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Current Version: v1.0.5
Written by Seacrest
Category: XISO Tools
Page Views: 65,466

abgx360 is the ultimate tool for Xbox 360 ISOs and Stealth files!
abgx360 v1.0.0 is finally here to save you from the BAN HAMMER!

Whats New/Fixed v1.0.5
* Fixed a bug when AutoFixing or manually patching Video that would cause an AP25 replay sector to get blanked out (some functions were still using the old hardcoded value for Video padding size)
* Improved Game CRC progress indicator to prevent poor formatting if "Time Left" became more than 999 minutes
* Added progress indicators for Video CRC, SplitVid and SplitVid padding checks
* Now using bigbuffer when checking SplitVid which results in much faster performance when comparing L1 Video on L0 to L1 Video on L1 (especially when checking a burned DVD)
* Note: The GUI has not been changed and will still display version 1.0.2, don't worry about it as long as the CLI app displays v1.0.5

Whats New/Fixed v1.0.4

Changes affecting all platforms:

- AntiPiracy 2.5 (AP25) replay sector for iXtreme LT+ firmware is checked for when a game has the AP25 system flag in the Xex set or when its media ID matches a list updatable through abgx360.dat (Fable III is the only game so far that uses AP25 but does not have the AP25 system flag set)
- AP25 replay data is Verified/AutoFixed according to your settings, albeit separately from the normal INI based Verify/AutoFix, so make sure to read the entire abgx360 output
- Video padding size changed to support the new AP25 replay sector using a variable which is updatable through abgx360.dat in case additional stealth sectors are needed so that the video padding check will not blank them out
- Removed short explanations of ISO filesizes (unnecessary, hard to keep updated and misleading in terms of SplitVid; just because an ISO has the space for SplitVid doesn't mean it has valid SplitVid data in that space)
- gzip compression is now supported when abgx360 downloads certain files
- miscellaneous small changes

Note: The GUI has not been changed and will still display version 1.0.2, don't worry about it as long as the CLI app displays v1.0.4

Whats New/Fixed v1.0.3

Changes affecting all platforms:

- Added full support for all current PFI/Video waves and the ability for future waves to be fully supported through updates to abgx360.dat
- The SplitVid check is now mandatory when checking an ISO/DVD and the "Check Stealth" option is enabled (iXtreme LT requires SplitVid for XBL safety)

Note: The GUI has not been changed and will still display version 1.0.2, don't worry about it as long as the CLI app displays v1.0.3

Sorry for the long release interval but v1.1.0 is taking much longer than expected and hopefully this interim update will address the main concern people were having, even though v1.0.2 was designed to support new PFI/Video waves as long as the game was verified, v1.0.3 gets rid of the yellow text and also allows you to check SplitVid on newer games that haven't been verified yet. It does not, however, add automatic searching/patching of SS v2 files. That's something that isn't even finished in v1.1.0 yet, and there's still the matter of SS v3 to deal with.

Note 2: XBL safety is very uncertain at the moment... The latest LT firmware for Samsung drives is considered by many to be fairly safe (since the TS-H943A ms25/ms28 original firmware doesn't support AP 2.5) but owners of other drives need to be very careful and upgrade to LT+ when it becomes available.

Note 3: Just because the source code for abgx360 is made available, it does not imply a right to make changes and/or distribute source or binaries. Permission to do so is granted on a case-by-case basis. This is necessary to prevent people from distributing buggy code or binaries which may adversely affect the online database, or distributing potentially virus infected binaries on sites that appear official but are not. If you only need to make a small change to enable compilation on your system, permission is hereby granted to do so, as long as it does not affect the way abgx360 communicates with its online database in any way.

There is also now Wave 7th, 8th and 9th video iso for download

Related URL: http://abgx360.net

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