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Xebuild GUI
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Xebuild GUI

Xebuild GUI
Current Version: V2.086
Written by Swizzy
Category: Xbox 360
Page Views: 4,336

Swizzy has released a new version of his GUI for xeBuild.
Currently release is V2.0 RC2 13.

Overview - What it does:
- This is a frontend/GUI for xeBuild, what it does is make it easy
for you to select most options that you might need, such as Motherboard,
SMC hack for freeboot, image type etc. etc.
- It is able to check what SMC hack you have previously used for JTAG
it's also able to tell you what SMC version you have, and if it's a
JTAG, Clean/Retail, Glitch or Cygnos patched SMC :)
- If you put any of these files next to the executable it'll use them
SMC.bin - Custom SMC of your choice; ONLY USE THIS OF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!
Xell.bin - Custom Xell of your choice; ONLY USE THIS OF YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING!!!!
cpukey.txt - It'll read first line of this file, if it starts with "cpukey" it'll read the
last 32 characters from that line (removing any extra spaces) otherwise it'll read the first
32 characters of that line (removing any extra spaces)
FUSE.txt - It'll parse it as if it was saved from Xell using network...
flashdmp.bin - It'll load this as source nand ;)
Default.xml - It'll load any preset settings from this file ;)
options.ini - It'll load any custom settings from this (for xeBuild)
launch.ini - Settings for Dashlaunch, if you choose to use this setting it'll include this file
in the generated image ;)

What's new/fixed v2.086:
** Removed: No additional checks are made for additional patches (apart from NOHDMI patch, which can really only be applied to any motherboard apart from xenon anyways) this should fix errors here…
** Fixed: Finally fixed that display bug with Xell icon not beeing shown properly for RGH 2.0…
** Fixed: F*ing jasper failsafe keeps beeing gay… >_

What's new/fixed v2.02:
- Fixed: You can now choose to change your CFLDV and use the nofcrt.bin check patch at the same time... (there was a typo previously)
- Added: Argument/Parameter editor to keep such errors as this from happening again (NOTE: Limited to advanced mode to keep noobs away from killing consoles by editing without knowing what they're doing!)
- Fixed: When building multipile images without exiting the program you'll no longer get multipile entries of "-o cfldv=xx" on the command sent to xebuild...
- Added: Option to extract vital files (kv.bin, smc.bin and smc_config.bin), this will extract these files instead of copying your nand to the data directory (only available when making xeBuild images)
** NOTE: This feature is limited to advanced mode and you will need to manually remap the resulting nand! it'll first check for previously extracted files before doing this (it won't overwrite already existing files), and upon completion it'll delete them...**
** NOTE: At this time i'm unable to extract smc_config.bin, so for now it'll only check if it exists (use 360 flash dump tool to extract it!) **
- Changed: The generate button is now disabled upon clicking it, thus not allowing you to run 2 operations at the same time, if you forgot to change something please WAIT!! (or you'll have a mixed/messy log and the app may crash when it's complete...)
- Changed: The dashfiles check is now done first thing after you've pressed the generate button, thus not creating a debuglog which is useless
- Changed: Reverted back to Logic-Sunrise as download server and default build version is now 14699
- Updated: Now using Dashlaunch 2.32

