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Arcade-In-A-Box Xbox 360 Solo Controller
  Arcade-In-A-Box | Released: 2007
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Arcade-In-A-Box Xbox 360 Solo Controller - Xbox 360 Hardware Overview

Arcade-In-A-Box Xbox 360 Solo Controller
Manufacturer: Arcade-In-A-Box
Category: Accessories/Controllers
Page Views: 10522

Overlays are printed by a professional arcade restoration print shop. Our overlays are covered with Polycarbinate laminate, also used for bullet proof glass! which offers a very tough, scratch resistant and textured surfaces. We have access to over 400gb of restored arcade artwork that can be used for your custom overlay. If you have the skills, you can provide us with your own artwork as well.

* 15" L x 10" D x 4.5" H
* Authentic Arcade Buttons and Joysticks
* Optional Custom Overlay
* You choose the colors for T-molding, buttons and joystick
* D-Pad, A, B, X, Y, RB, LB, Start, Back, and Guide buttons are included
* Headset Jack (Optional) Does not work with the official XBOX 360 headset. We suggest you use your old xbox headset
* Wired USB controller means it''s also compatible with Windows XP and Vista
* Constructed with 3/4 black melamine coated wood to give that authenic arcade weight and feel
* Optional joystick upgrade to the Mag-Stik Plus or Sanwa JLF
* Your choice of button types, either Concave or Convex

Xbox 360 Screens for Arcade-In-A-Box Xbox 360 Solo Controller

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