- Share your great gamesaves, themes and gamer pics on a global scale.
- Effectively use your PC as a huge memory unit.
- Super easy to use, just plug the memory unit into the docking port and connect it to any USB enabled PC.
- Connects to any USB port

Xbox 360 Screens for Datel Memory Card Transfer Kit

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