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Final Fantasy XI

 Microsoft  |  Apr 18, 2006

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Final Fantasy XI

Final Fantasy XI

Developer: Microsoft
Publisher: Square Enix
Genre: MMO

FINAL FANTASY XI is a massively multi player online role playing game (MMORPG), taking place in the renowned world of Vana’diel®. With the release of the third Windows expansion pack FINAL FANTASY XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan and the Xbox 360 version, combining PlayOnline™, FINAL FANTASY XI and all three expansion packs for the title - Chains of Promathia™, Rise of the Zilart® and new Treasures of Aht Urhgan expansion packs, the world of Vana’diel will be an even livelier place to visit.

“FINAL FANTASY XI is a gorgeous game with a true innovative feature: Xbox 360 players can join Playstation®2 and PC gamers in the FINAL FANTASY universe, thus creating a unique interaction between different platforms.”

Players will create unique characters that will evolve within Vana'diel - a world once bound by a peaceful alliance between nations, but now threatened by an ever growing evil force. They will experience missions, quests, and battles either by themselves or by joining up with other party members to form powerful alliances as they explore the incredibly vast environments that make up Vana’diel.

  • First MMORPG on Xbox 360: Players will be able to see and hear the world of Vana’diel like never before, in high definition video.

  • Windows and PS2 compatibility: A world first! Play on the same servers as the Windows and PS2 owners. Jump straight into the action with thousands of other players!

  • A persistent world: More than 100 areas to explore including mountains, forests, glaciers, deserts, oceans, rivers, castles, and dungeons. Time and climate changes that range from full day/night cycles to desert sandstorms, thunderstorms, fog and snow.

  • Three starting nations: Players can partake in conquests to elevate their nation’s standing, missions to build their reputation within a nation, and special quests to discover useful items, new jobs, earn money and learn more about the story of Vana’diel.

  • Customizable characters: FINAL FANTASY XI is filled with a host of physical traits and jobs. The unique support job system allows players the ability to switch jobs at any time to overcome any challenge.

  • An accessible battle system: Experience a complex, balanced battle system fit for beginners and experienced gamers alike allowing the performing of strategic attacks using magic, job abilities, and weapon skills.

  • Expansion packs included: Includes “Rise of the Zilart”, “Chains of Promathia” and “Treasures of Aht Urhgan” expansion packs containing 70 original areas, new jobs, items, mission scenarios and quests which will get you closer to solving the mystery of Vana’diel.

FINAL FANTASY XI: Treasures of Aht Urhgan key features:
  • More than 10 exclusive areas: Explore new places such as Mamook, Arrapago Reef, Al Zahbi, Aydeewa Subterrane, Nashmau, Wajaom Woodlands and others.

  • 3 brand new jobs: Become a Blue Mage, a Corsair or a Puppetmaster.

  • A horde of adversaries: Treasures of Aht Urhgan will unleash numerous monsters on Vana’diel such as the artificially created Lamia beastmen, amphibious Merrow chimeras or the Mamool Ja, a powerful tribe that holds dominion over the new Mamook Ja Savagelands.

  • Two fresh game modes: “Besieged” will allow players to defend their towns from beastman invasions while “Assault” will let players over level 50 jump in and play quick missions straight away without having to assemble a giant party or undertake a huge quest.

  • Chocobo breeding: Raise and care for your very own chocobo, a feature for which fans have been asking for the past years. Mate your chocobos and little baby chocobos might soon be running around the fields of Vana’diel!

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Final Fantasy XI E3 2005 Trailer

Final Fantasy XI E3 2005 Trailer

Published November 14, 2006

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Final Fantasy XI Achievements (57)

There are 57 achievements with a total of 1250 points available
Wings of the Goddess Missions AchievementWings of the Goddess Missions
Completed the Wings of the Goddess missions. (DLC: Wings of the Goddess)
4040 gamerpoints
Level 75 Dancer AchievementLevel 75 Dancer
Achieved level 75 as a dancer. (DLC: Wings of the Goddess)
3030 gamerpoints
Level 75 Scholar AchievementLevel 75 Scholar
Achieved level 75 as a scholar. (DLC: Wings of the Goddess)
3030 gamerpoints
Gold Ballistar AchievementGold Ballistar
Earned the title "Gold Ballistar." (DLC: Wings of the Goddess)
3030 gamerpoints
Past Vana'diel Nation Quests AchievementPast Vana'diel Nation Quests
Completed the past Vana'diel three nation quests. (DLC: Wings of the Goddess)
2020 gamerpoints
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Final Fantasy XI



- Apr 18, 2006
- Apr 20, 2006
- Apr 18, 2006
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