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Xbox 360 Content Manager
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Xbox 360 Content Manager

Xbox 360 Content Manager
Current Version: v3
Written by Xamphear
Category: PC
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Version 3.0 Changelog

- Reordered context menus.
- Fixed bug where the welcome screen would always appear.
- Added feature to create and upload multidisc game entries to the multi.ini file for diskswapper.
- Added support for DashLaunch FTP server.
- Fixed bugs in content organizer. Added new Content Organizer mode.
- Added support for overwriting duplicates during rename operation.
- Increased speed of Content Organizer.
- Added rename mode in Content Organizer to rename files to their package titles. Filenames in this mode are limited to 42 characters in order to comply with the specifications of the FATX filesystem. Spaces and other special characters are removed in order to preserve as much of the original package title as possible.
- Added support for uploading to devices other than the internal hard drive (Hdd1).
- Enable advanced features and then edit the device setting on the FTP tab.
- Please note the following limitations exist: Depending on what device you upload to, Title Updates may not be put in a location the console will check. Content is uploaded using the same folder stucture that would be used on an internal hard drive, so make sure you point FSD at the Content folder for it to load the files. This custom device will also be mapped and viewed when using the Show Xbox 360 Drive option with FSD, as long as the share name is used by FSD. Game Name and Package Title can be edited by clicking the edit button next to their text boxes, changing the
text and then pressing Enter to save. This should work for all LIVE and CON files.
- Fixed bug in display of Console ID.
- Added Drag and Drop support
for dragging files INTO the currently displayed folder. Fixed bug with
dragging and dropping a folder from the treeview. Resign gamesaves (and
other CON files) to a different Profile ID.

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