What's new/fixed (since v1.1):
- Fixed: When re-loading settings it now properly sets advanced mode, like it should...
- Fixed: I forgot to pack the ECC files prior to releasing 2.0 RC1, they are now included properly, sorry about that one...
** NOTE: as some of your may have noticed in previous build/this build there are some spaces where there is nothing, well there is... they're just hidden for the time beeing as i've prepared the GUI for upcomming features in next xeBuild ;) **
- Changed: Completly rebuilt the app from scratch, the old code base became one big mess hard to keep track of, and update, with the new codebase also comes a completly rebuilt GUI the new version includes dual mode, Simple/Advanced and quite alot of new features along with a couple of easter eggs ;)
- Changed: CPUKey/1BLKey/DVDKey only supports hexadecimal input (A-F, a-f and 0-9) aswell as backspace/delete (it'll catch what you type when you do so with your keyboard, copy 'n' paste will allow you to fill in whatever, but only 32 characters of it NOTE: there is a secondary check aswell, so you cannot input anything else then a "proper" key no matter what ;)
- Removed: Patch SMC setting, it's not needed and can confuse you (it was automaticly used for glitch machines if your smc is a retail one even if you haven't selected it anyways, making it a useless option to have)
- Added: Option to also include any harddrive that windows calls "Fixed" harddrive (Non-Removable device) for the update downloader...
- Added: Information if the device is shown as Removable or Non-Removable by windows for the update downloader...
- Changed: True/False on MD5 matches is now displayed in bold and color formatet (Green for True and Red for false) to make it easier to see the results :)
- Changed: "Type of image" is now "Build type" to make it easier to understand that this will be output image type ;)
- Fixed: Update downloader now works properly, dunno how it slipped by, but i had set it to remove the first 2 characters of the drive string (when unpacking the update), meaning the important parts, fixed now tho ;)
- Changed: The app now dynamically add Dashboard versions based on dashfiles.xml, etheir the one located with the app or one that has been downloaded to %appdata%SwizzyxeBuild_GUI
- Changed: Moved most download features to a tab on the right hand side of the program among these is the update downloader...
- Added: Keyvault dumping/decryption, thanks to LegendaryFire for his NandApi source!
- Added: I've added support for canceling downloads, the app will no longer crash when you close the program whiles it's downloading something...
- Added: You can now select if you want to have verbose output from xeBuild rather then having minimum (this will cause the log to be full of information)
** NOTE: Verbose output from xeBuild is only available in Advanced mode... **
- Fixed: The app no longer overwrites an already existing log, it'll read the old log and put it infront of the old one...
- Changed: i've rewritten the warning messages about formatting your drive along with adding an extra check just to make sure you don't automaticly click yes as this WILL remove ANY data you have on the device!
- Fixed: When formatting a usb drive using the avatar updater it will no longer lock the drive, it will however clear any label you have on it...
- Added: Support for building ECC images aswell, this disables ALL options except for those related to the app itself and of course motherboard/type, if you need to use CDjasper, just select jasper, otherwise select which ever one you like that isn't disabled ;) NOTE: i have made NO modifications to the build.py script (apart from adding 1BLKey) so it should work to switch it out at a later time without problems, but do remember to copy over the 1blkey if it's needed ;))
** NOTE: If your Jasper has CB 6751 it'll automatically enforce using a donor CB 6750 **
- Added: Semi automatic selection, if you are doing an upgrade the app will now automaticly select all the options for you when you select source nand (it cannot select JasperSB(if 16mb dump) or Jasper256/Jasper512(if 66mb dump))
** NOTE: You can disable this feature if you like, but this requires that you first start the progam without loading any nand! OR manually editing the default.xml file**
- Added: The app can (and will if the files are missing) download and install dashfiles for you meaning even if the files aren't with the release it can download them for you if you have internet and you don't have to look for them yourself! :D
** NOTE: It won't start the download on it's own, just prompt you to do it ;) **
- Changed: When checking the motherboard version etc. it'll now tell you what type of jasper you have
- Changed: Jasper 16Mb SB is now limited to advanced to make it easier for newbies to understand it's for advanced users if you have a machine that requires this you should know about it already, thus be a more advanced user ;)
- Changed: Updated launch.ini to reflect changes in new dashlaunch...
- Changed: CPUKey is now grabbed the same way the console does from fuses :)
- Changed: When reading cpukey.txt it reads the last 32 characters of the first line if it starts with "CPUKey" or the 32 first characters in all other cases
- Added: The gui now checks the exitcode of xeBuild to instead of checking for output, if it gives an error of any kind it'll tell you what it probably is...
- Added: The app can now generate launch.ini for you (NOTE: This feature is limited to advanced mode)
- Changed: The app now use dashlaunch 2.29
- Removed: The app now accepts ANY value for temperature tresholds; BEWARE! i take NO responsibility for damage on your console due to bad settings, the feature of customizing xeBuild settings is limited to Advanced mode because you should really know what you are doing before you go about changing stuff here!
- Added: 7zip is now Embedded in the app making it ALOT harder for you to mess with the parts that deal with downloading/unpacking zip/rar files
-=*=- There are probably more changes i've done that i can't think of right now, consider them easter eggs ;) -=*=-

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