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Xbox Dumper
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Xbox Dumper

Xbox Dumper
Current Version: 0.14
Written by oz_paulb, pedrospad, Andrew, huceke
Category: Harddrive Tools
Page Views: 23,496

his program allows files on an Xbox and Xbox 360 hard disk to be dumped out.
oz_paulb modified code to deal with Xbox360 images. (See "XBOX360" define in the Makefile. Still a work in progress.)
pedrospad ported to windows.

Two basic commands are supported:
xboxdumper list [partition number] [xbox image filename]
This will dump the directory tree of the specified partition.

xboxdumper dump [xbox filename] [output filename] [partition number] [image filename]
This will dump the file [xbox filename] into the file [output filename] from the specified partition number. The full directory path to the file using / or \ should be supplied.

Related URL: http://cvs.sourceforge.net

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