360 HackBox Lite
Current Version: v2.0.12.233 | Written by Nknave

360-HackBox Lite is an all in one tool for instalation and modification of an Xbox 360 compatible with JTAG/RGH Hack (1, 2) - IMPORTANT!!! This tool still in Beta phases and it may fail, I suggest that you keep your backups well saved if anything goes wrong. Please see [NOTES BETA] for more information.

- Very light layout where you only see what you need and nothing else... at least for the escential
- Buttons and layout inspired by J-Runner which focuses in making the job easy and within flow
- Simplicity in the tasks and disabled buttons until you it meets the criteria to enable them.
Ex: You can't create a hacked image if you don't have an opened nand with valid CPU Key.
- One configuration for all tasks in the Operations Interface
- NandPro2.0b for Coronas and now you may patch the I/O port to support LPT reading.
- Progress bar for downloads ( does not apply for nand operations )
- One log window to monitor the events during your operations

- Reads NAND twice with a press of a button where it will identify the FlashConfig, Mobo and if it's
a JasperBB it will configure to read 66MB instead of 16MB
- When opening a NAND image manually it will try to parse the CPU Key from the following in this order:
"cpukey.txt", "fuses.txt", "KV_Info.txt".
- Semi-Automatic CPLD Programmer that will flash your Glitch chip according to your currently opened
NAND or you may also flash as you like.
- Xell Creator for both JTAG and Glitch where it uses IBuild to generate a valid JTAG Xell image.
Don't forget to check the "AUD_CLAMP" checkbox if using this config. The ECC creation is already
automatic. At the end if any badblocks are found from the source image, it will generate a todo taks
for when flashing that image.
- Flashing Xell will flash Xell for you and if during the creation there are bad blocks found it will
automaticly fix your NAND.
- Hacked image creation that uses xeBuild v1.04 and DashLaunch v3.02. It's automated according to your
currently openend nand image. Also it will generate a backup folder according to the console's serial number so that you may zip up and save.
- Copy to USB with RawFlash. If you wish to finish you flashing via Xell, this will copy what you need!
- Save backups to a *.zip where you'll be prompted to choose destination save file.
- Flashing the currently opened NAND image. CAREFULL!! it does not verify anything and it will just flash
on the fly!
- Either Download or choose a valid *.zip to copy avatars update to this app. MD5 verification is active.
- Copy avatars update to your USB so that you may complete the install/update of the hacked dash.
- Either Download or choose a valid *.zip to install the Kernel pirs that is needed for xeBuild v1.04 to
build hacked images. MD5 verification is active.
- Edit lanch.ini ( basic editor that comes with the most basic options )
- Download CPU Key and flashdmp.bin from Xell from your PC. No need to specify IP addres or base IP,
it will detect your computer's IP and will take that base and search you LAN, may take from 3 to 6 seconds to find and begin the download.
- Also counts with updating feature online where it will simply let know you if there's anything new you need to download. ( At last!!! )

This application still in Beta and it's due to the following reasons:

- Has only been tested with NandPro. I don't have a Squirt Programmer yet to verify that it all works well.
- The bad block recognition and automated tool for flashing Xell has not been fully tested since I haven't had any consoles with that characteristics, but according to the code it should do it's job.
- JasperBB FlashConfig recognition to change 16MB to 66MB in read might not work for Squirt cause it's untested. =(
- It's a Beta and many things may fail, but most are working as they should. While this is in beta, there will be an option in the menu where you may send me a bug report or suggestion. =)
- Xell flashing on Corona is untested and it may fail, please let me know if it worked for you. What you should expect: XeLL.ecc get's flashed to a Xell.bin with +w using NandPro3.0a forcing flashconfig, that's where it may fail to do so. Xell.bin would end up empty and there would be nothing to flash.


v2.0 Beta RC6

- Includes English translation
- Improved updating system
- Small bugfixes

v2.0 Beta RC5

- New FlashConfig identifier for Squirter v0.7b. Now it should capture if it's BigBlock
- Programmaing CPLD via LPT that is not Squirt it will use an XSVF Player ( experimental )
- Eliminated 7zip, now uses DotNetZip
- Some functions restructured and add NAND erasing in menustrip
- CPLD Programming now shows the log in the Log window and doesn't run in Window mode
- Now I only need to distribute this *.exe since the rest will be automaticly download.
Makes the release legal.

v2.0 Beta RC4

- Added limitant for the hacked image creation ( if no kernel nothing will happen )
- Updated update window
- Added few images representing CPLD hardware and harware interface
- Small Bugfixes

v2.0 Beta RC3

- Implemented the creation of "dummy.bin" from ECC for RGH hack
- Flashes "dummy.bin" instead of "image_00000000.ecc" with NandPro2.0b that fixes booting issues
- Added verification of conextion to the programmer and NAND before it attemps to Write to it
- Small FlashConfig identification bugfixes

v2.0 Beta RC2

- Now it properly detects the FlashConfig and determines if it's BigBlock
- Read NAND Twice will automaticly change to -r66 if it's BigBlock
- Bugfixes that weren't allowing CPLD Programming via LPT
- At exit it will peform clean up to save up space in hdd
- Limited to class C for Xell look up ( 192.....)
- Small Bugfixes

v2.0 Beta RC1

- Totally new code from groundup and update methods ( no longer using the old system )
- Multi-Threading taks that allow the application to be more fluid and fail less
- Control and restriction of usage during tasks
- First public release
- Once again becomes an all in one tool
- Currently only in Spanish


- Obsolete and in spanish!
- Ver Hilo


Thanks to Swizzy for helping with code that forms part of this tool!
Thanks to blaCkat for external help and information about Squit Team!
Thanks to Tiros and GliGli for the original RGH work
Thanks to cOz for his universal SMC Patcher
Thanks to Blackaddr for his SMC_Util v1.2
Thanks to every developer from Xecuter Developers and official Testers
Thanks to Team Squirt, Xecuter, Matrix, GlitChip for their hardware and software

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