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SMC Utility
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SMC Utility

SMC Utility
Current Version: v1.2
Written by Blackaddr
Category: JTAG
Page Views: 6,071

This is a general purpose SMC utility designed to replace the old SMC I/O Config Utility. The program itself is a patching engine, where the patches are written as scripts in the INI file. This will allow any future patches to be released as scripts instead of re-releasing the program itself.

This allows you to build a hacked SMC from your original, unhacked version. Included is an All-In-One patch that provides a uniform exploit code base between several SMC versions, and applies a patch that improves the support for Play'N'Charge cables. It eliminates the 'reboot' problem while shutting down with a controller charging. Optional patches are included that allow you force the console to power down instead of charging if you do not wish to leave the console charging unattended. You can also patch it to restore the original unconditional booting.

An analysis mode allows quick diagnostics of the SMC using the new code base to check the JTAG I/O configuration, bug status, status of other patches, etc.

The readme contains directions for a simple two-step process to build a working SMC from your original.
You can ignore all the advanced modes if using command-line utilities makes you crap your pants.

What's new/fixed v1.2:
* Modified IO mode to properly control ARGON lockout based on SMC version if known.
* Modified INI parser to support comma-separated verison lists in CUSTOM patches
* added new support for SMC versions 1.10, 1.13, 1.50, 1.53, and 1.9 to INI
* AIO patches now disable MS debug function like the original hack.

AIO Known Issues v1.0b:
- while charging a battery in standby mode, the console will not boot properly using the controller GUIDE button. Pwr/Eject work fine.
- If you insert/remove the hard drive while the console is up and running, it will hang. Press the pwr twice to reboot.

The main advantage of using this program is to regain some Play'N'Charge functionality. This program is for JTAG EXPLOITABLE consoles only.

*EDIT [v1.0a]* Link up dated, the original link used ARGON_DATA in AIO patch, now uses AUD_CLAMP as readme states. *EDIT*
*EDIT [v1.0b]* Link updated to smc_utilty_v1.0b. Someone found a missing NOP in hack_v23a.asm *EDIT*

I'll post a Linux binary eventually, but the windows version works fine under WINE.

Related URL: http://www.xboxhacker.org

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